Friday, 30 July 2010

Spanking Interviews: Emma, Part Two

Emma has returned to give us another spanking interview. This time she relates how she was first caned and then spanked for going out without her boyfriend's permission.

Ladies, the spanking interview is easy-peasy to do. Just drop me a line and we can have a preliminary chat. Then I will call you on the 'phone and we can record the interview. If you want to use a false name that's fine as well.

Come on, what are you waiting for?

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Free Spanking Video: Naval Discipline with Vida Garman

Here is a little gem for your delectation and delight: Vida Garman in Naval Discipline. The quality is just not good enough for my clip store so enjoy it as a freebie. The full video involves two other eminently forgettable girls, but whenever anyone thinks of Naval Discipline they think of the Vida Garman section. Lightly edited to remove the padding here it is.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Ann Proto in the Miscreant

Ann Proto was one of the gems of 1980s video spanking. More at home as a dom than a sub she starred in any number of videos that usually involved her flexing a cane across some girl's upturned rump. She was a particularly harsh mistress in The Miscreant, made in about 1984. Ann played a store manageress who chooses to deal with a shoplifter herself rather than hand the girl over to the police. If you enjoy girl on girl caning, then the Miscreant is one for you.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Spanking Interviews: Emma, Part One

Emma from Liverpool was 25 when she first went across a man's knee a decade ago. Listen as she recounts that experience exclusively to Uncle Nick's Spanking Interviews.

Have you got a story to tell of a spanking received or administered? Maybe you witnessed one once and the incident has always stuck in your mind? Get in touch with me and we can have a preliminary chat. Then I will call you and record the interview - it is as simple as that!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Spanking on Facebook

Facebook is a wonderful way to waste time, get involved with all sorts of fraudsters and charlatans, but also to come across the odd speck of gold dust. Take this photo as a case in point. Obviously the two girls are playing games, but it is an amusing scene and without Facebook it would probably never have seen the light of day.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Free Spanking Video: Room2D, Part Two

Here is the second and final part of Room 2D. The canings are sound, the girl cries, and the camera lingers on her distress. What more could you ask for?

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Free Spanking Video: Room2D, Part One

Room 2D is one of the very early Roué videos and was made in about 1982 or 83. The whole video only runs for twenty minutes and tonight I am presenting you with the first part. The quality is not great, which is why I am not running it at my clip store, but since it is a freebie you cannot complain.

Roué used ordinary girls in their videos which is probably why most of them only made one or two. Lucy Palmer, the girl in Room 2D, is an absolutely splendid example of the late-teens or early 20s delight and watching the video the viewer is jolted by the realisation that today she will be in her 50s. Still, she was young and fresh when this was made, and the fact that a younger generation always emerges to catch a man's fancy is something that women have had to put up with since time immemorial.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Spanking Cartoon: The Gambols 3

Here is the third and final Gambols cartoon that I have, this one dating from 1966.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Competition Time

Let's have a competition and the winner gets a free clip from my store.

There have been quite a few real family people involved in the trade over the years. A mother and daughter combination are active in Liverpool at the moment and a father - daughter team used to work together about 15 years ago. However, there has only ever been one whole family who were involved in the trade at the same time, can you name them?

The husband and wife worked together and used a variety of names so just give me the name of one of their videos. The daughter only ever used one professional name so please give it.

Off you go!

Update @ 10.45am: Brian Buttred over at my Facebook page has got half the answer. The husband and wife were the team who worked together in College Classics 5. Good work Brian, and a clip is yours for your speedy response. For the rest of you, just name the daughter and win another clip!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Spanking Models Wanted: Open Call

Ladies: have you got what it takes to be a Moonglow Maiden? You do not have to be a supermodel, because we are after the girl next door types. We pay top rates and may even be able to shoot in your own home.

Contact me in the first instance and try to enclose a photograph of yourself. Don't worry as a head and shoulders image is fine. I need to knew your age, height and dress size, please. If you live in the Midlands then the shoot will most likely be at the Moonglow Studio just outside Birmingham. If you are in in Northern England then we would probably come to your house.

What can you expect? A good, hard, over the knee bare bottomed spanking of about a hundred smacks. The type of spanking that you may have received from your father when you were younger or a husband or boyfriend more recently.

The fee is £50.00 payable immediately after the shoot and in cash.

Write to me, Nick, at:

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Spanking Cartoon: The Gambols 2

Here's another Gambols cartoon for your entertainment and delight. This one dates from 1964.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Sarah Silverman has been spanked

This Sarah Silverman clip dates back to February this year, so most Americans will probably have seen it. However, since your favourite uncle is British and since his blog caters to a British readership, that is as good a reason as any to post the clip here.

What that? What's the clip about? Oh, Sarah Silverman likes having her backside paddled from time to time, that's all.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Miss Sophie Fennington Today

This is the lovely Sophie Fennington, as photographed in 2008. Is it my imagination or is she as beautiful today as she was in the 1980s?

Sophie has a Facebook page - if you visit her, please be nice.

Double Punishment, Part Two

Here is the second and final part of Victoria's Double Punishment and I hope that you enjoy it.

Various people have asked me if I have sex with the women that I spank and the answer is yes, invariably I do. Obviously not when I am hired by a studio to make a spanking video, but at other times of course I enjoy the girl and exercise a droit de seigneur over her.

We are interested in spanking as pleasure, of course, but how I first came to it was by seeing it all around me as an aspect of domestic punishment that went on in many homes when I was growing up. The man of the house would spank his wife when her behaviour warranted it, and he would often then bend her over the arm of a chair for a good seeing to of quite another sort.

So this is about control, about maintaining that control, and about who wears the trousers in a relationship. The spanking is the first part - the sex is the second - and they are inherently connected.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Spanking Interviews: Helen

The latest Moonglow Maiden is Helen, a lovely 21 year old from Canterbury. She had limited experience of the trade before she heard about Moonglow, a situation that changed rapidly yesterday when she made her first video clips and did a one to one session to boot. You can believe me when I say that the owner of at least one backside in Canterbury will be sleeping on her stomach tonight.

The interview is followed by an exclusive clip showing Helen on the receiving end of her very first caning. I think that you will agree that she took it very well, but please gentlemen, try not to gloat at this young girl's humiliation as she was stripped of her dignity, her knickers, and her ability to sit down in comfort for a few days!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Uncle Nick joins Facebook

I have just set up my very own Facebook page. . . The only problem is that I cannot make head nor tail of Facebook. Blogging makes sense because blogging is the lineal descendent of writing a piece and then getting it printed and distributed. Quite how this social media is supposed to work is beyond me, but no doubt I will figure it out, given time.

In the meantime, please feel free to add me to whatever it is you add me to at Facebook.

Visiting some blogs 2

Getting started in the blogging game is easy: getting people to notice you is the difficult part. This blog ran for its first two weeks with about a dozen hits a day and I was getting seriously worried about reaching a wider readership. Three blogs came t0 my rescue, and i am going to dedicate today's blog round-up to them.

The first was Ludwig, the English-speaking owner of the Rohrstock Palast or Caning Place, if you prefer it in English. The blog runs in English and I wrote to Ludwig asking him to swap links with me. With commendable promptness, Ludwig had a look at my site, decided that he liked it and then put up a link from his place to mine. The hits started to increase.

Then Bonnie, the owner of My Bottom Smarts decided to lend a hand and without any prompting from me she linked to good old Uncle Nick. Verily the hits rolled in and we went from about 25 a day to roughly 800 on the day that Bonnie created her posting with the link to here in it.

Finally, Hermione, the Canadian authoress behind Hermione's Heart also ran a piece about this blog and from that moment on we went into orbit.

A German man, and two women, one American the other Canadian. . . What they have in common is simple: their blogs are well written mother-blogs that other people read to find out what is going on in this world of ours. For those of you who are thinking about creating a spanking blog, make sure that you read those three first to find out how it is done - and then ask them nicely to link to you!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Spanking clip round-up - and an apology

I have been so busy with my new video clip store that I have neglected the blog. Your Uncle Nick apologises for that, but the chance to earn money out of something that I enjoy is too good to miss. Thanks to this new venture of mine that is exactly what I am doing, but it is still time-consuming.

It is now thirty years since the first spanking video was produced. Some bright spark is bound to come along and say that something or other came out in 1979, but if it did I never got to see it. 1980 was when video took over from 8mm film as far as I am concerned, so that is when I date things from.

I have been given access to an enormous archive of 1980s spanking videos and basically told to help myself. A lot of the videos that I have previewed are garbage - it really is amazing that we put up with such crap all those years ago, and at prices that leave me open mouthed in amazement. Janus were charging £50 for a half hour video in the early 80s and they couldn't turn out enough copies to meet the demand.

That said, there are some gems in there and slowly but surely I am sorting the wheat from the chaff. Each video is edited by me to remove all the superfluous chatter that was used in those days to pad out a video, and then I tidy up the image as best I can. With luck and a fair bit of work I can get the picture and sound quality back to what they were thirty years ago.

So come along with me and let's take a trip down Memory Lane, back to a time when schoolgirls were always naughty, as were secretaries, nurses, and everyone else who wore knickers - and that's why they had to have them taken down!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Double Punishment Stills

This backside has been kissed by the tawse as you saw yesterday when I uploaded the first part of the video Double Punishment. The 24 stills that I shot on the day have rarely been seen by the general public, so I hope that you enjoy them. Just click on this link to bring them up.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Double Punishment, Part One

Victoria looked nervous as I prepared this shoot, as well she might for she was about to receive the paddling of her young life. In part one of the video Double Punishment she was made to bend over for the paddle across her bare bottom; a paddling that left her whimpering and feeling like the naughty little girl that she was.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Thrashing a niece with the sjambok

Are you a fan of the sjambok? In case you don't know what it is, a sjambok is a South African whip, usually about 5 feet long, and made out of rhinoceros hide. The domestic version is quite a bit shorter, but whether they come in the long or short versions you can spot them by the weight at the tip and the way in which they leave their victim whimpering for mercy.

By one of those amazing coincidences I have just uploaded a clip that features a domestic sjambok to my clips' store. Pop along and watch the saucy young trollop being put through her paces as the bok goes to work on her bare bottom.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Wife spanking advertisement

I came across this old advert from the 1950s the other day and thought it would amuse you. American magazines from the period were usually full of adverts offering all sorts of weird and wonderful things, usually correspondence courses, but sometimes gems like this. Quite what the reader got for his 15c is hard to say. Given the period it was most likely a duplicated pamphlet, but what it contained is anyone's guess.

Conduct Unbecoming

Conduct Unbecoming was a popular video in its day, basically because of the incredible interaction that took place between the two participants. The male lead really got into the role of the outraged father with real glee and the young girl who played his daughter blossomed in this video as one of the true spanking starlets of the 1980s.

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