Monday, 28 February 2011

Marina's Spanking Part One

There is an old saying that a good mistress keeps a bad marriage alive, and as such Marina was probably the best mistress that any man could wish for. Needless to say she couldn't cook for toffee, but went like a steam engine in bed, could deep throat without gagging, and was willing to let me sleep after my labour's were over - what more could any man reasonably ask for?

We met in late 1997 when I was a 41 year old working at a university in Mexico City and Marina was a student aged 19. Mexico is nothing like England so bedding a female student is no big deal, but alas for me I didn't take into account the pecking order, and I managed to annoy a senior figure who wanted her for himself. With my usual lack of tact I just shouldered my way past everyone with my "excuse me, excuse me, get out of my fucking way, cos this one's mine" air about me and left that very senior figure with his dick in his hand - anyway if he reads this then he can rest assured that I stretched Marina's pussy on many occasions over the years that we were together and he need not worry that she was not well seen to. Ahem...

Enough of this merry banter: we are here to discuss la cosa nostra, aren't we? I suppose that you want to know about the first time I had this delightful young trollop across my knee, don't you? Well, it happened on our first date, and before I had even poked her. That's right: her knickers came down for matters disciplinary before sex was even considered... Well, sort of...

We arranged to meet the first time in the university's car park. I need to point out at this juncture that le tout Mexico would not be seen dead in public transport so just about every student came in their own car; thus the car park was spread over several acres of space. Anyway, we managed to miss each other, at least that was Marina's version of events, but I have always believed that she mixed up the time and actually didn't show up.

The second attempt came a day or so later and involved a rather nice restaurant called Sanborne's part of a chain that dots to country. At least I could sit down and smoke in air-conditioned comfort, which was a good thing because Marina did not show up that day, either.

I checked my e-mail as soon as I got home - hard though it is to believe, but most people in 1997 did not have a mobile 'phone - and read her litany of excuses that all seemed to involve a silly girl getting lost by taking a succession of wrong turns. So we made a third date and I told her quite simply that if she was even late, never mind failing to show up, I was going to smack her bare bottom hard. Marina swallowed hard and nodded her head as that information was relayed to her, but I don't think that she really believed me, which was a pretty big mistake on her part when you think about it.

The good news is that Marina actually turned up the third time, but the bad news for her bottom was that she arrived about half and hour late. The Mexicans, like most native peoples, have a very free and easy attitude to time, so when madam did show up, wafting expensive perfume in her wake, it was with an air of total nonchalance on her exquisitely carved features.

After the usual air kissing that Mexicans love so much, Marina sat down and fished a Virginia Slim out of her handbag - Gucci, of course. She sat in front of me with a big grin on her face, waiting for me to light her cigarette for her. That I did, concealing my own grin with some difficulty.

"What are we going to do?" Marina was all wide-eyed and enthusiastic and she sent away the waitress with a practised wave of her hand.

"I plan to take you to Tlalpan," I replied, naming one of the main avenues that leads into the centre of Mexico City.

"Tlalpan? What are we going to do there"

"We are going to a hotel."

"Really?" Marina began to wriggle deliciously in her seat at the thought.

"Yes," I told her, as I signalled for my bill. "Or would you prefer it if I smacked your bare bottom here and now?"

"Nooooo! What have I done? You can't be serious!"

Alas for Marina's bottom, I was very serious indeed.

Brazilian TV Spanking

Brazilian soap operas have a good reputation for spanking scenes, and it is nice to find this one which most of you will never have seen before. Alas I don't know the name of the opera or who the participants are, and not only that, but the awful Russian dubbing that has been added on over the original Portuguese soundtrack means that I can't even have a bash at a translation.

Still, I am sure that the heroine deserved her spanking, which the hero lays on with gusto. They end up kissing afterwards so she obviously felt that she deserved it. Or something.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Prefects' Punishment

Two members of the sixth form at an exclusive girls' school have been found guilty of gross and wilful disobedience. Both girls are stripped of their dignity along with their knickers and both must bend for the fearsome cane and then accept the cruel ministrations of the tawse. 

This is a very early video, made in about 1980, and is a classic of its kind. Download it here.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Torygraph invents spanking scandal

The Daily Telegraph appears to be seriously hard up for a story because they have complained that a "stripping and spanking video game has been awarded a 12 certificate." The story is bollocks, of course, but it gives the Torygraph a chance to fulminate whilst at the same time running a still from the game in the hope of tickling their readers' fancies.

YouTube has a trailer for the game, which is called We Dare, but I reckon that you would be better off paying a trip to my very own clips' store and downloading something far, far tastier than this load of old tosh.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Spanking interview with a Mood Pictures girl

I have always enjoyed spanking interviews, but since I haven't been able to do one in a while I thought that I would present someone else's efforts in this field. Mood Pictures is a Hungarian CP outfit who have a fine line in extreme corporal punishment videos, all shot using vanilla girls who basically do it for the money. The nice thing about this is that it puts the punishment back into corporal punishment, and we can sit back and imagine that the young hussie on the receiving end of it all, really has been a naughty girl indeed.

Mood Pictures were raided by the police in January 2010 and it looked for a time as if they had gone out for business, but it appears that their little local difficulties are now behind them and naughty Magyar buttocks are once again dancing to the beat of the cane.

Cinema Spankings: Liebesgrüße aus der Lederhose

Made in Germany in 1973 I had never seen this clip until just the other day. I do remember that Janus published a still from the film as part of their A - Z of film spanking series that ran during that decade, and I was curious at the time to see why a naked man was spanking a near-naked girl with another naked women watching. Now I know: the girl, played by Julia Thomas, was a voyeur who decided to join in the sexy fun and was quite rightly sent on her way with a smacked bottom.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Two Cuban Sisters, Part Six

Maria climbed to her feet, and then helped the still distraught Elena to rise. Both girls looked up at me piteously, Maria holding her sorely tried bottom as Elena tried to organise her skirt so that it did not get too wet from her little accident as it were. I decided that Elena really needed to be told what to do, and whilst she was doing it I would entertain myself with Maria.

"Elena," I told her. "Go and find the bathroom and have a nice long shower. Then wash your clothes and leave them to dry while you are with us in the bedroom." I paused at looked at her ripe, melon-like boobs. "Better make it a quick shower," I concluded.

Maria was next and I turned to give her the order that would take us to the bedroom, but before I could open my mouth she had given her sister a final glance and turning on her heel she began to walk stiff-legged to the bedroom, still holding her bottom gingerly.

We reached the door of what I assumed was the bedroom and Maria opened it. Yes, that was a bedroom, as there was a double bed, and as Maria entered the room I gave her a firm but friendly pat to the rear to encourage her along.

"Nooooo," she yelped, obviously feeling that further ministrations on my part were not needed. What can you do with women, eh? I was only trying to be friendly.

Standing by the side of the bed I was expecting Maria to try and dissuade me from mounting her, but she surprised me by quickly shuffling off her clothes, and then stood in front of me in all her magnificence, hands behind her back, her chest trust out so that I could admire her fine bouncers. She had the most delightful smile on her face, and she cocked her head to one side as women often do, before pouting prettily at me.

"You have a heavy hand," she said, increasing the pout level substantially.

She smiled a trifle ruefully I thought and then surprised me again by pulling my polo shirt over my head and tossing it to the floor. Then she slowly unzipped my jeans and reached inside, brushing her hand through the opening in my boxer shorts to take my throbbing hardness in her hand. Her smile widened as she felt it grow in her hand.

"It's big," she said quietly, a thickness coming to her voice.

Maria unbuttoned the jeans and then pushed them down over my hips so that they fell around my ankles. I sat down to remove my sandals and the denim, and as I did so Maria knelt in front of me and without any fuss took my cock in her mouth. For the next few minutes the only sounds in the room came from her mouth as she sucked my hardness and my groans of pleasure as she did so.

Eventually I stopped her and stepped out of my shorts. Then I signalled her to climb into bed. Maria got to her feet, but instead of getting straight into bed she wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered a plea in my ear to be gentle.

"Of course I will," I told her. You're a good girl now, aren't you?"

Maria nodded her head and then got into bed, wincing as the mattress touched her freshly spanked bottom. She gingerly turned to lie on her side, something which made me smile slightly to watch. That smile turned into a huge grin as I saw that Elena was coming into the bedroom. She was as naked as her sister, her wet clothes in one hand. Deftly she placed them over a chair and then without a murmur she got into the bed to lie next to her older sister.

There was nothing else for it but to climb in between them. Looking at our respective skin colours I felt like the cheese in a lightly toasted sandwich. I said something about it to the girls and it made them both giggle deliciously.

I was on my back and I took the girls' necks in each of my hands and first one then the other, I brought them over to kiss me, each kiss long and slow and lingering. When I was kissing Maria, for perhaps the second or third time, Elena leaned over and took my cock in her mouth. I thought at that moment that I had left the earth behind and entered the gates of paradise.

Maria began to squirm, at first I thought that it was the mattress touching her bottom again, but then I realised that it was pure arousal that made her move her hips like that and open her mouth in almost a snarl. I reached down to touch between her thighs and was delighted to feel her slick, warm wetness. This girl was ready; I resolved to take her first.

I turned Maria onto her stomach and placed a pillow under her tummy. Then I climbed between her thighs from the rear and mounted her. My cock slid smoothly into her wetness,and as I pushed it slowly home she exhaled deeply in time with the thrust.

Slowly, because there was no need to hurry at all, I thrust in and out of Maria's tight warm body,  slow and steady strokes, my cock moving with the same remorseless intent as the piston on a steam engine.  Then,  I pulled my cock out until just the uppermost tip was between her lips and waited, waited as she wriggled her hips to try and take more of it. 

"Please," she said, laughing at her own plight, and I drove my cock home, firmly up to the hilt. Then I repeated the procedure and Maria began to pant more and more, her hips rising to meet each thrust, her red, well-spanked buttocks pressing lewdly into my stomach as I drove into her, harder and harder, faster and faster.

Maria began to pant heavily, a scream built up inside her throat and then escaped  to bounce off the walls with a deafening intensity. She took one of my hand and put the knuckle into her mouth, her hips moving at a frantic rate, and then she sunk her teeth into the knuckle, biting so hard that I thought she must have drawn blood as she reached her moment of ecstasy.

I collapsed on top of her and planned to rest for a while, but I felt Elena's hand on my back and turned my head to look at her. She was lying on her side, watching us intently between hooded eyes, one hand on a breast, idly stroking her nipple, keeping it hard and firm. I climbed off Maria's back and as I did so Elena rolled over onto her back and opened her thighs to receive me. As I climbed between her legs she reached down and took my hardness in her hand, guiding it into her body with a practised ease.

She may only have been 18 but Elena knew how to milk a bull! As I drove into her body she thrust her hips up in time with my drives, squeezing her inner muscles as tightly as she could as each stroke went home, her nails raking my back so deeply that she drew blood.

"Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Harder!" Elena urged me on to pleasure her with greater vigour and I increased the speed and intensity of my thrust in response to her demands.

I felt my balls filling, becoming heavier, and I thrust into her body, the sweat dripping from my face, my cock hard and powerful, pushing into her body time and time and time again. Elena reached behind me and I felt her fingers probe my rear, then incredibly she pushed her middle finger into my rectum, holding it there with the tip inside me, circling it around and around, opening my body. I tried to clench the muscles but her finger was stronger, and I at that moment my balls could not longer hold their hot liquid and I spilled my seed into her, both of us crying out at the final moment.

The three of us lay in a heap, all sated by our experience. I was stunned by the difference between the two sisters; Maria had behaved pretty much as I expected a newly disciplined girl to act, but Elena had been a delightful surprise. I must be honest and say that I have never known a female like her, every other girl or woman that I have been forced to discipline has behaved like Maria: Elena was and is totally unique in her response.

Time marched on and we all went to shower together and then after getting dressed we left the house and returned it to its rightful owner. That man was sat patently outside chatting to a neighbour and looked quite relieved that we were leaving. Although it has to be said that he was quite happy to take delivery of a handful of Mexican notes, and told me that I was welcome any time - so long as I brought my wallet, presumably.

I saw the girls again over the following week, but there was no need to spank either of them again as both were obedient with none of the provocations that had led to such sore bottoms on the night that we had met. I made love to Elena on the Havana promenade one night during yet another blackout, and Maria took my cock in her mouth in the back of a taxi the following evening, but when I think of those two charmers I think of the night when I took two Cuban sisters and spanked the naughtiness out of them before fucking them both until we were all so exhausted that we could barely walk afterwards.

TV Spankings: Woman of Fire (Bonanza)


Bonanza was always a good series for spankings, and this episode is one of the first TV spankings that  I can remember seeing back in those dim and distant black and white days of the mid-1960s. The clip appears to have been colourised, but that shouldn't put you off from watching a haughty young madam bent over Adam Cartwright's knee and put in her place courtesy of his right hand.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Two Cuban Sisters, Part Five

Elena was visibly shaking as I strolled over to her. In fact if it hadn't been for the two cops who stood on either side of her I suspect that she would have collapsed in a heap on the floor. To be honest I find the sight of any woman in that state thoroughly agreeable, but this was made doubly so by the fact that Elena's stupidity in leaving her identification card at home had pretty much created the night's nonsense. On the subject of the card, I asked the cops what had happened?

"She left it at home, just as she said," explained the senior of the two plods, fishing in his breast pocket for a cigar. A Romeo y Julieta I noticed, and I nodded to him as a salute of his fine taste.

"In her other handbag," explained the second policeman. "She changed her clothes at the last minute and the other handbag did not match to colour of," he waved his hand rather than finish the sentence and I sighed my understanding. Wherever you go in the world the story is always the same: females and their superficialities never cease to amaze me.

"I hope that I didn't keep you waiting," I told the two men. "As you will have seen I was rather busy so didn't notice you."

"Not to worry," said cigar man, wreathing the room in the warm, pungent, masculine aroma of that greatest of all cigars.

Elena began to cough, obviously in an attempt to curry favour.

"There is something you wish to say?" I asked her.

"No," she replied.

"Good keep it that way," I told her. "Comrade Officers," I continued, addressing the two men. How can I thank you.

"Nothing needs to be said, the matter is closed," cigar man said.

"Please, won't you at least take something for your troubles?"

The two cops looked at each other and then looked at me without replying. I fished into my wallet and gave them 500 Mexican pesos which is about £25 and about double what I would have given the Mexican police for a similar service, but I was feeling generous and relieved that everything was going to turn out well.

Turn out well for me, that is. I doubt if Elena was sharing my hail fellow well met attitude as I showed my two guests out of the building, in fact I know that she wasn't because as I closed to door I saw that she was leaning against the wall with her hand over her mouth staring in rapt attention at Maria who was still on the floor where I had left her. Actually, she was staring at Maria's bottom, the silly girl having failed to cover herself following her session across my knee. Obviously Maria was a bit of an exhibitionist I decided as I walked up behind Elena and grabbed her by the arm.

Her head shot up and she turned to look at me with a pair of wide, staring eyes that literally oozed the fear that lay behind them. She tried to smile but it came out as almost a grimace and from deep within her, almost at the level of her soul, there emerged a long, low moan.

My smile was that of a man perfectly at ease with himself and the world...

"Have you any idea how hard I am going to smack your bottom?" I asked in what I thought were genial tones.

Elena shook her head frantically. Clearly she had no idea so it was going to fall to me to show her just how hard the spanking was going to be. I mentioned this to her and she placed both hands on my chest and looked at me imploringly.

"I have my identity document with me," she said, as if that would excuse everything.

I didn't waste my breath replying. I just hauled her towards the sofa that I had sat on to chastise Maria and when we reached it I stopped, grabbed her by the chin and then turned her face up to mine.

"Now then, little girl," I said. It is time to find out just how hard I can smack your bottom, isn't it?"

Elena started to dance from one foot to the other, biting her lower lip as she did so. Then she grabbed the collar of my polo shirt and with her thumbs inside the opening she ran her hands up and down, looking at my appealingly all the while.

"Please, please," was all she said as her dance became more and more pronounced.

I looked into her eyes and grabbed her by the shoulders intending to give her a similar shake to the one that I had given to Maria. As I did so she put her face into her hands and then buried her head in my chest. She stopped her little dance and I heard a noise like water trickling through a tap onto a stone sink and I knew at once what was happening. Elena had lost control of her bladder and was wetting herself and the floor. Her sobs took on a note of hysteria as she threw back her head and wept the bitter tears of total humiliation.

Holding Elena tightly by the arms I stood there with her, waiting until the sobs had subsided a little, which would indicate that the hysteria had passed, something which did not take long to happen.

"I am going to smack your bare bottom until it is the colour of a ripe tomato," I then told her, without any drama and in a quiet voice.

For a moment I thought that Elena was going to resist with the same intent that Maria had demonstrated, but then her head fell forward onto my chest and her shoulders slumped. This naughty girl was not going to give any trouble at all.

I sat down on the sofa and pulled Elena over my knee. Making sure that her skirt did not ride up at the front so that I could keep my trousers dry, I carefully lifted her short skirt to reveal a firm bottom clad in white cotton bikini panties. That sodden garment I slowly peeled down to leave the scanties hanging around her knees. During this whole period as I prepared Elena for her correction she neither moved not made a sound, she just lay there quietly as if accepting that her behaviour had brought her to this shameful state.

Once I had bared the wretched girl's bottom I raised my right hand high above my head and without further ado brought it crashing down upon those golden orbs. I spanked her methodically and soundly, laying on the palm to fist one cheek and then the other. Elena's bottom quickly began to turn a bright red under my hand's ministrations and her buttock cheeks twitched unconsciously, but throughout the correction she did not even attempt to cover her bottom, she just lay quietly as her chastisement continued.

As will Maria I paused the spanking after twenty-five smacks or so and addressed the gilr as she lay across my knee:

"Forget your documents, will you? Look what happens when you do!"

My hand cracked down across her bare bottom again and again, each smack sounding like a gunshot in the close confines of the room. The second tranche of smacks was identical to the first, with each crack of the hand well laid on, alternating the cheeks, slowly but surely covering the whole bottom with my hand, leaving not an inch that had not felt the painful smack of my hard hand as I taught the silly girl not to break her own country's basic rules and regulations.

Finally I brought the spanking to a close and sat back to admire my handiwork. I had not spanked Elena half as hard as I had disciplined Maria, but to be fair she was younger and had not put up anything like the struggle that Maria had attempted. Let that be a lesson to all you naughty chits who might be reading this: put up a fight and your spanking is likely to be twice as long and thee times as hard as it might otherwise have been. Not that they will take heed from my words - women never learn do they?

I dumped Elena onto the floor where she lay next to her sister and partner in crime. The two culprits sat with their legs underneath them so that their ravished bottoms were not in contact with the hard concrete floor. They leaned gainst each other for comfort and apart form the sobbing that came from two suitbaly corrected females there was no noise in the room. At least there wasn't until I opened my mouth and addressed both of them:

"Right girls - who is first to be fucked?"

To be continued.

TV Spankings: les Vivants et les Morts

An incredible spanking scene from a mainstream French TV series called Les Vivants et les Morts, or The Living and the Dead. The eight episodes were broadcast last year and the storyline involves a young married couple who are trying to come to terms with factory closures and economic dislocation.

I have edited the clip to remove the long argument which precedes the spanking, and I have slightly edited the post spanking section as well, but if you want to watch the whole seven minute version then take a trip over to Le Monde de la Fessée.

Is it my imagination, or does his hand actually smack across her bottom? Take a look at the still below that I have pulled from the video and let me know what you think.

Even if I am wrong, it is still an incredible scene, probably the best TV spanking I have ever seen.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Two Cuban Sisters, Part Four

"What have I done?" Maria wailed with the eternal cry of the female who knows that retribution is heading her way at a rate of knots, but hopes to avoid the inevitable with a succession of silly questions.

I put a stop to this old nonsense by grabbing the girl firmly by the shoulders and giving her a good shake. Then I pushed her against a wall and spoke quietly into her ear, annunciating every word with extra care:

"Now you listen to me, madam. If you are going to pick fellows up on the street then you had better have a stack of condoms handy, otherwise be prepared to be ridden bareback. Do I look as if I get pregnant? Don't you think that a whore going out without a condom is like a carpenter without a saw? It's a tool of your fucking trade!"

"I'm not a whore," Maria wailed.

"Yeah? What do you call a girl who takes money for sex? Mother fucking Teresa?"

"I only do it when I want something," Maria whimpered. Clearly her desperation to avoid the spanking that was now just seconds away had interfered with her ability to reason logically - although she was a woman so maybe that was her normal mode?

In any event I was in no mood to listen to any more prattle so I put a stop to further debate by spinning the wretched girl around and encircling her waist with my right arm. Then I picked her up to leave her body dangling against my right hip. Leaning slightly to the left so as to hold her in that helpless position I walked purposefully over to a sofa that sat in the middle of the room.

I dropped her to her feet and before she had time to figure out her next move I promptly sat down and yanked her across my left thigh. Before Maria had time to even open her mouth my right leg was cocked over her thighs and both her wrists were held in left hand. With the other hand I flipped up her skirt to reveal a firm, pair of  golden olive buttocks, clad only in a black thong. I paused for a moment to consider the admittedly rather pleasing view, and then I hooked my fingers into the elastic of her scanties and started to peel them down.

"Noooooo"! Maria started to howl and kicked her legs like a wild horse. She turned her head to the left to look at me imploringly: "Noooooo! Nooooo! Not on the bare, please, please not on the bare," she pleaded.

"Don't be silly," I told her, letting go of her panties and giving her rump a firm smack. "You are wearing a thong - it leaves your bottom bare as it is!

Yes, yes, it does," said the increasingly anxious girl.

"It gives you no protection at all, does it?

"No it doesn't," Maria agreed, shaking her her head frantically.

"Fine, so it doesn't matter if I pull it down then," and pull the thong down I promptly did, to the accompaniment of a howl that was ear shattering in its decibel level.

The spanking began with a succession of solid smacks on alternate cheeks of Maria's upturned rump that left her bottom a bright red. She clenched the cheeks of her bottom to try and reduce the size of the target and ludicrously pressed her stomach into my leg as if the extra inch or so of space that she gained would somehow serve to shield her defenceless buttocks from my hard male palm.

As the spanking progressed Maria twisted her upper body so she could turn her face towards me, obviously feeling that if I could see the look of anguish on her face then I would take pity on her plight. As each smack cracked across her bare bottom she winced, and bit her lower lip, her eyes rapidly filling with tears.

"Please, please tell me what I have done," she blubbered eventually, with a question so ludicrous that it made me pause my labours for a moment whilst I considered my reply.

"Do you want the whole list or just the main three or four reasons? I asked. How about your failure to even have a room prepared for us to go to? Do you think that I enjoyed the guided tour of Havana by night?

Without waiting for a reply I began to spank her again, and for some reason I gave Maria twenty-five smacks, each one bouncing over her bottom to leave the imprint of my hand firmly engraved on the cheeks of her helpless bottom. Maria wailed like a banshee as the correction continued on its remorseless course, wriggling her bottom with an unconscious lasciviousness, in a desperate attempt to avoid her well merited spanking.

Again I stopped and rested a moment before speaking to the helpless girl again:

Are you planning to forget your condoms again?

I started the spanking again, and again I landed twenty-five smacks to that upturned bottom. I laid on those smacks with all the force of my arm behind them, and Maria threw back her head and howled in impotent helplessness, her feet drumming a constant tattoo on the floor as she tried to break free from my iron grip.

"Planning to go running off again?  That's why the damned cops got involved in all this, isn't it? You and Elena in the street!"

Once again I began to smack Maria's poor, swollen and very red bottom. As with the previous sessions I administered twenty-five smacks, first to one cheek and then the other, as the  by then well chastised girl sobbed the tears of bitter repentance, but still managed to find the spirit to continue her futile attempts to break free and end the discipline.

"Do you want me to go on?" I asked, rhetorically.

"Nooooo! Nooooo! Nooooo! Please, please stop, wailed Maria, and all of a sudden her struggle ceased and she lay, totally conquered and completely unable to mount any further resistance across my knee. To prove the point I released her wrists from my grip, and unhooked my leg from its position atop her no longer scissoring thighs. Then I smacked her bottom again. Hard, solid smacks which Maria could have avoided just by climbing of my knee, but she didn't as I knew she wouldn't. She just lay there, her body twitching with each smack, waiting obediently like a good girl should for her ordeal to end.

The spanking was over, I decided, as I sat back and let Maria sob her heart out across my knee. She lay  there in a state of total submission and made no attempt to rise. Eventually, I lifted her up and placed her head on my shoulder. Instinctively she wrapped her arms around my neck and sobbed her heart out, her tears splashing on my cheek.

Suddenly I heard a noise to my right. Turning to see what it was I saw that the door was open - I must have left it on the latch, but I was sure that I had closed it - and two of the cops were stood in the doorway with big grins on her faces. Stood between them was Elena who wasn't grinning at all. In fact she looked decidedly unhappy as I let Maria fall gently to the floor and went to take charge of her younger, but equally guilty, sister.

To be continued.

Was Anouska Golebiewski ever spanked?

Does anyone know anything about this story from the Sun of the 29th May 2003? The short version of the report has it that the mother of Anouska Golebiewski threatened to smack her daughter's bottom if she dared to have sex on the Big Brother show.

Well, what happened?

Monday, 21 February 2011

Real Life Spankings: Derren Nesbitt & Anne Aubrey, Updated

Back in May of last year I ran a report on the spanking of Anne Aubrey by her then husband, Derren Nesbitt. I illustrated it with an account published in the Sun of the 26 January 1973, but the scan was not really up to scratch as it cut out a line of text. Since then a file of original cuttings has been discovered and I take great pleasure in presenting them here.

On the left is the front page of the Sun, and a better scan of the story is to the right. Immediately below is the Daily Telegraph account, and below that the London Evening Standard of 25 January.

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Two Cuban Sisters, Part Three

In Cuba if the cops take an interest in you then they are not looking for a bribe, unlike the rest of their Latin-American brethren. Cuba's police not only look as if they know the value of soap and water, but they carry themselves with a dignity and pride that does their country proud in the abstract, but doesn't actually help people from the rest of the region sort out their little problems in the time honoured way. This encounter was going to need careful handling, I decided.

Choosing the most senior looking officer I shook his hand as one always does and introduced myself, making damn sure that I also told him that I was from Mexico, just in case my funny sounding name led him to believe that I was a wicked American.

"Tell me, comrade officer, how may I be of service to you?" I enquired in my plummiest tones. I tell you, when it comes to large black Cuban men with big Russian guns I can grovel with the best of 'em.

"The matter does not concern you, comrade, er, whatever your name is," said the head cop, as he tried to make out the name on the Mexican driving license that I had thought politic to show him as identification.

"I am pleased to hear that," I said with real feeling. "But tell me what the problem is and maybe we can resolve it." No fool me, I know that the Cubans use the verb To Resolve whenever they plan to do something not exactly legal.

The cop pursed his lips and I could see his mind working overtime. How far could he trust me? In his mind I was Mexican so that meant I was used to paying off the police, but could I be some kind of undercover operative brought in to keep his crew on their toes? All this and more went through that man's mind in an instant. His eyes narrowed and he stared at me intently.

We then began a sophisticated linguistic dance where neither of us gave anything away, and form which both of us could deny the reality of the conversation if we had to. Eventually we both dried up, becasue neither of us could find the exact words to get to the bottom of the matter.

What exactly do you want, comrade? asked the cop, eventually.

I threw caution to the wind. Why bother anymore? Time to tell the truth:

"I have paid these two whores to attend to my cock," told the assembled throng. "And the cock badly needs the attention!"

The cops just burst out laughing. I couldn't believe it but all the tension went out of the air and we were just a group of men stood around killing time with our talk.

"What do you want with these two?" I asked the cops.

"That one," said the head man, indicating Elena, "is out without her identity card."

I knew enough about Cuba to know that this is a serious matter. I looked around at my new friends and decided that the Mexican approach just might work.

"If you let her go then your wives will be pleased at the presents you can afford to buy them," I said, before getting the next surprise of the night when the cops refused point blank to take a penny off me. Not only that, but they decided to take Elena to her house where she would show them her document and then they would return her to me!

Maria was gently pushed over in my direction and the cops started to leave with Elena in hand. Turning around just before he got into his patrol car the head man put his cigarette in his mouth, and considered both me an Marina in turn

"She has a big mouth," he told me with a grin. Then, incredibly, he held his right arm outstretched with the paln held facing up. He wasn't after a handout; No, he waved the hand from side to side in a time-honoured Latin way. For the benefit of my Saxon readers the gesture is an invitation to spank, something which Maria understood only too well.

"Noooooo," she wailed, and made to take off. I grabbed her by the arm and started to drag her into the house, with the raucous laughter of the cops ringing in my ears.

"Thank you, officers," I said, as I pulled Maria into the house and closed the door behind us.

"Right young lady," I told her. "You are now in more trouble than you know!"

Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Cane For Penny

Penny has been a naughty girl and has been sent by her mother for discipline at the hands of her strict uncle. He orders her to strip, and then instructs her to bend over for the cane across her bare bottom. 

A fine example of a bloody woman

I was chatting on Skype to Raven Red yesterday and she told me about a married friend of hers in the UK who would like to meet a disciplinarian who would correct her behaviour when needed, but who would not take advantage of her après-spank state to give her a jolly good rogering. Needless to say, everyone's favourite uncle fell about laughing at the sheer notion of such a lunatic idea.

"What kind of man would travel half way across the country to put a young chit in her place and then not give her a seeing to afterwards? I mean the whole point of a spanking is to reduce an insolent madam to the level of the obedient little girl. There is nothing finer," I concluded, and although I say it myself I was in fine fettle that night, "than to have a freshly spanked female. She is usually so keen to obey, that I find the sight rather touching."

"Yes, and that's why," began Raven, but I was in no mood to be interrupted by her female desire to prattle.

"And another thing," my voice boomed out, "what kind of woman would really expect such a man to even exist?"

Of course in the past year I did come across one such female, but once I realised what her power kick was my anger was such that she did a runner. You can read the whole sorry tale at this link, but that is not the point. Most normal females are looking for a man who will bring them to heel and that involves the bedroom as well. Otherwise what's the point?

"More pertinently," I went on, warming to my theme, "what would I get out of the deal, other than a sore hand and a banging great hard-on?"

"Absolutely," replied Raven. "And that is why I never thought of asking you to be her disciplinarian," she concluded, in hemlock sweet tones.

Bloody woman.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Guest Posting: The Cane in Australia

Do you have a story to tell? Just send your account to me at, and if I like it then I will gladly publish it here. What am I looking for? Authenticity, in a word. I want the real memories of real people. Don't worry about your writing style - I will sub-edit as needed.

Today's guest poster is Joe Cross.

Memories of the cane at school, but where do I start?

A boarding school in New South Wales, Australia. The house master system was in place as a left over from Tom Brown's Schooldays. There was a small house master  named Jim who had a gold tooth and to be told he wished to see you made you sick in the stomach. His chief hates were smoking, being out of bounds, being rude to other staff, and for some reason best known to himself, spitting. Each and every one of those crimes would earn the culprit between four and six strokes of the came.

The procedure was always the same: you knocked on his door and waited until he told you to enter.Your sin was then explained and you were told the number of strokes that you were to be given. The cane was then chosen from a collection of about eight that sat on the top of the bookcase. (Annie, the lady who cleaned the office, once asked me why he needed so many? I told her that he broke a lot of them) You would then bend over and hold the bottom rung of a chair and wait until Jim was ready.

The ritual was always the same. First he pressed his  hand into the side of your left buttock, although whether he was measuring the distance or just having his jollies I don't know. Next came the tapping of the cane across your buttocks and then the first stroke followed quickly by the rest of them. He would stand back on one leg with the cane behind his shoulder. Each stroke was delivered like a forehand tennis shot and sounded like a gun shot. You would be left with blue stripes across your bottom; the right one usually turning into just a huge black bruise after a few days.

When it was over the younger boys would leave the room  howling, and the older ones walked  very stiff legged. I remember running into Annie at the door after one such caning and she was as white as a sheet and in tears. Christ -  he was a cruel man.

The school was your typical huge nineteenth century building and on a quiet day you could hear a caning all over and we would look up and say "Jim's at it again." I was always caned a lot as a kid but never like that from anyone else. Today when I hear people say the cane should be brought back  my only comment is that it is only for consenting adults and never in schools.Those that say otherwise never knew the horror that people such as Jim instilled in children.

TV Spankings: The Worm That Turned

The Worm That Turned was a series which starred The Two Ronnies and was shown in 1980. The amusing thing about this clip is that the film that the audience are watching supposedly stars John Wayne, and sure enough the man spanking the girl certainly looks like the Duke. Thus it came it came to pass that once the  episode had aired just about every man who had an interest in la cosa nostra bombarded the BBC with telephone calls and letters to ask the title of this previously unheard of John Wayne film. Alas the BBC had to admit that the sequence was shot especially for the programme and featured an extra who looked like the big man from the back.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Cinema Spankings: Cause Of Divorce


A 1960s German epic provides us with this cinema spanking. Since your favourite uncle cannot speak much of the Hunnish tongue quite what is going on is beyond his powers to explain, but we can be sure that the young wife deserved every smack. Her mother who is listening in to the action seemed to think so as well.

A Genuine Kenyan Caning

A Kenyan policeman administers summary correction to a girl who was involved in street disturbances in April 2008. It is nice to see the old traditions being maintained in far flung parts of the former empire. We wish that the camera angle had been better, and the girl really should have been bent over for her lesson, but we can't have everything.

The photo comes from the quite massive archive over at, a veritable treasure trove of just about anything related to corporal punishment across the world.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Cinema Spankings: The Libertine


The Libertine was one of those rather silly Franco-Italian productions of the 1960s that was redeemed by Catherine Spaak, the girl on the receiving end of the spanking who is a real stunner, and the spanking itself which is played with great gusto.

Raven Red's Roasting

Rather a nicely thrashed pair of buttocks, I must admit. Sadly the thrashing was not administered by me, but the bottom I am familiar with up close and personal as it belongs to Raven Red.

The lady was complaining last night that her bottom was sore following a caning that was awarded to her for her failure to diet properly. Basically she cheats, weighs herself every Monday, sees that she has either not lost the required amount or has not lost any weight at all, and then starts complaining because correction is sure to follow the next day.

So the buttocks were bared, the cane whistled through the air to kiss Raven's rump as it reached the end of its journey, and Raven probably never stopped whimpering the whole time.

The point is that by summer there will be less of Raven Red than there is at the moment. And that, really, is what this is all about.

Two Cuban Sisters, Part Two

Once Maria had joined us we climbed aboard a contraption similar to the one that I had photographed that afternoon. I sat Elena on my knee and idly stroked her bottom whilst I waited for one of the girls to tell the bicitaxi driver where we were going.

The problem was that it quickly became apparent that she didn't have a destination in mind. She looked at Elena, who quickly found something interesting to look at on the other side of the street and then she turned to me with a look of utter helplessness in her eyes.

"Where shall we go?" she asked.

"Do I sound like a Cuban to you? I think I sound like someone from Mexico City who is here on holiday and doesn't have a clue where to go," I replied, trying to choke back my laughter. It still seemed funny at that point as I assumed that eventually one of the girls would think of something.

One of them did and we went off on a wild goose chase to a flat that a friend lived in, but he had gone out for the evening. The bicitaxi fellow said that he had a cousin who might help so we set off in the direction of God knew where, but the cousin was entertaining a lady and needed the bed for himself and her.

Finally the girls came up with a third address and this time the occupant, who was yet another cousin, was not only at home, but he was alone and more than happy to take some money off me to vacate his property for an hour or two. If this sounds incredible then we are talking about Latin-America here and the whole region works on mores of its own, but Cuba adds an extra layer of incredibleness to the pot. Basically, people will quite happily hand over their whole flat to a working girl with whom they have an arrangement. She enters with her client and the family go and sit outside for the duration of the bout.

So we went into the flat, still with only my torch to give us any light. One of the girls spied a candle in a saucer and that was lit to illuminate out way to the bedroom. Once there we went through the giggly performance of stripping the two sisters down to their luscious flesh, then they pulled off my clothing and we all climbed into bed.

"Where are your condoms?" asked Maria.

Don't have any"," I replied, taking a bouncer in each hand and sticking my head between them. I just love doing that to big, melon like tits and then going "brrrrr."

"Wait," announced Maria. "I'll go and get some."

"No you bloody well won't," I told her. "This hard-on doesn't need a coat"

Instead of taking hold of the proffered member like a good little girl should, Maria scampered out of bed, threw her clothes on and was trotting off in the direction of the door before I fully realised what was happening. I turned to Elena with a shrug, but she was throwing clothes on and then she charged after her sister leaving me and my blue-veiner alone in a strange flat. Feeling somewhat put out I settled down to wait their return, and decided at the moment that two little girls' bottoms were going to tingle at the very least.

I doubt if I had been alone for more than a minute when I heard a commotion just outside the front door. I could hear what sounded like Maria's voice protesting about something or other so I pulled my clothes on and went to investigate. I saw a gaggle of policemen pushing Elena into a car, Maria being told to take her hook or they would nick her as well, and then a cop turned to look at me and I just knew that it was going to be one of those nights.

To be continued.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

TV Spankings: The Tomorrow People

I remember watching this episode of the children's series back in the mid-1960s. That's right, it was made for kids and was broadcast at about 5.00pm once a week. Quite what the girl had done to go over the hero's knee has long since faded from memory, but I distinctly remember the three firm smacks that she received across her tightly clad buttocks.

Two Cuban Sisters, Part One

Cuba may be a long way from the United Kingdom, but Havana is a short hop of just over an hour from Mexico City and quite a few Mexicans nip over there for weekends. I was last there in 2005 which was when I not only had the pleasure of smacking two Cuban girls' bottoms, but I also discovered the sheer delight that mixing the lecture in with the spanking brings. Well, brings to me, I really can't say what the girls feel since I haven't actually asked any of them. Best not to, really, since they would probably moan vociferously and have to be spanked all over again  for their sauce.

Havana had suffered hurricane damage shortly before I arrived and although she looked as lovely as ever, power blackouts were still the order of the day and night as the power grid was slowly repaired. I was staying at the hotel Nacional de Cuba and even that was running on backup power so I decided one evening after dark that a walk along the promenade was called for, and I left the hotel, walked down a an incredibly steep, but thankfully short, street called la Rampa and crossed the main road to the promenade. 

Havana is blessed with lots of places to sit and I chose stone bench shaped like a horseshoe to sit down and have a cigarette. The back of the bench was about five feet high, obviously to shade the  area during  the day, but at night in a city without power it created a very private spot indeed.  The sky was moonless that night and literally the only light was provided by my pocket torch. Having lit my cigarette I switched the torch off to save the battery and that was when my night's adventure began.

"Switch the light back on," cried a female voice from somewhere in front of me. She spoke with the accent of Cuba so was obviously not a tourist, and curious to see who was sharing the seats with me I flicked on my light.

Sitting about ten feet away on the other side of the horseshoe were two girls, both in their late teens or early twenties and both wearing thin cotton skirts and the usual garish T-shirts that all Latin-Americans seem to love so much.

"Want to join me?" I asked, waving the pair of them over. Both girls promptly scampered across to sit on either side of me.

"My name's Maria," said the slightly taller of the two who was sitting on my right. I liked the way my torch shone its light through her long black hair and made it seem translucent. I was also impressed by the way her heavy breasts moved of their own accord under her Dallas Cowboys shirt. Cuban women are noted throughout the region for their love of the bra-less look.

"I am Elena," chirped the voice to my left. Her twin girls were just as large as the pair carried by Maria, and equally free to roam beneath a T-shirt that advertised Joe's Body Shop in Ontario.

"Sisters?" I asked after inspecting both of them with the light.

"Yes," Elena sang, in her quite delicious voice.

"How old are you both?"

"I'm twenty," Maria replied for the two of them, "and Elena is eighteen."

"How nice... And what are you plans for the evening?"

"We don't have any," replied Maria. "Where are you taking us?"

The nice thing about speaking the local language is that you don't have to spend an arm and a leg in the tourist traps, so at my urging the girls took me to a quite bar where we could sit and talk. Very well, quiet is relative because no Latin bar can be truly quiet and the place was actually quite raucous, but at least they didn't want to charge me in dollars for the local firewater that they served.

Both girls were students: Maria was about to enter the third year of her four year degree course at the University of Havana, and Elena was eagerly anticipating her entry to the university having just left school. The girls lived with their mother on the other side of town and the conversation ran far and wide as two bright eyed and seriously sexy girls giggled and flirted the evening away.

I danced with Elena who wrapped her arms around me and wanted to know if I liked her enough to go somewhere with her? Then Maria nibbled my ear and wondered the same thing. I put both girls minds at rest by telling them that I quite fancied the pair of 'em and where could we go so they could ride the cock horse?

The two girls looked at each other and proceeded to giggle some more. Then Maria told me that maybe it would be better another night because they had to get up early the next day to go shopping as they wanted to go and buy shoes, and would I like to take them, and...

I put a stop to this nonsense by offering them cold hard cash there and then. Frankly the thought of being dragged around the shops by one female is bad enough, but any man who agrees to go shopping with two is insane. I still think that I got the better of the deal.

As we left the bar little did any of us know that before the night was out both girls would be nursing very sore bottoms indeed, but that was in the future. Standing outside the bar with Elena on my arm as we waited for Maria to join us everything seemed wonderful.

To be continued.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Who said that the age of romance was dead?

That said, these are rather amusing cards to send.

Happy Valentine's Day!

A new look to an old uncle's blog

Do you like the new look? If so then you had better thank Raven Red who spent three hours with me last night tweaking the new template into shape. Like most men I can't tell my colours apart, but she has a fine eye for such details and helped me to turn the rough and ready template that we downloaded into something rather nice.

More work needs to be done over the next few days to get all my old links up and running again, but in the meantime, what do you think of the changes?

Friday, 11 February 2011

Like mother like daughter, part four

I suppose at this point you are expecting to be told that I dragged both women to the bed and rogered the pair of 'em so rigid that they couldn't walk properly afterwards. Sorry, folks, but it is not my style to drag anyone anywhere. Lupita was going to do as she was told because all her options had been closed off. As for Moll, well, I was prepared to wait and see what happened with her. Anyway, I left Lupita blubbering, took off my clothes, climbed into bed and lit a cigarette.

"Are you planning to cry all day, because this cock needs attention?" I remarked as I ground the remains of my cigarette out on an ashtray. To show that I was serious I threw back the bed covers so that Lupita could see my blue veiner, which though I say it myself was in a fine cervix tickling form that afternoon. The two women exchanged a few words and then Moll came over and sat on the bed next to me, leaving my good self thinking that Christmas had arrived early that year. Alas I was soon to be disappointed.

"I am leaving," said Moll, with a smile that my feverish imagination decided was wistful. "Enjoy yourselves."

As the door closed behind her I saw that Lupita had ceased her theatrics and was undressing herself. She had a look of determination on her face as she climbed into bed and without so much as a by your leave took my throbbing hardness in her hand.

"Now then," she said, very quietly and without once batting an eyelid. "I am going to show you what a Durango whore can do."

So she was from Durango, was she? I could tell from the accent that she was a northerner, and Durango is an arid lump of desert that is good only for cacti, thieves and tarts. Durango made sense as her home state.

Give Lupita credit she did show me what a Durango whore could do, and what she did she did incredibly well. I had tried to sit up as she climbed into bed but she pushed me onto my back and then straddled me as if I was a stallion that she was about to ride. Which I suppose in a way I was...

"I hate those things," I told her as I spied the condom that she had seemingly conjured up from nowhere. "It's like having a bath with my socks on."

Lupita didn't say anything, she just bit her lower lip and started to fondle a breast with one hand. Then she started to thrust her pelvis backwards and forwards, groaning softly all the while as she did it. Once she had my undivided attention, which didn't take long let's be honest, she bent forward to take my hardness in her mouth - and before I knew what was happening the condom had been fitted nice and snugly over my cock! That's right, she had somehow placed it in her own mouth and then fitted it over me as she deep throated my cock. Only Lupita and another Mexican trollop named Marina, about whom more will be said another day, have ever done that trick on me and it is still the only way that I will allow young Nick to go out with an overcoat on.

Having got me kitted out, Lupita then climbed aboard and immediately took my sword all the way up to its hilt. In spite of her 40 years she was still tight inside, and I slid into her warm wetness with ease. She used her muscles to hold me once I was inside her and placed her hands on my shoulders to hold me down. I tried to push backwards against the mattress so that I could get some room to allow my cock to drive into her again, but as I pulled back she pushed down so remained embedded in her, unable to move. To be honest the tables had been well and truly turned.

"What's the matter, güero?" she asked, using the Mexican word for a white man.

I laughed and tried to use my strength to push her back, but she had ridden many a man before me and knew how to use her position to overcome my superior strength. Whether I liked it or not, Lupita was in control.

She lifted herself up slightly so that only the tip of my cock was inside her lips. Every time I tried to push further in she pulled away, slowly grinding herself in circles to keep my cock hard but not allowing me to shaft her properly. I felt the frustration build up inside me and so did Lupita as she began to let me push inside her a little more, but maddeningly not enough to really give her the fucking that I wanted to give. She had a grin on her face because she knew exactly the effect that she was having on me as she built up the pressure in my balls until they began to feel dull and heavy, aching for their release.

I somehow managed to push her hands away from my body and then I could put my hands underneath her and lisft her body away from mine. I literally lifted her off me and for a few seconds held her up and over me before I dumped her to one side. Then I put Lupita on her back and climbed aboard her for the final ride home.

"So you are a man, after all, are you" she mocked. "Finally figured out how to fuck a woman... Yes, yes, give it to me, harder, harder than that. Make me scream, güero, make me scream."

So I did. I drove into as hard and fast as I could, and every time I pushed my cock into her slick wetness she clenched her muscles so that I had to drive past them and that excited me still further. I felt my balls filling, getting ready to empty, and that, of course, was exactly what this expert whore wanted.

"I am coming! I am coming!" I cried out as I felt my release happening.

Within seconds of our bout ending Lupita had climbed out of bed, and within five minutes she was showered and dressed, all ready to leave.

"You will keep your promise," she said. It was a statement, not a question.

I nodded and gave my word that I would. I did too, and Pedro got his loan I'm pleased to say.

"Why were you such a prime bitch earlier?" I asked her.

"I thought all that was behind me," she said with a shrug.

"El que no transa no avanza," I reminded her. In Spanish the words rhyme perfectly and mean that if you don't hustle you don't get anywhere. Only a fool is honest, and Mexicans may be many things but stupid they are not.

Lupita nodded at the truism and picked up her bag.

"Call me if you fancy a repeat performance," I said to her back as she walked to the door. She didn't answer, she just raised her arm in a farewell salute and without looking back at me once, opened the door, walked through it and closed it behind her.

I never saw her again.
I suppose that you are wondering about Molly aren't you? Well, a couple of months later she got in touch, seeking out a favour. She was at a university where I had connections and had managed to fail  some of her exams that semester. Luckily I knew one of her tutors and it was a simple matter to call him  and sort matters out in the traditional back-scratching way. He was only too pleased to help since it put me in his debt and you never know when a friend might come in handy, do you?

Molly and I met on afternoon in the same hotel that I had used with her mother and I am pleased to report that Moll performed with all the enthusiasm  for the cock that he mother had so singularly lacked. That said, she didn't have one ounce of her mother's expertise at milking a bull pretty much to order: still she was a good rattle for all that.

We saw each other from time to time, usually when Molly needed something, and give her credit she never  once tried to cheat me out of my payment. 

You are wondering why I am not giving you a full report, I can tell. That's because I never spanked her - not once. I remmeber one day asking her why she was such a good girl? Her reply had me in fits of laughter:

"My mother couldn't sit down for days after you had spanked her!"

So I never got to spank Molly, but it is nice that my strictures to a mother had been so well taken on board by her daughter.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

How to teach women to drive

The chance to spank a woman driver is not something that many men would pass up, but having one of the little darlings bent over the car's bonnet for six of the best  with a good flexible cane is probably every man's dream.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A Vintage French Spanking

From France in the early 1930s if the dresses are anything to go by comes this amusing little oddity. The smacking are not very hard and at least one of the schoolgirls appears to have a goodly dose of cellulite on her bottom and thighs, but remember that this is what turned 'em  on back in the day.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Like mother like daughter, part three

With Lupita's face still pressed against the wall I glanced quickly around to take the room in view. Moll was still standing to one side, her mouth open and eyes as wary as a cat's, but my judgement was that provided I didn't decide to actually kill her mother then she would remain on the sidelines. I grinned at her and gave her a wink.

"Don't worry," I said in English. "Your mother will find it difficult to sit down for a day or so, but that's all."

Molly's body relaxed and she stepped back a couple of paces to lean on a sideboard that ran along one wall of the room. Looking to my left and away from her I saw a rather nice, high-backed chair with two arms that curved down to join the front legs but which had about 18 inches of space between them and the chair's cushion. I decided that the chair would do nicely, and holding Lupita with one hand I began to release my belt from its trouser loops with the other. Then I held it up in front of Lupita's face so that she would know exactly what was about to happen to her, and her eyes widened as the realisation of her predicament dawned on her.

"Now you listen to me very, very carefully," I told her, annunciating every word and speaking in a soft but determined tone. "I am going to put this belt across your arse and you are going to learn your place.  It's either that, or I phone Pedro and tell him that you are not performing like a good little whore should. If I do that," I went on remorselessly, "then a sore backside is going to be the least of your worries, isn't it?"

Lupita sagged against me. She didn't say anything and  kept her head down, obviously so I couldn't read her face, but I was willing to bet that it had a look of utter resignation on it. I knew that I didn't need to hold her arms anymore and as I let them go she folded them across her ample breasts.

Throwing the belt over my shoulder I simply took Lupita by the arm and marched her to the chair that I planned to bend her over. To say that she skipped merrily to her punishment would be a lie, but she didn't put up the struggle that I expected a wild cat like that to do. She resisted by forcing me to half drag her along, but she walked and did not need to be carried. Her teeth were clenched and she kept glancing at the ceiling as if appealing to whatever god she worshipped to rescue her from what was to follow.

As we got to within a pace of the chair I pushed Lupita forwards, using my right foot to trip her up, so that she fell towards the arm of the chair. I grabbed her under the waist with one hand and held onto her neck with the other. Then I pushed her down so that her face brushed the cushion and I could manipulate her body so that her head and shoulders were under the far arm, her stomach resting on the near one, her rounded buttocks straining against the material of her dress.

"Please," she said, quietly. "Please, I will do whatever you want. You're right about me, I do know how to please a man. Let me up and I'll show you."

She tried to reach behind her, obviously aiming to take my balls in her hand, but my mood was far from charitable that day.

"Listen, darling," I told her. "I know that you will please me after I have given you a taste of my belt. I absolutely guarantee that you will perform to my entire satisfaction. And if you don't, then you can feel its kiss again - understand?"

Without waiting for a reply I lifted Lupita's dress and left it resting against the small of her back. She was wearing tights - a hideous garment cursed by God I am sure - and I didn't waste a second in pulling the nylon down to the owner's knees. Lupita's bottom was now only protected by thin pink cotton panties. I paused for a moment to admire the view as I had to admit that for a forty year old Mexican, Lupita didn't look all that bad, but duty called as it always does and I peeled the final layer of protection down and left them hanging pathetically just above the tights.

She began to move, not violently, but she did wiggle her hips to try and keep her buttocks in motion, obviously thinking that a moving target would be harder to hit. Stupid woman - all it did was make her look more desirable and leave me wondering how she would move when the belt had really livened her up?

"Right, madam," I told her. You're going to get twelve, it's going to hurt, and you're going to wish that you had not raised your hand to me long before it's over." Crack! I brought the folded black leather down across her helpless, upturned buttocks.

I looked at Molly and saw that she had an unlit cigarette in her mouth and was fishing in her bag for her lighter. No problems were going to come from that quarter I realised. Crack! I whacked the belt down a second time on Lupita's bottom.

Her gyrations had become quite intense, but she had not uttered a sound up to that moment. I wondered how long her stoicism would last when the leather really began to bite? Crack! Bite it did for the third time, and with all the strength of my arm behind it.

That was enough for Lupita. She turned to look at me as best she could given her position with her head trapped under the arm of a chair, and I saw the liquid glow of tears forming in her eyes. Crack! Went the belt across her buttocks once again. Crack! I let fly with another stinger, and Luipta tried to raise her head, failed and let out a long low moan.

"Please, have pity," she said. Crack! The pity was all used up that day, as I stepped back to admire my handiwork with the chastisement half way to its completion. Lupita's buttocks were now a bright red, with an admittedly brighter glow on the right cheek. I moved around to the other side so that I could even up the colouration with the remaining strokes. That brought Molly straight into my line of sight and I was pleased to see that she was watching the proceedings intently, mouth open slightly, her cigarette burning away unnoticed between her fingers. I cocked an eyebrow in her direction and was rewarded with a smile..

Crack! The belt came down a seventh time and Lupita broke down in tears with the sheer emotion of it all. You really would have needed a heart of stone not to laugh., but luckily I have one and I brought the belt down through a great swishing arc to crash against the bright red buttocks that lay at the end of the journey. Crack!

Crack! Crack! Crack! I laid on three in quick succession, as Lupita began to howl and kick her legs in a futile attempt to avoid the retribution that was not over yet.

Crack! The penultimate stroke hit home, but Lupita was too far gone to care that she only had one more cut to endure. She was now close to hysteria and sobbed with great gulping gasps as she fought to take air into her lungs.

I paused for a moment, long enough for Lupita to think that her punishment was over. Nobody said a word and the only sound in the room was the wretched woman's sobs.

"One more to go," I told her.


Crack! The belt hit its target for the twelth and final time. Molly let go of her mother's hands and I took a step back to admire my handiwork. Lupita's buttocks were a fiery red and I was pleased to see that both buttocks were now of a similar colour. I doubted that Lupita would thank me for my efforts, in fact I doubted that she was going to be in a postion to do anything for quite some time as her sobs had a touch of hysteria about them.

Which was a pity as the fucking was about to commence...

To be continued.
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