Thursday, 30 September 2010

Anyone recognise this Italian cinema spanking scene?

Does anybody know anything about this film? The brief mass spanking is obviously being played for laughs but the idea does have potential - so who can tell us why the women were causing such trouble which led to their being spanked?

Monday, 27 September 2010

Introducing Moonglow Magazine

Moonglow is well known for its spanking videos and soon the name will be on every spanking aficionado's lips when the magazine of that name is published. I can tell you now that it is going to be great, and it will take the world of CP by storm. How do I know? I'm the  Moonglow editor, that's how I know.

What type of magazine is it? Well, first of all it will be on disk. Load the disk into your computer and the Moonglow index page will open to give you the main page. Click on a link to go to the section that you want and when you are finished with that click on the sidebar links to continue navigating. Lots of pages will load in PDF format so that you can print them up. Video will be in high quality WMV format.

What can you expect? All the goodies that you remember from the printed magazines plus some extra treats that only modern technology can provide. In issue one we will report on a real-life spanking case. My report will include scans of newspaper reports of the case which you can either read on-line or print up. There will be an interview with a spanking actress and some clips of her work, plus an audio interview with a member of the public who will recount her first ever spanking.

The video is going to be first rate. We have a spanking classics section with a full CP video from the very early 1980s. However, Moonglow will also have an hour of  new spanking video just for your delight. Trust me when I say that this magazine is what the spanking fans have been waiting far too long for.

How much will it cost? Would you believe £10.00 if purchased directly from us? That's right, two hours of spanking video, plus any number of features, and all for a tenner:

You lucky punters!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Can spanking ever be considered art?

This short video purports to show spanking as art. Whether it succeeds or not is up to you to decide. I think that the work is arty, but not necessarily art. That is to say it is clever, but it is not fulfilling the basic criteria of any work of art which is to say something to the viewer. "Look at me and see how clever I am," just doesn't cut it for me.

That said the idea is interesting and I found it fascinating that 15% of the women that the artist approached agreed to have their bottoms smacked on camera. Perhaps there is a lesson there for spanking men? Grab a camera and tell the little darling that it is all in the name of art.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A spanking for Dorothy

I didn't go out with Dorothy for very long in the early 1980s. I was waiting to go up to Oxford as a mature student and she was a primary school teacher who had just been offered a new job in another part of the country. We enjoyed each others company, but we both knew that our time together was going to end sooner rather than later.

Dorothy was in her very late 20s in the early spring of 1983. We were sitting in her house watching television one evening when she became playful, but in an irritating sort of way. Quite how things got out of control has long since faded from memory, but I can remember that she started to throw cushions at me, and then held one up in front of my face to obscure my view of the TV set.

I told her to behave, but she took no notice, so I repeated the instruction with a threat to spank her if she didn't do as she was told. As I said that I began to eye her up to see how any correction would have to be administered. She was a small girl, only about five feet tall and wore a dress size ten, so there was unlikely to be much of a battle royal getting her over my knee. The black trousers could have presented a problem but I knew from past experience that they fastened with a simple button and zip combination, so it was really just going to be about standing her up, baring her bottom and putting her in position. I sat back and waited to see if Dorothy would do as she had been bidden, and was not in the least bit surprised to see that she carried on giggling, throwing cushions and generally behaving like a pain.

There was really only one thing to do, wasn't there? I stood up and hauled Dorothy to her feet. Ignoring her protests I undid the button on her trousers and unzipped them. Quickly I spun the wretched girl around so that her back was towards me and I yanked both trousers and panties don to her knees. Spinning her around again I sat down and pulled her across my left knee. My right leg was cocked over both her thighs and her wrists folded into the small of her back. It was the work of less than a minute to get her fully prepared for the spanking that was then about to be delivered.

I did not administer a very sound correction, contenting myself instead with twelve or so firm smacks, given first on one cheek and then the other. Dorothy gasped and whimpered as each one landed with its tell-tale crack across her twitching bottom, but other than that she was lay quietly until I brought the spanking to a close and sat her up on my knee.

She sat there quietly with her head resting on my shoulder. She tried to pull up her knickers and trousers but a firm smack put paid to such silly notions. I unzipped my own trousers and took out my cock and placed it in her hand. She stroked it until it became fully hard and then I slid her off my lap and onto her knees. Taking hold of her firmly behind the neck I guided her mouth over the head of my cock.

There was silence in the room that was only broken by my moans of pleasure. Eventually I lifted Dorothy up and placed her face down over the arm of a sofa, her red buttocks on display as a mark of my achievement. Guiding my throbbing cock into her I drove it deep into her body as far as the hilt. I then fucked her with those slow methodical fuck strokes that I do so enjoy delivering. Increasing the speed slowly but surely I eventually lost control and shot myself as deep inside her as I could.

Only then as we untangled ourselves did Dorothy start to speak, telling me quietly how sorry she was for her bad behaviour and promising to be good in future.

On that note we went to bed.

Monday, 20 September 2010

How to handle a woman

Every now and then men come along and tell me that they want to have a spanking relationship, but are seeking an appropriate girl. My reply is usually that I have always fancied being a serial axe murderer and I am just looking for the right kind of axe for my chopping needs. Put another way, if you want to be a mass murderer any old axe will do; and for a spanking man any female can be upended when her behaviour warrants it.

Then we get the men who have spent far too much time on the computer and agonise over whether they want to be in a head of household relationship or if they prefer one based on domestic discipline and its attendant rules. People, I only had the initials HoH and DD explained to me just the other day: that's how much interest I take in such nonsense.

The first time I disciplined a girl was when we were both 15 back in 1971. Since then I cannot remember a girlfriend who has not made at least one trip across my knee. For instance, if madam turned up late for a date - usually the second for some reason - then I would tell her that a repeat performance would earn her a spanking. Some women refused to accept that edict, and that was the end of that budding relationship. I am not going to be dictated to by anyone in a skirt as to how I shall or shall not behave, so by letting things end there and then I freed myself to go and far a more suitable replacement.

Is it just me, or is this not a better way to behave than playing silly buggers around the web? Just go out and find yourself a girlfriend, you men. Treat her properly, spend time and money on her, and then when she misbehaves put her across your knee and bring her back into line.

Friday, 17 September 2010

The value of humiliation

What happens when a recalcitrant female is put across a man's knee? Obviously her bottom starts to smart, but the whole ritual is only partly about the pain. Indeed, if pain was the only desired end result then a punch or kick would be quicker and easier to dish out. No, what happens with a well administered spanking is that the girl on the receiving end receives her punishment in her mind just as much as she does across her buttocks. In fact what goes on in her mind is actually far more important than what happens to her bottom.

Probably the nicest aspect of a well administered spanking is the way in which the girl's behaviour is modified for some time after the sting of the palm has left her bottom. The reason for that is the sense of mortification that the girl feels having been placed over her man's knee, felt her skirt turned back and her panties lowered, and having been simply unable to do anything to prevent any of that happening.

There is nothing like a spanking to achieve that result.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Tattooed women in the CP industry

The Americans won't buy British spanking videos that have them unless they are very small and very discrete. The British are more tolerant, but there is a basic dislike of the damned things. In case you are wondering I am talking about tattoos, the skin designs that today's models seem to love, but which everyone else hates.

Quite why they have become so fashionable over the past few years is anyone's guess, but finding a model who doesn't have at least one is next to impossible. So we have to hire them along with their tattoos or not make videos at all.

Is there a solution to this problem? If there is then I can't think of it. Can you?

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

On the spanking of nurses

Do nurses still get spanked in the hospital linen cupboards? Back in the late 1970s I went out with a nurse who worked at New Charring Cross hospital in London. One day it came to pass that she earned herself a spanking which I duly administered. Once it was over she rubbed her bottom in that rueful way that girls often have and commented that I was just as bad as the doctors.

A few questions later it emerged that nurses were often spanked by the doctors, usually in the linen cupboard. Why there I hear you ask? Probably because the room is large, a door can be closed and there is somewhere for the man to sit so that the girl can be put across his knee. The cupboard has an other advantage in that a nurse is often sent to fetch something from it so a doctor with discipline on his mind only has to keep an eye out and wait his chance.

This girl and I did not go out for long and although I took out many nurses over the years that followed I never thought to ask any of them to confirm the linen cupboard tale. I should have done, I know, but life was so exciting in those days that questions that today nag at me seemed unimportant back then.

So, do any of you know a nurse and are you willing to ask her if bottoms are still smacked in hospitals?

Monday, 6 September 2010

Do we like American spanking videos?

I have always had very mixed feelings about American spanking videos. Technically they are first rate, certainly better then their British counterparts, but there has always been something about the output that turns me off. I don't feel that way about other countries' CP videos, so it is not a case of national prejudice at work. I actually find the Russian videos rather more appealing that the British ones, and which British CP aficionado is not also a fan of the Czech Republic's output?

The problem with American output is that is seems, at least to me, to be too consensual. With other countries' videos we can at least pretend that the girls really are naughty and are receiving real punishments for their naughtiness. The American videos just seem to make it clear that the "victims" are enjoying themselves.

The video that I am presenting here is maybe the exception to that rule, but what do other people think? Is it just me, or are the American spankers basically all about consensual play?
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