Monday, 31 May 2010

Real Life Spanking: Derren Nesbitt & Anne Aubrey

Probably one of the more famous real life spankings occurred in late 1972 when the actor Derren Nesbitt (37) used an 18-inch leather thong on the bare bottom of his wife Anne Aubrey (35). Please click on the press report at left to read a full account of the event.

The only aspects of this case that are still unclear is Anne's position when undergoing her correction, and whether her knickers were down, or had been removed completely. According to the prosecution Derren "threw her face down on a sofa. Then he lifted her dress and took off her pants." However, the defence claimed that he "put his wife across his knee and spanked her with the strap," having first, in Derren's words, "pulled her pants down."

Whether it was face down on the sofa having been stripped of her panties completely, or across her husband's knee with the scanties hanging shamefully around her knees, what is not disputed is that she was then given "a good spanking," which made it "impossible for her to sit down."

Given the argument that had raged between them, it strikes me as unlikely that Derren would have had the wit to go and hunt for a leather strap to use on his wife's bottom. More likely the implement was to hand in the house which suggests that he had had cause to correct his wife's behaviour on other occasions. Sadly on this one it didn't work as Anne had found a new man and that is why all Derren's exertions came to nothing and why the matter ended up in court.

Still, £250 was not an enormous fine even in January 1973, and one hopes that the magistrate's order to destroy the thong was ignored by a sympathetic policeman who returned Derren's strap to him quietly one night.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Cinema Spankings: Cherrypicker

The singer Lulu in a dramatic role and on the receiving end of her husband's firm hand. Later she is seen on the bed, sobbing quietly and looking at her wedding ring in a new light.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A shoplifter spanked

Have you ever watched an authentic spanking being administered? One of our readers did, and the photograph on the left which I used to illustrate this posting inspired him to share his memory with us. So fascinating was his account that I have decided to repost it for a wider readership.

Have you ever seen a real spanking being administered, or given one yourself? If so, will you share the account with the rest of us? All you have to do is e-mail the story to me at and if I like it then I will publish it here.

This is Starman's account:

That picture takes me back. Reminds me how I got my first interest in spanking. So looks like my dad spanking my cousin. I must of been about 14 and she was 18 and staying with us while her family went on holiday.

There was an incident with her and her boyfriend being caught shoplifting. Apparently the owner of the shop knew my dad and escorted my cousin back to the house. I was up in my room and I overheard him talking to my dad. My dad pleaded with him not to call the police. He agreed but said that he expected my dad to deal with her severely.

I remember this particular day. My cousin was wearing a long, floaty summer dress. The type with buttons all the way up the front. I recall that the top three were undone as were quite a few at the bottom. It was virtually see-through in the summer sunshine. And at the time I couldn't understand why I was getting aroused.

Anyway my dad started shouting at her for her stupidity when she was about to go to college. She begged him not to tell her parents. So he told her that he was going to punish her in that case. He told her he was going to put her across his knee and spank her. At this point, I crept downstairs and heard her laugh and say she was too old for that. Well after my dad said, "Fine, we'll call my brother. She pleaded with him not to. And my dad, unaware I could see, pulled out a dining chair and sat down. He pulled my protesting cousin across his lap and started spanking her over her dress. I could see her tiny white knickers through her dress. And I started to go hard when my dad pulled up her dress and spanked her over her brief white knickers. When he pulled those down to her knees and spanked her for a good minute, I actually had an accident there and then.

Her running upstairs sobbing was just a blur then.

And so started my lifelong love of spanking.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

1970s 8mm spanking film

Hard though it is to believe, but before about 1980 there were no video recorders and people watched films at home on tiny 8mm projectors. Some of those films had sound but most were silent, and that is especially true of the porno of the day.

Spanking films were few and far between so it is a pleasure to present this short American epic. Like many films of the day this looks like it was made in two parts, each one complete in itself, and intended to be sold separately. In the London of the mid-1970s this film would have fetched about £25.00 at least. Porn was illegal in the UK back in those days, so that kept the prices high.

You young people - you really don't know that you were born, do you?

Monday, 24 May 2010

Real Life Spankings: John & Norita Clements

Norita Clements was "thrice spanked by her husband" according to this rather engagingly worded 1958 report from the Daily Express. You can read it yourself just by clicking on the image, but the interesting thing from our point of view is the matter of fact way in which that affair was reported at the time.

Husband John Clements (42) was a pub landlord who spanked Norita (36) because he wished "to make her cry," for her behaviour towards him. Norita took the matter to court and claimed a divorce on the grounds of cruelty, citing the spankings as evidence of that. However the judge ruled that "three not serious assaults all brought about by her provocative attitude" did not amount to cruelty and dismissed Norita's petition.

Did John take Norita's panties down for her spankings? The report is silent on that crucial bit of information but given that John admitted that his intention was punitive, and that he wanted to make his wife cry, the suspicion must be that the knickers came down before the corrections were administered.

We are also left to wonder about the reaction in the Wheatsheaf, John and Norita's pub. Did the regulars gaze at her finely honed ex-dancer's rump and smile secretly at the knowledge that it had been thoroughly chastised by her husband's hand?

The Wheatsheaf still stands at Swalecliffe, near Whitstable in Kent. If you are passing through the area please call in and order a pint or two. It is reported that regulars in the hostelry do not salute each other by raising their glasses and saying "cheers." Rather the cry is given:

Bottoms Up!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Cinema Spankings: The Girl Who Couldn't Quite

Your Uncle Nick has actually seen this film and came away from the screening convinced that there had gone a good 90 minutes of his life that could never be recovered. In case you are puzzled, what the girl who couldn't quite, couldn't quite do, was smile.

The spanking is quite good, though.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Caning Gamekeeper

Moonglow favourite Alison is back in action here. When the game keeper catches her lighting a fire in his grounds, she is dragged back to his cottage, where he has a broad range of instruments ready and waiting to be applied to her bottom. Alison cannot believe what is happening to her, and especially to her bottom. She will be learning the Country Code as soon as she arrives home.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Joan, Part Three

If you have been following this series so far you will have realised by now that Joan was probably one of the more difficult women who have ever drawn breath. The first real spanking that I gave her came about two months into our relationship. Up until then Joan had been on her best behaviour, fearful that if she didn't mind her manners then she would receive a tanning similar to the one that her ex-boyfriend had given her before she and I had met. However, with a personality like Joan's, such good behaviour had only a brief shelf life as sooner rather than later she was going to revert to her old provocative self.

The first spanking I gave her was in about February 1980. It was late in the evening and Joan had changed into her nightdress, an ankle-length, cream-coloured nylon affair that was quite transparent. She wore a negligée over it, and on the night in question she had been drinking and was determined to give me grief over something or other. I remember telling her to shut up otherwise I would spank her and she replied in that sullen tone that out of sorts women often use: "You can't."

Big mistake, Joan, as I stood her up, pulled loose the belt of her negligée and then pushed the garment off her shoulders and away from her body. Sitting down I pulled Joan across my knee and lifted up the hem of her nightdress to reveal a firm, large, round pair of buttocks neatly encased in brown panties.

I wasn't messing around this time and the panties came down. Joan's hands were held behind her back leaving her buttocks defenceless and my right thigh was cocked over both her legs to prevent too much kicking. The spanking was about to begin!

I remember that I smacked her right cheek rather more than the left, as she was bucking like a wild bronco, and it took all my strength to hold her in position. Nevertheless, and for all future spankings, I have always managed to alternate the buttock cheeks, but on that occasion one came in for rather more attention than its neighbour.

Joan was spanked and spanked very soundly indeed until she began to cry and then I let her fall to the floor. After a few minutes blubbering she looked at me resentfully and muttered: "I'm not your child," to which I replied: "Then don't behave as if you are." That was the end of that and soon afterwards we went to bed.

I would like to report a happy ending to this affair but sadly there wasn't. Joan was just so wilful that I began to feel weary of the whole business. I was devastated when we eventually broke up, but looking back, I am glad that we did. Joan was just one of those women who drains any man that she meets, which is why she is now twice-divorced and living alone, so I hear.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Cinema Spankings: Man of the Forest

I rather like this scene from Man of the Forest, an otherwise forgettable B-movie from God knows when. The hero lifts the girl up and administers the punishment to the traditional seat of learning. She then threatens to kill him if he ever smacks her again, to which the forest dweller replies that if she tries it he will spank her again. He then walks off leaving her to fume helplessly.

See you next week.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Russian Discipline

There is only one country that produces tougher punishment videos than the Central Europeans and that place is Russia. Click to start the clip, reload the page to get a new clip, and be amazed at the level of severity on display.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Real Life Spankings: smoke 'em and smack 'em

Welcome to Real Life Spankings, a new feature that will look at genuine cases where long-suffering males have been forced to put recalcitrant females across their knees to wallop the waywardness out of them.

The above photograph appears to be genuine and shows a couple from the late 1940s or very early 1950s, judging from their clothing. Staged photos of the time look, well, staged to the modern eye, but this one has clearly been taken with a flash and a very slow shutter speed - probably 1/30th second, which was the normal speed in those days. Thus the girl's face and the man's elbow are both blurred, which suggests some pretty fierce movements were going on.

The girl has her eyes closed and her mouth looks as if it is open to protest. Given the man's hand has obviously just smacked down across her upturned rump and has creased her skirt doing it, that is understandable. The girl's discomfort is made all the worse by the fact that at least two other people were witnessing her spanking. There is a man almost out of shot to the left of the photo and the cameraman himself.

All in all a nice period shot from a time long ago when naughty little girls knew what was likely to happen to them when they failed to toe the line.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Molly's Hundred

Molly has information that her gangster boyfriend wants. To force her to spill the beans he subjects her to an incredible caning of over a hundred strokes. The first six are shown here, and if you think that they were well laid on, then you want to see the remainder. Alison, the girl in the video, was an experienced CP actress, but even she couldn't sit down for a day or so after this video was finally wrapped.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Joan, Part Two

Joan had not only been on the receiving end of a couple of well deserved spankings before I met her, she had also administered at least one as well. That had been dished out to her then husband's lover, and like everything to do with Joan, it was a pretty complicated chain of events that led up to the event.

Joan and her husband had been in the process of getting a divorce and Joan had moved out of the family home. The husband had met a married woman and was having an affair with her and on the day in question this woman was alone in the husband's house. I cannot remember quite why Joan had to call, but she did and found out that the rumours that her soon to be ex-husband had a lover were true.

The two women began to snap at one another and Joan decided that the matter would be resolved in a corporal manner when she spun her rival around and then bent her over the arm of the sofa. Joan then pulled off her shoe and used it as a slipper to spank the waywardness out of the other woman. I did ask Joan why she had not stripped her rival of her knickers as well as her dignity, and she replied that she had been too angry. The spanking continued until Joan's arm became tired and then she released her victim who promptly scurried out to take refuge in the house of a neighbour.

This is where things became horribly complicated for this writer, because Joan then decided to tell the woman's husband what was going on. However, and here is where I lose the plot, she made it clear that she did not want her husband back. I really cannot get to grips with the thought processes of a person who doesn't want someone, but who decides to cause trouble for them, anyway. I remember when Joan and I were splitting up she asked me what I would do if I ever caught her with another man, and I replied, truthfully, that I had little interest in what she did when I was not around.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Cinema Spankings: Frontier Gal

Yvonne de Carlo is the Frontier Gal on the receiving end of a pretty sound spanking from her irate husband. Quiet how she managed to sit down after that tanning is anyone's guess, but I suppose that they bred 'em tough on the frontier, or something.

Thursday, 6 May 2010


If you have not seen the incredible videos that are being produced in the Czech Republic these days then you have not been paying attention. Whether they call themselves Rigid East or Lupus the end is the same: severe corporal punishment applied to the bare backsides of whimpering females as they plead for mercy.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Spanking for Moonglow: the 1990s

My introduction to Moonglow came about quite by chance. A fellow writer mentioned that an outfit which made spanking videos had a monthly magazine which the owner was finding hard to run along with his other activities and which might like an editor. I was curious about this, since I had never heard of a magazine called Moonglow, so I asked to be put in touch with George, the man behind it all.

It turned out that there wasn't a magazine, rather it was a newsletter that circulated to subscribers. It contained information about videos, news of forthcoming parties, as well as a small amount of fiction and the usual readers' letters page. All in all it could have been produced by a local community group had it not been for its theme. Certainly the newsletter could not afford a full-time editor and probably didn't really need a part-time one either. It looked as if this avenue led to a dead end.

That was when George began to open up and admitted that finding men for his spanking videos was not the easiest task in the world. The videos needed mature fellows with a degree of gravitas who would not freeze up on camera. Most men who had those attributes also had positions within society and did not need the bad publicity that would ensue if the News of the World found out about their extra-curricular activities. He asked me if I was interested in earning fifty quid plus expenses and when I told him that I was we arranged to meet the following month at a small film studio in London.

I duly arrived on time to film my part in Rattan College 3. As someone who had worked for the BBC I was amazed to see that CP videos did not have either a script, nor a technical script for the technicians. Come to think of it, this shoot did not actually have any technicians either - what it had was George who acted as director, cameraman, sound man and brew lad all rolled into one. We were given our instructions and then left to develop the characters as we saw fit. OK, put another way, I was told to make a headmasterly speech to the girls and then get them upended across my knee one by one.

The studio was tiny; just one square room with one corner taken up by a sitting room set and the other a classroom. A third corner was the entrance and the fourth was filled with about half a dozen chairs, all occupied by men who had paid to watch the shoot. In theory three of the four girls who I was working with that day should have arrived at hourly intervals, to video their scenes. The fourth was there all the time since she was doubling up as the buffet lady. . .

"Julie, it's time to be caned."

"Just as soon as I've got these sausage rolls out of the oven."

It was chaos. Girls arrived in their own good time and the shoot dragged on into the evening. The lights made the tiny, overcrowded set even hotter than it would otherwise have been and to cap it all a girl named Karen finished her shoot, went off to get some food in the kitchen, and then came back to announce that she was leaving - thus ruining an otherwise flawless take that was being shot. Needless to say, the young madam was promptly bent over and given six of the very best for her female irresponsibility, but it still meant more work for the rest of us.

"That's a wrap!" When we heard those magic words everyone on the set just let out an enormous sigh. The lights were switched off, the camera was packed away, and those of us who were up to it made out way to the nearest pub for a pint or three.

As an introduction to the British way of making spanking videos that day could not have been bettered. Today things have improved and the chaos that marked the old days out has long gone. Still, it was fun, and I look back on that shoot with a degree of pride.

I just don't want to have to go through it again, that's all.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Spanish Master's Wife

The Caning of the Spanish Master's Wife is unique in the Moonglow annals in that neither of the two main stars spoke English. The man is Mexican and the girl hails from Spain, so most of the dialogue is in Spanish. The director managed to teach them both to speak a few words of English, and the girl already knew how to count in the language, but here we have a British CP epic that was shot in Spanish. That said, the girl is rather special so who cares?

Monday, 3 May 2010

Joan, Part One

Staying on the theme of spankings that have had their effect on the women who received them, we come to Joan in 1980. This lady was 32 at the time so she was somewhat older than me by about eight years. Of Jamaican origin, Joan had lived in the UK for many years and worked as a factory administrator. At around 5' 8" she was tall for a woman and of slender build, but without being too skinny. Her bottom was as firm and rounded as the rest of her; truly this lady was a delight to bed.

The first time that I placed her across my knee was in January 1980 not long after we had met. My intention was not purely punitive, since the whole point of a spanking is to remind the woman on the receiving end of who is in charge around here. So my aim that night was just to put Joan in her place without causing too much injury to her admittedly rather luscious buttocks.

She was wearing a polo shirt and a brown fitted skirt that she had made herself, as she had proudly told me. I put her across my knee and as I lifted up the skirt, to reveal a rump clad in tights with a pair of brown knickers beneath. I was pulling both garments down when Joan became hysterical and began to plead, as Barbara had five years earlier, to be allowed to keep her knickers on. As with Barbara, I sensed a story and decided to let her sit up so that I could question her further.

Joan had gone out with a white man named Peter from roughly early 1976 to about the mid-point in 1979. Like many women Joan would not tell her man when she was unhappy because she felt that she was being ignored. What she would do was cause trouble to get his attention via an argument. Joan did this to Peter in about 1978 when she swanned off to Chester Races with another man, and then told him about her antics during an argument that she had with him some days later.

According to the story that she related to me, Peter had not argued with her, instead he had undone the button on her jeans and then unzipped the garment. Joan said that she had no idea what he was doing and was even more baffled when he spun her around, placed his fingers inside the jeans on either side of her hips and then yanked them down to her knees with full force. Her knickers quickly went the same way, and then Peter turned her around again to face him, sat down on a chair and pulled her across his knee. By then she understood exactly what was going to happen, but it was too late as his right leg was placed over her thighs to prevent too much kicking and Joan began to receive her first adult spanking.

By her own account she was spanked soundly until she began to cry, at which point Peter let her go, and then waited for her to finish blubbering before he gave her the obligatory lecture as to her future behaviour. The spanking must have done some good because it was over a year until she had to be disciplined again.

The second and final spanking at Peter's hands came in roughly March or April 1979. I am not sure but I think that Joan had again used a trip to Chester Races to get her own back at Peter for some perceived transgression on his part, but even if my memory is at fault with that detail, what is not in doubt is Peter's reaction to the news. That reaction came about as a result of, you've guessed it, an argument instigated by Joan. She had tossed the news into his face and then ran like the devil up the stairs with Peter in hot pursuit. Joan admitted to me that she knew exactly what he was going to do to her and she realised that she had gone too far this time, hence the flight.

Peter caught her in the bedroom and literally tore the button out of her trousers - Joan's vacuum cleaner found it the next day as she was running it over the carpet. He tore those trousers down to her knees and then her knickers went the same way before she was thrown across his knee. The preliminaries only took a moment before Peter was ready to begin a spanking that Joan remembered only too well a year later when she related the account to me.

He had smacked her first on one cheek and then on the other, alternating the spanks and using all the force of his arm to administer the correction. Joan had tried to struggle but his grip was too firm. She had protested but Peter just ignored her and continued the remorseless spanking. Finally she had broken down in tears which had led to an end to her first spanking but not to this one. Peter spanked on and on and Joan admitted to me that she thought that she had died and gone to hell and that the spanking was her never ending punishment.

Eventually Peter tired of his labours and dumped Joan unceremoniously onto the floor. He then went for a drive to calm himself down and only returned to the house about an hour later. By her own admission Joan was still in considerable distress, but Peter simply ignored that and stripped off her clothes before taking her to bed. By all accounts it was a knobbing that Joan endured rather than enjoyed, but all in all the events of that night did her the world of good. Certainly she was still wary of men and the power of their hands when I met her, which made my life a lot easier.
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