Thursday, 31 March 2011

Bringing a Hildabeest to Heel, Part One

One of the problems with writing memoirs as opposed to stories is the tiresome need to keep alive some relationship with the truth. Thus, although I have changed most of the names, the narrative concerns  events which actually happened and I don't want to tamper with that. So tempting though it is to invent a few outdoor spankings I have actually only ever administered two such corrections, and only one involved a spot of open air sex afterwards. That's the one that I want to tell you about now, so sit back and let's take a trip down Memory Lane to the Oxford of the 1980s.

The Hildabeest has now passed into legend since St. Hilda's College, her natural terrain, has started admitting men. However back in the day standing on Magdalen Bridge and watching the perfumed herd pass by on its way to the grazing grounds and watering holes of Oxford - or expensive restaurants and equally costly bars if you prefer - was a sight to gladden the heart of the most jaded male. After the Oxford Cowgirl the Hildabeest was the commonest prey in Oxford, because like the cowgirl she was relatively easy to catch. Once either or both had been suitably lubricated with cocktails, then the rest of the evening was relatively easy to predict. God knows why St. Hilda's was jocularly referred to as The Virgin Megastore because the idea that any member of the college hadn't wrapped her legs around any number of lusty males was, well, virgin on the ridiculous.

So it came to pass that one evening myself and a certain Hildabeest named Pippa were walking unsteadily along a road late one evening after the bar where we had spent the previous couple of hours had closed. This is England in the 1980s, people, and hostelries closed at 10.30pm except Friday and Saturday when they stayed open an extra 30 minutes. It was March, if memory serves me correctly, and the lady wore a long black overcoat over her undergraduate uniform of wool skirt and blue crew necked sweater. She was also one of the few women who wore glasses, large black-framed things that surprisingly complemented her pretty face which was framed with bubbly blonde hair to perfection.

We were strolling in the general direction of Christ Church, although why we should have done that has long since faced from memory. I do remember suggesting a walk over the bridge and down onto the bank of the River Isis, and that we did before strolling along for a while and then turning off to the left to follow a path that led to a rather nice bench where we sat down to smoke cigarettes.

We started to kiss and Pippa wrapped her arms around my neck and ran her tongue just inside my mouth. I opened her coat and gently stroked one of her breasts and was pleased to see that she arched her back so as to push more of her luscious mound into my hand. Without speaking we got up and as if by telepathic impulse we moved into the trees so that we were sheltered from the path. Not that anyone was around at that time of night but one can never be too careful.

We came to a wooden fence and I leaned Pippa against it and put my arms around her, and I found to my delight that madam was only too pleased to put her arms around my neck and gently nibble my right ear as a good Hildabeest should. She did not object as I put my arms around her rump and lifted her skirt to reveal to my delight that she wasn't wearing thick woollen tights as I had believed but long  dark blue socks that reached up to her thighs. Almost as nice as stockings and a damn sight warmer in the chill of an Oxford March. I placed the back of my hand over the magical zone that was still covered by her panties and was delighted to find that her heat pulsated onto my hand. That night was going to be easy-peasy I decided. On reflection I should have known even then not to count my chickens until they start going cluckety-cluck.

TV Spankings: By The Sword Divided

Nobody makes costume drama like the BBC and often there is a discipline scene to tickle the viewers' fancies. Here a disobedient daughter gets seven of ye best from ye dear old dad in the 1983 English Civil War series By The Sword Divided.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Poking in a Punt Part Two

Part One

As I polled the punt back towards its mooring station underneath Folly Bridge I cursed all nosy children, especially those who liked kicking balls around near me. I remember dreaming that maybe the little bastards who had so ruined my day would end up dead and in the clutches of His Satanic Majesty, and I fervently wished that he would hand them over to one of his more enthusiastic demons for a few millennia of torture. I said something along those lines to Caroline and was pleased to see her take up the refrain:

"Maybe I should phone their headmaster? And get them caned," she ruminated, rolling the final word around her tongue with great glee.

"You wouldn't do that - would you?"

"Wouldn't I just! I remember when my brother came home one day nursing six of the best. You should have seen him walking straight legged, it was so funny!" Caroline lay back against her seat and purred like a cat at the memory of happy days of yore.

"Have you ever had to bend over?" I asked, ever the curious soul.

"Nooooo, I'm a good girl."

"So nobody has upended you, yet?"

"What do you mean, yet? I told you that I'm a good girl."

We carried on with that teasing chatter all the way back to Caroline's college. I must be honest and say that I was relived that my fears of having another Charlotte on my hands were proving groundless. That said, it did give me a chance to dig around in her past and get some spanking tales. Caroline had been spanked by daddy, of course, and her bottom had felt the hands of two boyfriends, so that was not a bad tally for a 21 year old girl, and the thought of her luscious rump undergoing treatment at my hands fair put a stiffness into my middle leg.

I got my chance soon after we arrived at her set of rooms. I remember sitting down in a comfortable armchair that stood beside the old fireplace and pulling Caroline onto my knee. I idly stroked her bottom as she made herself comfortable on my lap, and as luck would have it madam then decided to climb on her high horse and be a provocative little minx, which was just what I was hoping for.

"I shouldn't have let you in here," she said, scratching her chin and pursing her lips in in mock indignation. "You said we were in a private spot and look what you allowed to happen to me. I was so embarrassed... What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Look on the bright side, " I replied. "At least the little scrotes got a free anatomy lesson - ever thought about becoming a teacher?"

"That's a horrible thing to say to me! No, no, take that back at once, those hideous wretches - they saw me!"

I didn't say a word by way of reply, but I did grin widely and nodded my head very, very slowly.

Caroline began the finger pointing routine which is always a good sign from a woman as it means that she is close to having to be being taken down a peg or two. Then Caroline decided to slap me and verily my cup did runneth over.

"Give me your hand," she said, before grabbing my right paw and holding it up for a smack. "I'm going to smack this hand."

"If you do then I will put your across my knee, lift up your dress, take down your knickers and then smack you somewhere else," I told her, trying hard to keep the smile off my lips.

"You just try it," she replied, giving me a glare as she slapped my hand.

Well, a fellow cannot refuse such an invitation, can he? Without further ado I tipped madam across my knee and lifted her dress up to leave it bunched around her waist. I must say that she had looked lovely undressed in the punt, but there is no finer sight to a spanking man that that of a saucy young female helpless across his knee with her panties stretched to bursting point with the weight of the delightful orbs within. There is really only one thing to do at such a moment, and that is peel the panties right down and leave them hanging around their owner's thighs. Just so!

Of course Caroline protested loudly at this treatment but I ignored her protests. What I couldn't ignore was the sight of her lush buttocks that were just waiting for my hand to crack down on them, so as an aperitif as it were I leaned over an gently bit each one in turn.

"Hey," said a female voice from somewhere around the level of my shin, "I didn't know that was how your spanked someone!"

Crack! My palm smacked down across her bottom.

"Is that how they do it?" I asked her in my best innocent tone.

"Er, yes, I think so," she replied, failing to contain her giggles.

Smack! Smack! Smack! 

"How about that? Three or so in quick succession. Is that a better way of doing it?"

"No, actually I think I prefer the teeth."

"Do you indeed," I said, landing another firm half dozen on her delightful bottom that was now turning a delicious shade of pink.

"Yes, I definitely prefer the teeth, come to think about it."

"Really? But you are a bad girl and bad girls get the palm, don't they?"

Smack! Smack! Smack!

"Yes, they most certainly do and that is what I have just had. But I'm back to being a good girl now, so could you please go back to the teeth?"

You can't win with some women. If she had been a real minx then she would have provoked me into spanking her soundly as Charlotte had recently done, but Caroline knew the weight of a man's balls just by looking at them and she knew just how far to go. I gave her another half dozen to grow on and let go of her. She sat up on my knee and rubbed her bottom ruefully, lips pursed, and face flushed.

"Right, madam," I told her. "It's time for bed!"

So off we went and for the second time that day I got to make love to the lovely Caroline.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Domestic Discipline

What can a long-suffering husband do with a wife who is wilfully disobedient? Bend her over and thrash her backside until it is the colour of a peppered steak, that's what he can do! Trust me, you will approve of this man when you watch him in action:

I Spy Spanking

With thanks to the Chicago Spanking Review comes this previously unseen clip from I Spy, a 1960s television series. The spanking is off-screen but the scene is still a delight with our two heroes in Mexico rescuing the irresponsible daughter of a senior American official. Once they get her back to the hotel a message comes through which... Well watch the clip and see for yourselves.

Candid Camera

"Go on - smack my bum," seems to be what the young lady who has just bared her bottom seems to be saying. Did she know that a camera was around? If she did she probably didn't realise that her gesture would wind up all over the web.

That's the beauty of the internet.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Poking in a Punt Part One

Have you ever poked in a punt? I can't remember the exact date when I joined that particular club but it was during a delightful Trinity Term when the sun never stopped shining and the girls of Oxford never looked lovelier nor more available in their summer finery. I may be getting old, now, but in my mind's eye it is the early 1980s and I was making my way along Cornmarket in the general direction of Folly Bridge with a blanket and a bottle of wine in one hand and a lovely girl named Caroline in the other.

We reached the bridge and I took delivery of one of  my college's punts that were moored there. Once bird, booze and blanket were stored away to my satisfaction I took a deep breath and punted us away to one of the tributaries that run off the main river and rammed the punt against a steep bank. The one that I chose had trees running along its top with branches that hung low over the water, in fact some of them actually touched it and I remember having to duck down to get the punt hard against the bank. That done I jammed the punting pole in the mud  to leave the craft firmly wedged in place between the pole and the bank and then I turned my attention to other matters.

We drank the wine, and kissed and touched each other, and everything was all very languid and just as you would expect an Oxford summer's day to be. Madam was wearing a light cream dress with roses printed on it and I can remember that it had five large buttons running from top to bottom and a belt that went around her waist. The latter I pulled free and then spent a happy few minutes undoing all the buttons to reveal the prize that lay within.

I suppose that you are expecting to hear a report of her expensive lingerie, so I am sorry to disappoint any underwear fetishist when I state that she was wearing a rather simple but sweet ensemble of matching white bra and panties. The former undid at the front which made my task a lot easier, and the latter frothy confection of lace and cotton was then pealed down slowly - these things must never ever be rushed - to reveal a sweet pussy, neatly trimmed but not shaven, just as I like them to be.

As I spread the blanket out properly Caroline took the opportunity to sit up and glanced around nervously, holding her long blond hair in a ball atop her head and biting her lip anxiously.

"Are you sure that nobody can see us?" The voice that asked the question was small and uncertain, it's owner needing urgent reassurance that everything was well.

"We can't get more private that this," I told her, that being the simple truth. "The trees cover us on the river side and the bank is so high that you would have to stand right on top of it and almost fall in the water to see us. Besides, there's a playing field or something on the other side, and it looks deserted." That last bit was a bit of an invention, very well, actually it was pure tosh, but I didn't think that it would do any harm especially if it calmed the girl down. More fool me, but Caroline sighed and with a final glance around she lay back on the blanket and quietly waited until I had undressed myself and joined her.

So we kissed and touched and she sucked my cock and I stroked her breasts and flanks and we prepared each other as my cock became hard and her pussy grew moist. And everything was just so very right on that long ago day when the sun hung heavy over Oxford and the river waters lapped lazily against the punt as I lay atop Caroline and her hand closed around my cock and guided it into her body.

What more can be said? Caroline was an achingly lovely spring morning of a girl, and ion all her twenty years I doubt if she could ever have looked as wonderful. as she did that day. I looked down at her heavy breasts as they swayed with the rhythm of our lovemaking, and her eyes caught mine and she smiled languidly both with pleasure at the joining of our bodies and delight at the knowledge that I found her so very desirable.

Caroline placed both hands on my face and held it a few inches away from hers, staring deeply onto my eyes the whole time. She clenched her pussy muscles and arched her pelvis downwards in time with my thrusts. I tried to pull away but she clung to me fiercely, looking all the while into my eyes as if she could read my passion for her in them.

I began to build up the speed of my thrusts. As I did so Caroline reached down, twisted somehow to one side and then I felt the fingers of her right hand gently splay across my bottom. I though that she would rest her hand there to feel my buttock muscles as I thrust deeper and deeper into her body but incredibly she didn't. Instead she inserted her middle finger inside me, not to deep that was impossible, but up to the first joint. Then she moved it in and out in time with my thrusts into her. It was as if I was fucking Caroline as she fucked me and the sensation was exquisite.

"I can't hold it for much longer," I told her, urgency clearly audible in my tone.

Caroline just smiled that lazy smile of hers and slowly nodded her head, her eyes closing as she did so. It was time for both of us.

My muscles relaxed as the great hot surge bubbled up from deep within my balls to spill into Caroline's eager body. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I came and threw back her head to let out a great glorious howl of joy as she felt my cream begin to lap around the entrance to her womb. As I said earlier, everything was just so right on that day...

We collapsed into each others arms and lay there sated for I can't remember how long. Caroline stroked my hair, a curiously maternal gesture that I found relaxed me even more than I was already. We could have remained like that  for an eternity more, but there was sudden splash in the water around the punt. At first I thought that a large fish had jumped out of the water and splashed back into the depths, but then from on top of the bank a small voice piped up:

"May  we have out ball back, please sir?"

It just had to happen, didn't it? The playing field was now occupied with small boys all in their bright running around the playing field uniform and they should not have seen us but some budding football star had kicked a ball too hard and it had sailed over everyone's heads to land in the water by our punt. Looking up I saw about half a dozen eager young fellows, all eyes that feasted upon Caroline. With a sigh I got up and madam hastily pulled her dress around her, but not before the gang or 11 year olds had finished their impromptu anatomy lesson.

Still buck naked I managed to grab the ball out of the water and somehow tossed it up the six feet of bank where it was taken by one of the spectators. Alas for Caroline they then made no attempt to leave, instead they continued to feast their eyes on her distress and I noticed that grins were beginning to form around several lips.

So did Caroline who clearly was made out of stern stuff. Far from being fazed by this she sat up, holding her dress around her and harangued the merry throng above our heads:

"Haven't you got better things to do with yourselves?" she asked, a silly question if you want my opinion. The fellows obviously felt that same way as none of them moved.

"Want me to come up there and smack bottoms?" I'll do it, you know! You see if I don't! Shorts down for all of you!" That did it - the gang made itself collectively scarce and madam turned her baleful gaze up me.

"You said that nobody could see us didn't you?" Well, what the bloody hell were they? Scotch mist?"

With a weary sense of what was to happen I knew at once that our lovely afternoon was over and a tough evening was about to begin.

To be continued

The Cane For Claire

Claire has been a naughty girl indeed and her headmaster orders her to stand with her skirt up and knickers down as he smacks her bare bottom hard. Then she must bend over for the cane and if that isn't bad enough for a girl of her age, the schools' head girl is allowed to watch her punishment. 

Sunday, 27 March 2011

A Spanking For Susan

Say what you like about the Golden Age of British spanking videos, but occasionally a genuine delight was produced. Take A Spanking For Susan as a case in point. It features the sort of bare bottomed spanking that a real girl would get when she has been very naughty indeed. Her reaction is the reaction of a normal girl who is across a man's knee having been stripped of her dignity along with her knickers and whose bottom is getting very hot indeed thanks to his hard male palm. After he has finished spanking her he dries the girl's eyes and then takes her to bed and and fucks her. Let's face it what else is there to do with a freshly spanked and therefore totally obedient little girl?

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Is this a genuine pilot spanking air hostess photo?

Many years ago I remember reading a comment that there was a 1960s vintage spanking photo that showed a pilot spanking his air hostess wife following a marital dispute. Is this the photo? It looks staged to me, especially the expression on the girl's face and the way in which the participants seem to be frozen - you would expect a blurred image especially of the man's hand given the slow shutter speeds of the time when flash was being used.

So what's the conclusion: real or fake?

Friday, 25 March 2011

Big Brother Spanking

Every now and again I come across a video that at first glance looks awful and then on a second viewing I realise that it is actually a little gem. Take Big Brother as a case in point. Originally it ran for just over twenty minutes, of which fifteen were padding to make up the time. I removed all that to leave you with an absolute delight of a spanking, followed by a short caning which leaves the young girl on the receiving end in a state of hysteria. Trust me when I say that this clip is a four minute joy that you will watch time and time again.

Nasty Nael Mahfouz Care Home Spanker

Is it just me or there is something not quite right about a native type whacking three English girls' bottoms? Not only that but the girls do seem to have been more sinned against than sinning, with Nael Mahfouz, coming over as the original wily oriental gentleman as he invented excuses to spank three girls employed at his care home in 1992.

One of the girls was the wonderfully named Tammeaka Cole (19) who was bent over the dusky  knee and given twelve smacks on the backside with a ruler. Nael asked her if her bottom was hot and the lovely Miss Cole had the presence of mind to reply tartly, "Yes, wouldn't yours be?"

Anyway, along with Andrea Baker (18) and Karen McCafferty (17) Tammeaka was awarded £4,000 by an industrial tribunal for the injury they had all suffered to their feelings as well as their bottoms.

The way they did it in the 1960s

I can't remember where I first saw this photo, but I do remember thinking that in its own charming way it summed up the world of early 1960s classic British spanking. Two girls in someone's tacky bedsit, each trying to avoid showing her face, but with a cameraman who managed to capture something rather sweet, using the mirror as he did to compose rather a nice image.

By the way, on the subject of classic British spanking, a new magazine called Moonglow is now available on-line. It has lots of new features, but it also contains the very first issue of Blushes magazine from the very early 1980s as well as Sally's First Lesson, that classic spanking video that we still talk about.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Story Behind Double Punishment, Part Two

Following the video shoot I grabbed a couple of dozen stills on the set - OK, in the hotel room where we videoed the action - and you can see them by clicking this link.

When it was all over Victoria and I went her to bed as we had the time before before, but this time she was quite happy to spend a lazy afternoon with me after the horizontal jog was over. I remember that I ordered food sent to the room and we sat on the bed, Victoria wrapped in a sheet, and munched tacos. All in all rather a nice way to spend and afternoon, with the video having been shot, my balls having been emptied, lounging around chatting to the model.

It gave me a chance to ask the girl about her views on discipline. Normally I don't bother as I just assume that they are in it for the money, as indeed am I, but as part of that lazy Mexican afternoon I got Victoria to chat about her previous punishments.

As I had already guessed basically what had happened in her family was that father had come home three sheets to the wind after having spent his wages in the cantina and then kicked the living daylights out of the mother if she had asked such obvious questions as what were the tribe going to eat that coming week? Victoria told me rather proudly I thought that her mother had got in the habit of waiting outside the father's workplace until he emerged and then grabbing as much cash of him as she could. A fairly typical tale of life in those United Mexican States in other words. Victoria had married and the saga had continued until her old man took his hook one day and had never returned. She went off to work in a bar to feed herself and her children.

This is why she was so amazed at my offer to her. Not just the large amount of money that I paid her, but the fact that she would emerge from it with a bottom only slightly redder than usual, she was Mexican after all and red is the natural skin colour.

I suppose you are wondering why I didn't shoot any more videos in Mexico, aren't you? The answer is simple - I did other things that were more lucrative and I put off making more videos for so long that eventually the idea was dropped. That said, I am rather pleased with the three videos that I did shoot, and having just reposted them here along with the stories of how they came to be made I hope that you are as well.

The Story Behind Double Punishment, Part One

As Victoria and I were leaving the hotel following the making of Victoria's Spanking I mentioned casually that I planned to shoot another video clip that month and did she know of anyone who might be interested in starring in it? Quick as a flash and in spite of her sorely tried bottom, the good lady announced that actually she quite fancied making another video and when were we going to do it? I gave her my business mobile number and told her to keep in touch, little realising that she would call me every day until I finally agreed to do this second shoot with her.

As we drove to the hotel where the video was to be made I asked the girl if she had enjoyed the previous shoot and she said that she had. Digging a little deeper it emerged that what she really enjoyed was getting the easy money. She had been with me on the previous shoot for a little over two hours and had walked away with fifty quid and a decent lunch. The fact that she also had a sore backside and a well stretched pussy was neither here nor there: Victoria had calculated that the amount of time and effort she had expended was more than compensated for by the money that she had earned. As she proudly told me, she earned more for her time with me than she would expect to make in a week hustling in the bar.

I have to be honest and say that I really felt that I was doing my bit for Anglo-Mexican relations that day! Not that my warm feeling stopped me from leathering her backside to a fiery shade of red as you can see if you watch the video, but I approached my labours that day with a feeling of intense satisfaction as I laid the leather across Victoria's bare bottom.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Not a real spanking after all

Back in October of last year I posted the above photo and asked if it was genuine or staged? Richard Windsor, who knows everything that there is to know about vintage spankings, then popped up to say that it was part of a set that involved a newly wed couple. He said that he had the full set and would post them one day. That day arrived  and the set is now live at his blog which is where I got them:

In spite of what Richard said about the couple actually being married, I am more inclined to think that this sequence is part of a post-war photo story for a long defunct magazine.

Such a pity that it is not the real deal...

Moonglow Magazine is now on-line!

The first issue of Moonglow magazine is now available on-line at the very reasonable price of just a fiver. Obviously you can still buy it on disk for a tenner, but the on-line option means that you don't have to worry where the disk is when you are getting comfortable for the night...
A fiver buys you three months access to the magazine and that is plenty of time for you to download your favourite bits to the hard drive. And believe you me it isn't going to be just your drive that is hard when you see what we have in store for you in this latest and greatest spanking magazine.

First off you can enjoy the first ever issue of Blushes magazine and a fully remastered copy of Sally's First Lesson, that incredible spanking classic from way back in 1982. We have plenty of modern video as well featuring fresh girls new to the scene - well over an hour of it in fact! Couple that with reviews of spanking blogs, newspaper accounts of genuine spankings and a cinema spanking section with yet  more video in it, I ask you - where else can you find this amount of material for just a fiver?

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Dealing with an Oxford Cowgirl, Part Four

To say I gave Charlotte the spanking of her life is putting it mildly. Within a minute of my fist slap landing it had been followed by about fifty more, each one laid on with all the force of my arm behind it. I can dimly remember that I did smack the wretched girl on alternate cheeks, but that was more instinct and experience than a deliberate act on my part. Frankly I was just to angry to think about niceties which is probably why so many of my smacks landed as high as Charlotte's hip bone or as low as her thighs.

To be fair the girl was wriggling like an eel and that always makes perfectly accurate targeting next to impossible, but my anger was such that I didn't even try to land  smacks in the traditional seat of learning as it were and contented myself with bringing my hand down in a great powerful arc that cracked like a whiplash somewhere near Charlotte's bottom.

Needless to say the recalcitrant young madam was screaming like a scalded cat, in fact she was howling at such a decibel level that I remember thinking that she would waken the dead - or at least the members of my college which probably amounted to the same thing.

I became aware at some point that my arm was aching so I paused my labours for a moment and that was when I realised just how exhausted  I was. My heart was pounding in my rib cage and my mouth was open to take in great gulps of air into my lungs.

Charlotte took the opportunity that the respite gave her to try to break free from my grasp. She managed to free her arms from the skirt that had pretty much enveloped them and threw her right hand behind her to cover her bottom.

"No you bloody well don't," I told her as I took the wrist in my left hand and folded it into the small of her back. "I haven't finished with you yet." Weary though I was, the spanking was not over yet as far as I was concerned.

Charlotte turned to her left so that she could look at me with  wide tear filled eyes that begged for pity. Alas pity was all used up that day and with a deep breath I looked down at those buttocks that I had been correcting for the previous few minutes and without another thought I hooked my fingers into the waistband and peeled that last line of defence down. Charlotte's bottom was now very red and very bare and the act of lowering her knickers gave her the nudge she needed to open her mouth and let rip another banshee howl of outrage and pain.

My hand was raised again and again it fell in its retributive arc to land on Charlotte's helpless buttock. Now I spanked her methodically, aiming my slaps to cover the buttock cheeks that I had now bared and I smacked on and on until the colour changed from a bright to an angry shade of red.

As the spanking progressed Charlotte's behaviour went from the anger that had displayed earlier in the correction to to the hysteria that had then characterised her screams to a kind of sullen acceptance. Her struggles didn't cease exactly but they were reduced in intensity and instead of wriggling her hips to escape the force of my retribution she then began to do nothing more than simply twitch her buttock cheeks as each smack landed, and I noticed that the arm that I held in my iron grip was not being pulled one way and the other as its owner tried to break it free. The ending of that was proof that all the sauce  had been smacked out of Charlotte as all she did was lie across my knee, submissively awaiting my will.

With a final flurry of smacks I dumped her onto the floor where she lay in a foetal huddle, her hands behind her as she nursed her well smacked bottom. I sat quietly for a moment as my breathing returned to normal, and then I got to my feet.

"Listen to me you nasty little bitch," I told her between clenched teeth. "I am off to have a nice long piss and when I get back you will no doubt have fucked off somewhere far away from me."

I actually did more than that. I stood on the roof and smoked a cigarette to give Charlotte all the time she needed to collect her thoughts, pull up her knickers and clear off. However, when I went back to my room after my five minute absence it was to find Charlotte standing by my table. She had obviously pulled up her panties and was leaning against the table as her legs were clearly unsteady. She looked at me with eyes that were damp with her tears and filled with uncertainty. That said, there was no insolence left in them, so I was moved to be generous.

"I didn't expect to see you again," I said quietly.

"Just about to leave," Charlotte said, with a hint of desperation in her voice.

"Do you want a cuddle before you go?"

Charlotte didn't reply; she just held out her arms and as I stepped forward she wrapped them around my neck and began to sob heavily with her face buried in my chest. I held her and waited until the sobs slowly died down and then Charlotte looked up at me. She struggled to find the words, her lips moving silently as she struggled to form them.

"I am sorry," she said eventually, with a quiet sincerity.

There was really nothing more to say so I just took her in my arms and eventually we went back to bed.

Charlotte and I had a fling that lasted for some time after the events that I have just described but to be honest I just couldn't afford to keep her. She wanted to go skiing during the Christmas vacation and I could not afford two weeks in Switzerland, so we drifted apart. Many years later I bumped into her in London as the sleek, well cared for mother of two rather cute children. We had a coffee and chatted about what had happened during the previous decade or so since our Oxford days. At one point Charlotte complained about something that her husband had done so I teased her saying that she should slap him.

"I can't do that," the lovely lady replied. Look what happened to me last time!"

Monday, 21 March 2011

Julia's Training

Julia's Training was one of the most talked about girl on girl videos from the pre-1985 period. It had everything that the aficionado of such action could want. A genuine dominatrix who really looked the part, a seriously submissive girl who just needed to be thrashed, and a willingness on everyone's part to make this a video to remember.

Here it is for you to savour again: your cock is telling you to click this link!

TV Spankings: Weeds

I can't believe that I have never run this clip up to now since it is arguably one of the most famous spanking scenes of recent years. Mary-Louise Parker plays Nancy, a woman seeking to break into the U.S.-Mexico cross border drugs trade. Sit back and enjoy the spanking she gets when she becomes lippy with a drug lord.

Dealing with an Oxford Cowgirl, Part Three

"You lied to me, didn't you, you shit? Go on, admit it," she spat at me.

I must admit that there is something incredibly erotic about a woman on her high horse. It's the way she breathes in deeply so as to shout more makes her puppies moves sensuously under her clothes. The way that the eyes glitter always reminds me of how they shine when a woman is on her back being fucked, and the mouth that has been opened to complain also opens wide like that to take in a nice juicy cock. Yes, there is something very potent about an angry woman.

Not that a fellow must allow her to go too far out of control, but sometimes it happens and then the filly needs to feel the bit as she is reigned in, but I never expected to have to do that to Charlotte on that day - more fool me for trying to analyse what passes for the thought processes in the female mind.

Charlotte stood in front of me with hands on hips, tapping a foot as she impatiently waited for my answer.

"What do you want me to say?" I was trying as hard as I could to think of anything that could have done that would have set her off in that way, but my mind was a complete blank. For once I was not guilty of the charge, members of the jury.

You said that you belonged to Ruskin College, didn't you? And you lied, didn't you? You're a complete shit!"

"This is Ruskin College," told her patiently.

"No, it isn't!" Charlotte stamped her foot in frustration. "This is somewhere else, somewhere horrid. If this is the Ruskin, where's all the art work?"

Lights suddenly began to come on inside my head. The silly bitch had confused institutions.

"You are not in The Ruskin, the Ruskin School of Fine Art, but you are in Ruskin College. Same man, different aspects of him," I explained, grinning from ear to ear at Charlotte's silliness.

"What? Well, it's still all your fault for not telling me..." Charlotte's voice trailed off as even she realised the idiocy of what she was saying. Not that logic and reason is something that women trouble themselves with over much, especially when they are feeling embarrassed by their latest bout of female silliness.

"Listen, you barmy bitch," I said, sweet reason evident in my tone. "It isn't my fault that you have a bra size larger than you IQ and can't tell the difference between..."

That was as far as I got because Charlotte's hand flashed out of nowhere and cracked across my face! Trust me when I say I couldn't believe what had just happened. Nor could I believe it when I looked up and saw Charlotte's back retreating towards the door at the end of the corridor.

There are times when I am retarded, I really am, and that was one of those times. I stood  open mouthed  and nursing my smarting cheek as Charlotte exited stiffly towards that door. As she yanked it open my brain kicked into gear and I sprinted down the corridor and grabbed her by a handful of hair and then I just dragged her back to the door to my room. Mine was the last door on the corridor and as we reached it I just pushed Charlotte with all my strength against the wall that ended to corridor and fished my key out of a pocket and quickly opened the door. Then it was a simple matter to almost throw Charlotte inside and slam the door shut behind us. Hands on hips I faced the wretched girl who took a step back a look of pretty total terror on her face as she realised that shit was most definitely about the happen to her.

"Please," she began, lifting her hands in a gesture of supplication. "Please let's talk and..."

That was as far as she got. I just walked the two paces over to her, grabbed her by the hair again and sat down on the bed, pulling Charlotte over my knee as I did so. She was wearing a blue corduroy A-line skirt that came down to her knees and I gathered the hem in both hands and pulled it right over her waist and left it dangling over her head. I encircled her waist with my left arm and looked down at the target area that was encased in white cotton panties.

No, I cannot remember exactly what they were like as I was beyond normal anger and had entered a world of utter fury, one where only retribution mattered. Without pausing to lower the panties I raised my right arm and brought it down in the first retributive smack of what was going to be a highly memorable spanking.

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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Uncle John Smacks Hard

What does Uncle John do when his niece doesn't toe the line? Why he puts her across his knee, raises her skirt and then complete ignoring her howls of protest he smacks her bare bottom very hard indeed.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Are Obama and Sarkozy bottom fanciers?

Here's my thought for the day - are Obama and Sarkozy bottom men? Check out the video evidence for yourselves.

Dealing with an Oxford Cowgirl, Part Two

As my cock slid easily into Charlotte's body she raised her legs instinctively to take me inside her and wrapped her arms around my neck. She exhaled slowly, her hot breath flowing over my neck and then she sank her teeth into my shoulder. I groaned at the pain but I hoped that she wouldn't stop as it hurt so good. She thrust her hips down in time with each of my strokes, clenching her pussy muscles as she did so. Slowly but surely she increased the speed of her thrusts forcing me to increase my tempo to keep up with her. She stopped biting me and I could look into her face to see an expression of pure joy there, she pursed her lips, and her face took on an intensity that I found delightful.

"Fuck me, fuck me harder," she whispered in my ear, urging me on.

My balls began to get heavy and I could feel that the lock gates that control the canal that runs from them up to the outside were about to open. I had to take control of this girl and the lovemaking otherwise that wonderful evening was going to end before it had properly begun. I grabbed Charlotte's wrists and put them above her head on the pillow, to hold them firmly in my hands. Once she was controlled then I lifted myself up on my arms to give myself a deeper penetration but also so that I could slow down the speed of my thrusts. 

"No, no, I want it faster. Can't you go any faster?"

"I do the fucking," I told her with a grin on my face. "You get fucked in my time."

"I hate you!"

She rather spoiled the effect of her words by grinning from ear to ear as my cock opened her body up every time it drove deep inside her. She tried to free herself from my grip, first one wrist and then the other, and when that failed she lay back and looked at me with a lascivious intensity. Then she closed her eyes and opened her mouth to let out little cries of the pleasure-pain that woman make when they are being fucked to their intense and total satisfaction.

I increased my speed and at some point I let go of Charlotte's wrists whereupon she immediately threw her arms around my neck and hauled me back on top of her, both our torsos becoming glued together and her arms held me in position. I used my hips the thrust into her and Charlotte used hers to increase the pace of the lovemaking until I lost all sense of anything other than her cries in my ear and the incredible sensation that comes from being between the legs of a lovely teenage girl and having her completely.

It was no use, the pace just had to pick up as urged on by Charlotte I increased the velocity to a killing level. Her head rocked insanely from side to side and she let out a scream that came from deep within her as I felt my balls grow heavy and  right at the base of my cock the first lock gate opened to allow the heavy juice that my balls had contained to begin its journey to freedom.

"I can't hold it," I said between gritted teeth.

"Don't hold it, give it to me! Give it to me now! Fill me up with it!"

All my muscles relaxed as if to order. The hot foaming juice shot up and I felt that incredible sensation that is part pain and part release as my juice shot out of me and into Charlotte's gaping, eager body. 

We collapsed into each other's arms. The was nothing else to do and nothing that needed to be said. Charlotte wrapped an arm lazily around my neck and we fell asleep like two babes, totally sated by the pleasure that we had given to each other.

Charlotte was the first to wake up as dawn light was filtering into my room. I remember that she kissed me lightly and started to get up.

"I have to go," she said, "we start at nine."

I knew that the Oxford Cowgirls started classes as that unearthly hour so I just nodded. Charlotte got dressed, kissed me goodbye and promised to return later that day. I turned over and went back to sleep as she left the room.

Once the streets had got thoroughly aired I left college and wandered into the Oxford Union for morning coffee and a leisurely read of the newspapers. I stayed there until the bar opened at 11.00am and when it closed again at 3.00pm as all bars did in those days, it seemed a shame to go back to college, so I hung around waiting for afternoon tea to begin. At some point in the late afternoon I finally decided to go back to college to check my pigeon-hole for mail, and I remember wandering through Oxford wondering if I could put off the essay that I had to write until the following morning. I decided that I could as my tutorial wasn't until the afternoon, and with that in mind I decided to go up to my room and read a couple of chapters of one of the books, just to show willing as it were.

I climbed the stairs and opend the door at the top that led to my very short corridor. There, waiting outside my door, was Charlotte, with a face like thunder.

"You shit! You utter and complete shit! You duped me!

"No I didn't," I replied. "What I did was fuck you!" At times like this a laugh and a joke can often diffuse a bad situation, but my little bon mot fell on deaf ears as Charlotte descended upon me, eyes flashing and boobs heaving. 

Thursday, 17 March 2011

A spanking embarrassment

Here's a lesson in the need to engage brain before opening mouth. What I find funny about it isn't just the embarrassment on the girl's face, but the  reaction of the guy. No bets are being taken on what he fantasies about. Maybe he wants some videos?

Cheers: Raven Red

Dealing with an Oxford Cowgirl, Part One

The Oxford and County Secretarial College, to give it the full name that nobody ever used, was always known as the Ox and Cow and it provided generations of Oxford men with easy pokes. In theory it was all about turning home counties gels into secretaries, but in practise it was a glorified marriage agency for the terminally thick. As a student in the early 1980s I did my bit to ensure that any Oxford Cowgirl who came within reach of my paws was given a thorough training in the horizontal arts - not that many of them needed all that much training since they could perform tricks that a Liverpool whore would blush at, but I am sure that you take my point.

Charlotte was one such cowgirl. Just eighteen years old when I knew her, she had long brown hair that fell in delicious waves to the middle of her back, breasts that were eye-poppers and one A-level in English. That latter achievement was the reason why her father agreed to pay the Ox & Cow's ludicrously high fees because in those days nobody ever thought that the likes of Charlotte even needed to go into higher education so off they went to become secretaries and husband hunt an executive.

You are not really interested in knowing how we met are you? I thought not - as you can tell I am starting to get to know you - so I will just tell you that it was at a party and the next day we met up for afternoon tea in Browns, of course, and one thing led to another and we ended up in the Bird and Baby in the early evening.

Charlotte kept going on about the Pre-Raphaelites, and at first I just assumed that she had done a half hour art appreciation course at the Ox & Cow, but then I realised that the little darling had dropped a serious clanger as far as I was concerned. She thought that I was a student at the John Ruskin School of Art, whereas in fact I was a member of Ruskin College.

Obviously I didn't want to overtax her poor little mind by trying to explain why Oxford has two colleges named after the same fellow, besides I was more interested in getting her knickers down. That I duly did once I had got her back to my room in college with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of squealing. Charlotte's dress soon followed her frillies as did her matching bra - in case you are wondering the set was cream with light blue polka dots, what a good memory I have that I can remember these things after so many years.

Having completed the preliminaries I grabbed a good handful of bouncer and proceeded on my merry way down below. The moment my tongue had parted her labia the little darling let out a yell that I was sure had woken the dead or at least the members of my college which probably amounted to the same thing. Not being a man easily put off his stride I turned my head to the right so that my lips ran parallel with hers, as it were, and then I just let my tongue enter her body before moving it up and down in a side to side motion. I will never forget that she bucked like a bronco and grabbed my hair as if she wanted to prevent me from leaving her pussy lips - as if I wanted to.

Eventually I moved back up above and Charlotte took the opportunity to grab hold of my cock and began to give it a vigorous pulling.

"Careful you don't fire it by accident," I told her.

"What do you mean? I told you that these girls were not very bright, didn't I? Anyway I explained it all to her and she began to giggle. 

"Gosh - me doing that with my hand. Sounds wonderful!"

Clearly the only way to shut Charlotte up was to fuck her, or so I thought, so I climbed into the saddle and began to ride my chosen filly.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Can a girl ever be too big to spank?

Back in January of this year the blogger Sexualle wondered if some girls weren't too tall  for spanking videos. She had the six footer Amelia Jane Rutherford in mind and the post led to a couple of British based rent-a-gobs complaining that Sexuelle had basically no right to argue against the use of tall actresses. Presumably they think that girls should be picked in alphabetical order, irrespective of how tall, short or dog rough they are?

For the record, when I was working in Mexico I never used any girl from the local scene. Partly that was because they were so damned expensive, but also in the back of my mind was the notion that I really have little interest in having debates of this kind with mouthy prima donnas. I prefer to use vanilla girls who are only interested in the money. They are much easier to work with.

A smacker on the Turl

Oxford. . . Just the name conjures up images of dreaming spires and gaping vulvas. I was 27 when I first drove my car through the city and parked it at the college that would be my home for the next few years of state funded jollity. Come on, let's take a stroll down Memory Lane. . .

There was really only one reason for me to be in Turl Street at 2.00am and that was hunger. In today's Oxford the sleek catering vans are everywhere, but that was not the case a generation ago. Then you had to go and hunt for one of Foley's vans and buy a deathburger and coke, with botulism as an added bonus. There was usually a van along the High Street and I was making my way back to college via the Turl with burger in hand when I met the girl.

She was wearing a full length gown and was walking bare foot with her shoes in one hand. She waved as if she knew me and announced that she was hungry, so I leaned against the barber's shop doorway and invited her to take a bite out of the burger.

She did more than that, grabbing the whole thing and proceeded to wolf it down. I gave her a very firm smack to the rump which made her jump, but instead of returning my supper she just ruefully rubbed her bottom and said again how hungry she was. I noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra, so on impulse I tweaked one of her nipples to make it hard, which made her pout and cast her eyes downward, which is always a good sign

"You should pay for your supper," I told her, whereupon without further ado madam unzipped my trousers with her free hand and proceeded to give me a hand shandy in the middle of Turl Street. Could anyone make this up? I think not - there I was receiving a hand job from a girl who had my cock in one hand and was eating my burger with the other. Needless to say I shot my load in pretty short order.

We both then made our way to the High Street as I wanted to get another burger and that was madam's direction, anyway. I stopped at the deathburger van intending to buy her another one of Mr. Foley's mouthwatering delights but she just carried on walking down the street, shoes still in her hands.

She vanished in the direction of St. Hilda's College so that was probably her final destination. Those Hildabeests, they really were gems, believe you me.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Does anybody recognise this spanking photo?

Does anybody know anything about this photo? It looks like London to me, so maybe the Notting Hill Carnival?  Thoughts in the comment box please.

The story behind a Janus photo shoot

The beauty of the web is the way in which all sorts of things suddenly appear when you least expect them. Take these photos, part of a photo shoot for an edition of Janus which you can see here. Coming across these photos from the early 1980s on Richard Windsor's blog reminded me of the story behind the shoot, and what a story it is.

Many of the spanking magazines of the time faked their spankings, but not Janus. The model in this shoot had worked for Roué and asked its editor what he thought of the offer that Janus had made to her for a shoot? The girl had pound signs in her eyes, but the editor reminded her that the discipline would be real so she needed to be careful as she had never even been spanked by her father growing up.

The girl ignored the advice and did the shoot. By all accounts she became very distressed on more than one occasion as you can see in the photo below:

However, incidents like that were just added to the plot to increase the reader's delight.

Do you want to know the really charming bit about this story? To pay the girls their enormous fees, Janus used to allow selected visitors to pay to watch the shoots. On this occasion someone overdid it and it wasn't just mates who were on set but mates of mates. And mates of their mates. The girl became seriously intimidated by the heavy atmosphere, but the guys were added to the storyline as well. Someone came up with the idea of standing her on a landing and then letting all the men walk down  the stairs past her, feasting their eyes on her discomfort...

Say what you like about their methods, the Janus crew captured a very powerful set of photos that day.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Thought for the day: should this girl have been caned?

Is it just me or do others feel that the saucy young madam  wearing the tights and black knee socks really does need to be taken in hand as these other girls are? As for the other one, who is giving the two fingered salute, holding the sign whilst hiding behind it, she really should have been forced to make the long walk to the head's study.

The photo is from 1970 and shows a demonstration mounted by some London schoolgirls against the use of the cane by the way.

Cinema Spankings: The Perils of Mandy

If you ever wondered why the British film industry died a death then producing crap like the Perils of Mandy almost certainly had something to do with it. Made in 1980s with wooden actresses far too old to play schoolgirls, a budget that did not allow for retakes and a cameraman who didn't bother to disguise the fact that the cane strokes are flying nowhere near the girl's bottom, this rubbish sank deservedly without trace over thirty years ago.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Keeping it in the spanking family!

The trade for some reason has often attracted family units. I can think of a mother and daughter combination who still operate out of Liverpool and a father and daughter team who were around a few years ago.

That said, I can think of only one husband, wife and daughter outfit and they operated during the golden age of British CP video making. The husband and wife appeared together in such videos as College Classics 5, and the husband then appeared alone in the likes of Conduct Unbecoming.

To the best of my knowledge the daughter never made any videos, but she did work in Janus and other magazines under the name Pippa.

If anybody has any more information about this curious threesome, please leave a comment in the box. In the meantime both College Classics 5 and Conduct Unbecoming are available for immediate download right now.

Le Monde de la Fessée: a new blog on my roll!

I would like to welcome Le Monde de la Fessée to my links' list. The site is a mine of information and often contains some pretty decent video clips which I have plundered shamelessly. The owner ran one of my videos back in 2008 and wondered in his posting if it was authentic or just another fake? I wrote to him the other day and reassured him that Marina - for it was her on the receiving end - had been a very naughty girl indeed and that the spanking was real.

The blog is often overlooked by English speakers because it runs in French, but even you do not have that language it is well worth a visit and then a struggle with the translation software. Believe me Le Monde de la Fessée is a real gem!

Friday, 11 March 2011

The Story Behind Victoria's Spanking, Part Two

Continuing on from part one of this tale, I obviously did not wish to be defeated  in my hunt for Mexican spanking actresses, so I then hit the seedy bars where the ficheras are to be found. Most Mexican cantinas have these girls and their job is to get the men to buy drinks. Every time someone buys the girl a glass she gets a token, a ficha, which she exchanges for cash at the end of the night. These ficheras will hold your hand, and if you pay them extra they will hold any other part of your anatomy that you fancy, and it really was just a matter of finding one who would agree to go across my knee, I figured.

To be honest it was as easy as falling off a log, and I kicked myself for not thinking of that earlier. The first bar I went into I met Victoria and when I explained the deal to her she agreed with alacrity. I think that I paid her $50 for the shoot and I agreed that she would get lunch afterwards at my expense. At first she was dubious because she thought that I planned to give her a kicking or punch her face, but when I explained the deal totally to her she burst into a big grin.

"So, you'll just hit my bottom with your hand?"

"Yes, that's all there is too it. I'll meet you and we'll drive to a hotel. The shoot will take an hour and then we can have lunch. From leaving here to getting back, allow three hours all told," I explained.

Victoria was seriously impressed with this and wanted to do the shoot that day, but I told her that her ropa de puta was not acceptable, so tomorrow could she please wear something that a secretary might use to go to work in?

As you can see in the video she did me proud. I used a tripod and shot the whole spanking from one angle. Then I let Victoria up and changed the camera angle so that the lens was pointing at her face. Back across my knee she went and the facial expressions were then grabbed as my hand cracked across her bottom. The only problem was that there was no air-conditioning in the hotel that I used and it became damned hot under the video lights and I began to wilt as you can tell if you watch the video closely.

Once the video had been shot I took some stills, and the full set of those you can see at this link. I must say I do find the one on the left very agreeable indeed. It's the combination of my handiwork with a glimpse of Victoria's pussy lips that I find so very appealing.

On the subject of pussy, after taking the still I started to pack all my gear away when I turned around I found that Victoria had stripped herself naked and climbed into bed. What can I say? She just automatically expected that for that kind of money I would expect to fuck her as well. I was tempted to tell her to forget it, but I am an Englishman after all and one doesn't want the natives thinking that we are unable to rise to the occasion, so I scrambled into bed with her and slipped her a length.

Rather a good day's work when you come to think about it and all for less than fifty quid all told!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The story behind Victoria's Spanking, Part One

I posted this video in June of last year, but you can never have too much of a good thing, can you? Besides it gives me a chance to tell you the story of how it came to be made in 2003.

There was no market for clips in those days to speak of as everybody bought full length videos. For technical reasons I could not shoot a 50 minute epic,  I just could not find the technicians, the cameraman, lighting and sound fellows, who would be needed for such a shoot. Needless to say I did not have the equipment so that would have to have been hired, all that cost then being lost if the Mexican girls that had been hired decided to stay at home that day. A scenario not unheard of in England and one very common in Mexico.

I thought that maybe a one hour disk would sell so I set out to find the two or three girls who would be needed to make it. The plan was to shoot clips in Spanish and then put them all together into one compilation disk. Since I would just be working with one girl at a time the technical problems would be less as I could operate the camera myself for a short clip. Anyway, full of enthusiasm for the new project I set out to get the ball rolling and that was when the dead hand of Mexican inertia kicked in and  nothing got started.

The main problem that I had was with the putative actresses. I first got in touch with girls in the Mexican scene and quickly realised that the reason why they are in the scene, as opposed to bringing up a platoon of children like 99 percent of Mexican women do, is that they were wealthy. The internet is a wealthy person's toy in Mexico and a few dollars here and there was no big deal to the type of girl who went to Paris to buy her handbags, for instance.

So I hit the agencies where the American porn companies find their models, the girls you see in the  anonymous stock footage. A lot of that is shot in Mexico because the girls are cheaper to hire than they are in the USA, so I figured that if they will spend a day getting fucked for around fifty quid then they would jump at the chance of a spanking for a ton, right? 

Wrong! Every girl I spoke to explained that it was one thing getting her pussy stretched or her bum hole widened for $100 or so a day, but a spanking sounded like hard work to them, and the fee that they angled for was ludicrously high. Besides, as one girl pointed out, she could always hit the bars after work and pick up a tourist if she was short of cash that week, so why bust a gut with me?

It was looking as if my career as a Mexican pornographer was going to end before it had begun.

To be continued.

The day Frank spanked her ladyship

Good fun though videos are, they have nothing when compared to a real account of an authentic spanking, well laid on. Back in 1964 the magnificently named Frank Klingenspor, 61, then head gardener on the Portman estate, decided that he had had quite enough of Lady Portman's interference with the greenhouse, so as Frank later admitted:

"I soundly smacked her bottom. She may have had cuts and bruises," this sturdy son of England explained, "but it wasn't malicious on my part."

Lord Portman didn't agree and sacked Frank for disciplining the 47 year old Lady Portman, and Frank was later fined £30 for his troubles, but at least United Press international and the Press Association both had stringers to cover the case which is how come it ended up in these Canadian newspapers, reproduced here.

Rest in peace, Frank Klingenspor, and well done, sir. Well done indeed!

Cheers: MarQe's Study

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Order of the Burning Buttocks: Fergie

Today's Order of the Burning Buttocks is awarded to Sarah, Duchess of York, otherwise known as Fergie. Prince Andrew's ex-wife has been driving everyone nuts for years but she does have her moments. For instance, she was streets ahead of dopey Di in the fuckability stakes, and wearing a necklace given to her by an old boyfriend that had the letters BJQ on it was inspired. Those letters stand for Blow Job Queen, in case you were wondering... 

Alas although she has many things going for her, Fergie is incapable of getting her finances under control, with the result that she causes embarrassment to herself and everyone around her with her slightly off the wall schemes to make money. Schemes that never seem to come to fruition, we might add.

Good a reason as any to see her bent over a knee, with skirt up and panties down, to learn the error of her ways.

Cinema Spankings: Hotte im Paradies

I grabbed this previously unknown German delight from Le Monde de la Fessée, a marvellous site which seems to discover these gems on a regular basis. I think that the French blogger tends to leave an enormous amount of chatter at the start of his clips, so as I do with all of mine I have gone to work on the original and edited it down, for the benefit of my impatient visitors.

The plot seems to revolve around a pimp who has a disobedient whore on his hands. He not only deals with her in the traditional way, he does it in public, with a spanking that can only be described as a punitive delight.

This is probably the best spanking scene from a mainstream film that I have ever seen!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Does Prince William spank Kate Middleton?

With the royal wedding now only a month away the question of the moment is does Prince William ever spank Kate Middleton? To be honest I haven't got a clue, but I do know that Kate Middleton upskirts are very popular at the moment and that there is no such thing as a bad hit on this blog. The more the merrier, so if it's Kate Middeton's knickers you are after then this blog is only too happy to provide you with a pervy view. You get waitie Katie, I get my stat porn and we all have banging great blue veiners, fair enough?

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