Monday, 17 February 2014

The Life of William Longman, Spanking Man

William Longman was born in Cheshire, England, in 1910 and his long life came to an end in 2005. In between those two dates he worked at his uncle's textile mill after university in the 1930s, spending many years in South America as the firm's roving ambassador. During the Second World War  he commanded some of the anti-aircraft batteries that defended London from air attack, and after the war he was posted for a short period to Hamburg as part of the British occupation of that city. He spent the two decades up to the end of the 1960s as a senior manager in various enterprises, which saw his globe-trotting continue, first to West Africa in the 1950s, then to the southern part of the continent where he lived for some years in the 1960s. After his retirement in 1970, he amused himself by accepting short term contracts to visit his former stamping grounds in South America to sort out whatever problems had occurred, and which needed his language skills, knowledge of the local culture and a large stash of ever welcome American dollars. He was married and fathered a son and three daughters.

Why is the late William Longman important to us? Well, he was a good spanking man who believed that where women are concerned there are few problems that cannot be corrected with a good smacked bottom. Not only that, but for the last decade of his life, Longman corresponded with me regularly and I have quite an archive of his letters in my house. These documents set out in full his adventures, and I followed each letter up with a long telephone call to take further details from William, details that were hurriedly scribbled down as he spoke.

We both know that this would be published one day, which is why William asked me not to even mention this work until after his death. He also made me promise that I would hold off on publication until both his wife and son had died, something which has now happened. As for the daughters, they all married, changed their names and then moved to other areas, thus becoming other men's problems as William put it succinctly.

The unexpected death of William's son in 2013 means that I am now free to start publishing the Longman memoirs. My own poor health means that this will be a fairly long process that will probably drag on for two or three years to come.

I plan to break the correspondence down into the periods that have been outlined in the first paragraph above. Given that a lot of information was provided to me on the telephone, I am not going to publish the letters verbatim, rather what I shall do is use what skills I have to mix my notes and William's letters together to form a coherent narrative. William was a fine writer, but it was in the 'phone calls that his memory was jogged sufficiently to remember snippets of dialogue, and more details about what the girls undergoing correction were wearing at the time of their downfalls.

The first volume should see the light of day during the late summer of this year, and I hope that you will enjoy your time in the company of William Longman, spanking man.
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