Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hello Sally's Bottoms

Fuck or fuck off: that has always been my first rule when dealing with women. I have never forced any woman to do anything that she didn't want to do, but on the other hand if any little darling wants something from me then she pays for it first, usually on her back, but occasionally on her knees or doggie style, depending upon my mood. God bless the little darlings, but they either fuck or they get told to fuck off and that is just the way life is in Nick Urzdown's world.

The other day a little Facebook darling called Sally Phillips contacted me wanting to be my friend, indeed she claimed that she wanted me to be her mentor. Being my usual cynical self I used this little toy to check out her photos and found that some had been nicked from a Russian site. I looked at her blog and realised quickly that we are both in the trade - she is trying to earn a buttie with her site - so I wrote back and said that if she wanted my help then an end to the chicanery was a prerequisite. I also gave her a link to the archive site that I keep as an awful warning to slappers everywhere not to even think about trying it on with me. Not that Sally is a slapper - perish the thought...  Anyway, the lady has agreed to play fair and I am happy to give her a helping hand.

If she wants anything more than that then obviously rule one will apply, but as things stand I am happy to play the role of avuncular uncle so long as Sally stays a good girl. If she ever becomes a bad one then that might just have to change...

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Another Caning For Raven Red

Raven Red is on her way back to South Africa, her flight having left Heathrow on its twelve hour journey at 8.00pm yesterday. Heaven knows how she is sitting down at the time of writing given the caning that I gave her on Friday afternoon, but that is not my problem. It was my pleasure to administer the correction, but the problem is all Raven's.

The agreement that we had prior to her arrival in this country was that she would reduce her weight to 15 stones or 105 kilos. That she failed to do and she tipped the scales at 123 kilos, and thus received one stroke for every kilo over her agreed weight. The 18 strokes were laid on at about 3.00pm and the photo was taken an hour or so later.

Madam hopes to reach her final weight of 11 stones or 80 kilos by the middle of 2011. Hopefully she will be back in the UK by that time and she is aware that the cane awaits any backsliding.

Monday, 22 November 2010

The Take Three Girls Spanking

Although I say it myself, I was a handsome devil back in 1996, wasn't I? The spanking that I administered back then wasn't my greatest, but I was on video and the aim was to keep it going as long as possible. Joanne, the young actress on the receiving end, was clearly going orgasmic as my hand cracked down across her rump and that was another reason not to rush things. I have to be honest and say that when I am spanking a genuinely naughty girl then the intention is always to smack hard and fast so as to teach madam her lesson, but when it is a spot of video work I always aim to please the viewer, and I think that I did that back in 1996. Joanne wasn't complaining, either!

The clip comes from Moonglow, the new spanking magazine that is currently on sale at just £10.00, post paid. Click this link and take a look at what is on offer inside the full issue.

Friday, 19 November 2010

La Fessée Part Seven

In this quite marvellously daft final clip everyone gets spanked by everyone else. First the master spanker deals with a traffic warden, then he is spanked in his turn by a rather elegant women. The film ends with every girl who has appeared in it being spanked by all the male characters before sucking and fucking every one of them. What an ending - what a film!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Raven's first spanking

Actually if you want to be pedantic, yesterday's spanking was not her first since I did have the lady across my knee a couple of weeks ago, but that affair was little more than a tickle, with yesterday's event being very much the real thing.

I suppose that I had a reason to spank her, but let's be honest it was just an excuse. Raven has been with me for three weeks and during most of that time I was ill with a nasty chest infection and then she came down with a cold so neither of us were in any mood for anything other than curing our respective illnesses. My strength is now returning and Raven's nasty cough is under control, so yesterday seemed like a good day to underline the respective male and female roles in this relationship.

We were in the bedroom and Raven probably had an idea of what was about to happen, certainly her shoulders sagged slightly as I began telling her why she was shortly to pay a trip across my knee. She made a rather feeble attempt at justification, but I told her in my best peremptory  manner that I wasn't interested in female prattle and then I pulled her across my knee, thus short circuiting any further tedious delaying tactics.

It was the work of a moment to haul up her skirt and then Raven's black satin panties came down in no time at all. I am not a great believer in delaying matters so once those preliminaries had been accomplished I proceeded to administer the spanking, alternating one cheek with the other, and bringing my hand down in a great arc from high above  my head to smack it with full velocity across Raven's upturned rump.

The nice thing about a good hand spanking is that it is pretty hard to overdue things since the aching in the arm and the tingling of the palm usually provides sufficient notice that the correction has been suitably administered. That said, I have been left with a rather badly bruised little finger, so perhaps I did allow my enthusiasm to get the better of me on this occasion. Raven received a good one hundred smacks, all laid on with the full weight of my arm behind each one, and was left visibly shaking when I allowed her to rise.

Since then madam has been rather subdued, and we shall see how she behaves over the course of the next few days before a final decision as to the full efficacy of yesterday's event can be made. However my gut feeling is that Raven is going to be very careful around me for the rest of this week at least.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Moonglow magazine is here!

Here she is folks - the first issue of Moonglow, the next generation spanking magazine. As editor what I have tried to do is combine the best of the old printed magazines with today's technology to bring you the future of our kink today.

Moonglow fits on a DVD disk, but it is burned using CD-Rom technology. You open it on any computer and as with all magazines you will see an index page.Just click on any link to go to the section that you want - an electronic way of flicking through a magazine.

The content will please even the most jaded spanking palate. I have included a reprint of the first ever edition of Blushes from the 1980s in PDF format so you can print it up if you want. Enough video to keep even the most demanding customer happy - would you believe over two hours of high quality spanking video? I have even included a blast from the real life spanking past with a report of the Darren Nesbitt and Ann Aubrey case from 1972, complete with reprints of all the newspaper coverage of the day.

All that and more for just £10.00 or $15.00 if you live in the USA. Just click this link to order your copy post free right now!

La Fessée Part Six

Our hero receives a telegram summoning him back to the village of his birth. He finds a wake in progress and a very merry widow who turns out to be none other than Elizabeth, the girl that he had spanked all those years ago when he was but a youth. Obviously he feels the urge to take her across his knee again before knobbing her firmly for old time's sake.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Brazilian spanking

You have to love Latin types - the way that they scream at one another just confirms every belief we ever had about these inbreds. Here a Brazilian mother demonstrates the finer points of hysteria before taking a belt to her recalcitrant daughter. If anyone wants a translation then they can forget it as far as I am concerned. I speak Spanish, and Portuguese is basically a dialect, but it sounds a bit like the unintelligible Spanish that  a  lobotomised retard might speak.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Office spanking

Cathelco in Chesterfield sounds like my kind of company. Pete Smith the sales manager likes to watch porn on his computer, sit pretty girls on his knee and chase them around the office before adminstering a good over the knee spanking as he did to a certain Laura Holland.

Angelina Ashby did not find it all that amusing and has taken the company to an industrial tribunal claiming constructive dismissal. Aside from moaning about Pete, she also claims that other members of staff teased her for being fat, but it is the fate of Laura that interests me the most.

Alas we do not have any more information and won't until next year as one of the tribunal members knew a witness so the whole matter will have to be redone next year.

Monday, 8 November 2010

The Gym Lesson

Back in the mid 1970s Janus had the bright idea of producing a series of 8mm spanking films for the home market. Unfortunately they lacked a cinematographer, so went and paid a visit to the only one in town who just might agree to produce and direct the films for them, a certain George Harrison Marks.

Harrison Marks had no interest whatsoever in spanking - his bag was girl on girl as you will see when you watch the film, but he did understand film making and produced a workmanlike series of films for Janus which the magazine proceeded to sell at about £50 a throw.

If you are wondering what happened to the sound, relax, because these are silent movies, people!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

La Fessée Part Five

The master spanker has been hired to deal with a sullen teenage girl by her weary father. The girl tries to escape but our hero catches her, bares her, and then teaches her proper comportment by hand and cock. The clip ends with a rather amusing fantasy sequence.

Friday, 5 November 2010

On caning Raven Red

I caned Raven Red yesterday - twelve good strokes, each one well laid on, that left her whimpering. If you want a full account of the event then la Red has one already posted, so please read her memories of the event. What I want to talk about is the cane, or rather my dislike of it.

There is something impersonal about a caning that is at the very root of my distaste for the implement. Putting a woman across my knee, holding her in position and raising her skirt before peeling down her panties is not just a preparation for the discipline to come, it is also an intimate delight in itself. Indeed the whole act of administering a spanking is intimate, especially the way in which a wriggling female rubs herself unconsciously against her chastiser's hardening cock.

So why did I cane Raven? Basically because I was angry at an event that almost got her killed back in her native South Africa. I had told her at the time that a dozen with the cane was waiting for her, so yesterday was really about nothing more than administering that which had been previously awarded.

The world is a really nice place with Raven in it. Let's hope that she stays around for many decades to come and does not allow her seeming death wish to ever get the better of her again. In the meantime she can carry on moaning for the next few days, in her curious mixture of English and Afrikaans, about the state of her very well thrashed bottom from now until the cows come home as far as I am concerned.

My liberalism knows no bounds.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The silliness of "sir"

Some short while ago I was chatting on-line to an American girl who kept on calling me "sir." I find such affectations rather amusing, but have always wondered why some people insist on the use of such terminology? I mean if a girl is sobbing quietly, rubbing her red bottom, and with her knickers still at knee height, then surely such gestures are redundant? Especially if the girl's voice then changes to become more liquid and gentle, if she becomes more tactile in her gestures, and starts to seek approval and permission before she acts. A woman who does that can call me whatever she likes as far as I am concerned because both of us know who wears the trousers and that it isn't her.

I think that the problem with the you will  call me sir brigade is that they seem to be working from a script - they are like actors in other words. They seem to think that if they stick to the script then so will everyone else, especially the girl. However, what if she can't contain her giggles at the thought of hackneyed and stilted dialogue? Is there a Plan B or do you just start to shout at her in the hope of breaking her down? This does not strike me as a good way to get a girl's respect and without that you are doomed, anyway.

So lose the scripts, guys, is my advice.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

La Fessée Part Four

Our hero arrives at an office to attend to the owner. She is spanked soundly and then bent over her own desk for a taste of the master spanker's cock. The secretary walks in and joins the fun making a perfect clip for all you lovers of girl on girl action. This rather leads us to ask  the obvious question - why are real-life lesbians always so fucking ugly compared to the ones we see on screen?
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