Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Ann Proto in the Miscreant

Ann Proto was one of the gems of 1980s video spanking. More at home as a dom than a sub she starred in any number of videos that usually involved her flexing a cane across some girl's upturned rump. She was a particularly harsh mistress in The Miscreant, made in about 1984. Ann played a store manageress who chooses to deal with a shoplifter herself rather than hand the girl over to the police. If you enjoy girl on girl caning, then the Miscreant is one for you.

1 comment:

Starman said...

Ever since I read the report of the Jamaican female athlete who got a spanking from her dad, I've been looking for clips of black girls being spanked.

Loved thought of those miniscule orange shorts being pulled down for a bare spanking over her dad's knee. Her legs kicking and crying and not being able to train for a few days

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