Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hello Sally's Bottoms

Fuck or fuck off: that has always been my first rule when dealing with women. I have never forced any woman to do anything that she didn't want to do, but on the other hand if any little darling wants something from me then she pays for it first, usually on her back, but occasionally on her knees or doggie style, depending upon my mood. God bless the little darlings, but they either fuck or they get told to fuck off and that is just the way life is in Nick Urzdown's world.

The other day a little Facebook darling called Sally Phillips contacted me wanting to be my friend, indeed she claimed that she wanted me to be her mentor. Being my usual cynical self I used this little toy to check out her photos and found that some had been nicked from a Russian site. I looked at her blog and realised quickly that we are both in the trade - she is trying to earn a buttie with her site - so I wrote back and said that if she wanted my help then an end to the chicanery was a prerequisite. I also gave her a link to the archive site that I keep as an awful warning to slappers everywhere not to even think about trying it on with me. Not that Sally is a slapper - perish the thought...  Anyway, the lady has agreed to play fair and I am happy to give her a helping hand.

If she wants anything more than that then obviously rule one will apply, but as things stand I am happy to play the role of avuncular uncle so long as Sally stays a good girl. If she ever becomes a bad one then that might just have to change...

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