Monday, 14 October 2013

British erotica under attack

The British press is going through another one of its periodic bouts of sanctimonious, self-righteous gittery with the result that W.H. Smith has taken its entire e-book site down. The Daily Mail led the charge with the claim that "disturbingly graffic content" was on sale "next to children's books." The fact that the Daily Mail  has its very own softcore sidebar of shame is of course to be overlooked completely in the drive to get the spiritual daughters of Mary Whitehouse all clucking like lobotomised hens. And drive sales, let's not forget that.

At the moment the press only seem to be concentrating on the rape and incest novels, but I suspect that the rest of us will come under attack sooner rather than later. All the more reason to support the writers and publishers of that type of erotica in the hope that when the self-righteous turn on us, we will have a coalition of all the producers to oppose them, not just a few. 

Luckily, Amazon has told the self righteous to get stuffed and it is business as usual at that site. Kobo, which supplied the books for the now offline W.H. Smith site is also adopting a policy of business as usual. is also running normally as are the smaller sites that cater for pure erotica.

It is unlikely that the press will  go after Amazon as they are too big a fish to swallow. Instead, the Mail will attack the small publishing houses, such as mine, and seek to bring them under new government censorship laws. We could get a rerun of the video nasties nonsense that led to the censoring of a plethora of major Hollywood films in the 1980s. Hard though it may be for younger readers to believe, but The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was banned in this country for many years.

All the more reason for the producers to stick together and for you, the reading public, to stand with us in opposition to this latest lunacy.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Stupid Woman 1

Women sometimes ask me why men don't take them seriously. Here is just one reason amongst thousands...

Welcome to a new feature at this here blog which will allow me to have a laugh at a little girl with a bra sizes larger than her IQ.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Annie Sprinkles Spanking Interview

It's nice to know that Annie Sprinkles has been spanked as this interview shows. It was filmed in about 1975 and the young Annie tells us about her first spanking experience. The nice thing about the clip is that it is comes with scenes of Annie doing what she is good at, which is sucking cock, watersports and getting her shapely rump soundly smacked.
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