Thursday, 10 March 2011

The story behind Victoria's Spanking, Part One

I posted this video in June of last year, but you can never have too much of a good thing, can you? Besides it gives me a chance to tell you the story of how it came to be made in 2003.

There was no market for clips in those days to speak of as everybody bought full length videos. For technical reasons I could not shoot a 50 minute epic,  I just could not find the technicians, the cameraman, lighting and sound fellows, who would be needed for such a shoot. Needless to say I did not have the equipment so that would have to have been hired, all that cost then being lost if the Mexican girls that had been hired decided to stay at home that day. A scenario not unheard of in England and one very common in Mexico.

I thought that maybe a one hour disk would sell so I set out to find the two or three girls who would be needed to make it. The plan was to shoot clips in Spanish and then put them all together into one compilation disk. Since I would just be working with one girl at a time the technical problems would be less as I could operate the camera myself for a short clip. Anyway, full of enthusiasm for the new project I set out to get the ball rolling and that was when the dead hand of Mexican inertia kicked in and  nothing got started.

The main problem that I had was with the putative actresses. I first got in touch with girls in the Mexican scene and quickly realised that the reason why they are in the scene, as opposed to bringing up a platoon of children like 99 percent of Mexican women do, is that they were wealthy. The internet is a wealthy person's toy in Mexico and a few dollars here and there was no big deal to the type of girl who went to Paris to buy her handbags, for instance.

So I hit the agencies where the American porn companies find their models, the girls you see in the  anonymous stock footage. A lot of that is shot in Mexico because the girls are cheaper to hire than they are in the USA, so I figured that if they will spend a day getting fucked for around fifty quid then they would jump at the chance of a spanking for a ton, right? 

Wrong! Every girl I spoke to explained that it was one thing getting her pussy stretched or her bum hole widened for $100 or so a day, but a spanking sounded like hard work to them, and the fee that they angled for was ludicrously high. Besides, as one girl pointed out, she could always hit the bars after work and pick up a tourist if she was short of cash that week, so why bust a gut with me?

It was looking as if my career as a Mexican pornographer was going to end before it had begun.

To be continued.


Anonymous said...

This is a great video. Very real, and she has a great bottom for spanking. Round and big, but not too big. Nice long legs. A bit of jiggly, but not too much.
Where you able to check her ass out before you did this video?

Uncle Nick said...

No, I hired her one day and then the shoot took place the next. She was wearing pretty revealing clothing when I offered her the shoot, so I sort of knew that her bottom was going to be a bouncer. Then again most Mexican girls have good sized rumps.

sixofthebest said...

Uncle Nick such voluptuous naked derriere's as these deserve the ultimate implement the cane. I would have loved to see each one receive 'six of the best' from this pliable spanking implement. Plus the fact that if they wore garter-belt and stockings, their naked rear ends would have delighted any man. Thank you

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