Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Spanking for Moonglow: the 1990s

My introduction to Moonglow came about quite by chance. A fellow writer mentioned that an outfit which made spanking videos had a monthly magazine which the owner was finding hard to run along with his other activities and which might like an editor. I was curious about this, since I had never heard of a magazine called Moonglow, so I asked to be put in touch with George, the man behind it all.

It turned out that there wasn't a magazine, rather it was a newsletter that circulated to subscribers. It contained information about videos, news of forthcoming parties, as well as a small amount of fiction and the usual readers' letters page. All in all it could have been produced by a local community group had it not been for its theme. Certainly the newsletter could not afford a full-time editor and probably didn't really need a part-time one either. It looked as if this avenue led to a dead end.

That was when George began to open up and admitted that finding men for his spanking videos was not the easiest task in the world. The videos needed mature fellows with a degree of gravitas who would not freeze up on camera. Most men who had those attributes also had positions within society and did not need the bad publicity that would ensue if the News of the World found out about their extra-curricular activities. He asked me if I was interested in earning fifty quid plus expenses and when I told him that I was we arranged to meet the following month at a small film studio in London.

I duly arrived on time to film my part in Rattan College 3. As someone who had worked for the BBC I was amazed to see that CP videos did not have either a script, nor a technical script for the technicians. Come to think of it, this shoot did not actually have any technicians either - what it had was George who acted as director, cameraman, sound man and brew lad all rolled into one. We were given our instructions and then left to develop the characters as we saw fit. OK, put another way, I was told to make a headmasterly speech to the girls and then get them upended across my knee one by one.

The studio was tiny; just one square room with one corner taken up by a sitting room set and the other a classroom. A third corner was the entrance and the fourth was filled with about half a dozen chairs, all occupied by men who had paid to watch the shoot. In theory three of the four girls who I was working with that day should have arrived at hourly intervals, to video their scenes. The fourth was there all the time since she was doubling up as the buffet lady. . .

"Julie, it's time to be caned."

"Just as soon as I've got these sausage rolls out of the oven."

It was chaos. Girls arrived in their own good time and the shoot dragged on into the evening. The lights made the tiny, overcrowded set even hotter than it would otherwise have been and to cap it all a girl named Karen finished her shoot, went off to get some food in the kitchen, and then came back to announce that she was leaving - thus ruining an otherwise flawless take that was being shot. Needless to say, the young madam was promptly bent over and given six of the very best for her female irresponsibility, but it still meant more work for the rest of us.

"That's a wrap!" When we heard those magic words everyone on the set just let out an enormous sigh. The lights were switched off, the camera was packed away, and those of us who were up to it made out way to the nearest pub for a pint or three.

As an introduction to the British way of making spanking videos that day could not have been bettered. Today things have improved and the chaos that marked the old days out has long gone. Still, it was fun, and I look back on that shoot with a degree of pride.

I just don't want to have to go through it again, that's all.

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