Monday, 29 August 2011

The delights of munching

Last Wednesday saw what is rapidly becoming a monthly munch at the Central Station bar in London's King's Cross. The idea is to have an open house event one afternoon a month where everyone and his brother can turn up and do their own thing. My thing involved sitting on the roof terrace slurping beer, but Raven found herself being taken down to the cellar area to have her bottom bared and spanked. She returned wriggling nicely and clearly angling for some sympathy from me, but alas sympathy had run out that day, so I left her to wriggle as I glugged another beer. 

If you are in central London on the 28th September then do please come along to the Central Station between 1.00 and 6.00pm. Dominic Hyde who normally runs these events sadly has to go into hospital, but he has left the show in my hands as well as that of another fellow. 
So don't be shy - make a note of the time, date and place and I look forward to meeting you at next month's munch!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Uncle Nick's Newest Video Will Star Raven Red!

I was sitting in front of the TV set late yesterday when Raven announced that she wanted to make a video. I raised my eyebrows, but she is serious so the first part of the shoot will take place this coming week. All being well the clips should be available by the end of the month.

Stay tuned for more details later on in the week!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Order of the Burning Buttocks: Laura Johnson

At the recommendation of a correspondent named Ben, an Order of the Burning Buttocks is awarded to nineteen year old Laura Johnson from Orpington in Kent. She is one of the people accused of theft during the recent riots, but since she has pleaded not guilty to the charge, obviously we cannot have her thrashed for that.

However, since she is is an undergraduate at the University of Exeter, a Sloane institution if ever there was one, the chance to have this pert young miss bent over for a taste of the birtch rod across her bared buttocks is just too good to miss:

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The world of the dickless dwarf

Raven Red is out of sorts, and for the same reason as last year: namely being let down by a sad-arsed loser with a dick the size of my little finger.

What Raven enjoys is chatting to people on-line and occasionally making an arrangement to meet them for a session. The problem is that far too many people are wannabes who shit their loads when they realise that a real live woman has landed on their shores. Then the flurry of e-mails dries up and after about a week they start to write to her again with some horribly complicated excuse for their earlier silence. A meeting is arranged and some more mails are sent - and then a final mail is received giving out the puerile and pathetic excuses for the cancellation.

I remember a friend of mine in the trade saying to me many years ago that she could dress a sexy 18 year old up as a schoolgirl, put her across the average sad-arsed punter's knee, and the tosspots still wouldn't have the bottle to do anything. They live in their own little fantasy world, but sadly for Raven, occasionally they manage to fool her into thinking that they are men, instead of pathetic, inadequate losers.

Monday, 8 August 2011

TV Spankings: Rawhide 2

Quite why Eric Fleming is dressed in a Confederate officer's uniform is unclear, but this is the second of three spankings that featured in Rawhide, the 1960s horse-opera. The first we ran back in May and the final one will feature here next week. Say what you like about these old series, they could always be relied upon to have a feisty young heroine who just needed to be taken down a notch or two.

Raven Red's Diet Plans

As many of you already know, Raven is trying to lose weight. On Saturday she announced casually that if I allowed her to get away with diet-cheating then she would consider herself absolved from all and any responsibility for any weight that may be gained. It seems that it is all my fault for not supervising her eating and making sure that she keeps to her diet.

And women wonder why men don't take them seriously...

Daddy's Girl

I am sorry, daddy. I didn't mean it, honestly. Please, you can't do that to me. Daddy! I'm a big girl now!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Socialising Nicely

I really enjoyed the event last week organised by Dominic Hyde in London. Now, sadly, he is coming under pressure from various types who want the event to become an invitation-only affair. Put another way, the fuckers want to exclude the people that they don't like and have threatened to boycott the event unless this or that person is banned.

Dom takes the view that all dislikes should be left at the door and if you don't like someone then just ignore them and chat to someone else, which is my view as well. At the last munch I saw a fellow who wasted a day of my life back in January with his fantasises of video production; fantasies which he did not have the bottle to follow through with. I was civil to him and spent the afternoon chatting to other people - there are three floors at this bar so you can ignore whomsoever you please!

Come on, folks. It was a great event, thanks to Dom's efforts, so let's look forward to the next one and leave the rancour outside.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Raven's First English Caning of 2011

As the rainbow spread its radiance over the local chinkie chippie, inside my house Raven Red was about to learn that failure to keep to an agreement has consequences  for the bottom.

I think that the lesson has been taken to heart, don't you?

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New Blog on the block: The Punishment Book

Dominic Hyde, pictured left with some bird whose name escapes me, has decided to start his own blog called The Punishment Book, and I am happy to give him a plug.

Known also as Daihard, this sympathetic and incredibly witty bloke has been around the spanking world for many a long year and is the organiser of the monthly London munch, the first one of which I attended last week.

Although he has been teaching recalcitrant females to mind their manners since God's dog was a pup, he is a recent addition to the blogging fraternity, so please click on the link and visit his site to encourage him into remaining a regular member of this addictive blogging club.

On going to a play-munch

If you bolt a meeting onto a lunch you get a munch, so we are assured, and Dominic Hyde decided to have one last week at the Central Station bar in London. The nice thing about this is that the bar has a sex licence so all sorts of things are allowed to pass there, including BDSM activities in the basement area. So this was a play munch with chaps like me sat on the terrace talking to all and sundry, whilst enthusiastic players whacked the living daylights out of sundry backsides down in the cellar.

I had little urge to go down the stairs, partly because Raven had only just flown in that very day from South Africa and was totally cream crackered by the experience, but mainly because smacking bottoms in cellars is just not my thing. Smacking them in bedrooms where the owner of the bottom can be reduced to a state of humiliated submission prior to receiving my cock is one thing, but what do I get out just administering a spanking? The whole deal strikes me as too much topping from the bottom, thank you very much, and that is not my bag at all.

That said, I did get to chat with a rather nice ethnic Japanese girl and I did agree to escort her downstairs and whilst we were winding our way to the basement I did make it plain that knickers always come down and spankings are invariably hard. I had never upended a Daughter of Nippon before and figured that the experience would be memorable. Clearly it was for her as she wrote to me the next day telling me that verily I spanked her very hard. Not that I hadn't warned her...

I found out from Raven also the next day that as I was getting up to go off with the girl she had signalled to Raven that she wanted me to spank her and that Raven had nodded her agreement. This has left me wondering if the South African had not also signalled that this was conditional upon the Nipponese remaining unfucked.

Bloody women - they get their own way, don't they?

Monday, 1 August 2011

A near spanking for a cyclist

I was walking along the Upper Richmond Road with a belly full of beer and my trusty walking stick in hand to give some stability to my dodgy legs when a 20-something girl hared towards me on her bicycle. She was obviously not going to stop and assumed that I would get out of her way; a big mistake on her part.

I was about to brace the walking stick horizontally in front of me as protection, when at the very last moment she swerved to one side and ran past me. The guy who was with me said that she had a look of utter fury on her face because someone had the temerity to force her to slow down. In the north, only kids get on two wheels, but here in London it seems to be a lifestyle choice for the urban middle class - and my guess is that madam came into that fairly loathsome subspecies of humanity.

She stopped about twenty yards past me, obviously to recover her composure, and I took the opportunity to say in a goodly  voice that the fine for riding on the pavement is up to £300, but she had more to fear from the spanking that I would give her than the courts. Then, without further ado, I turned and made my way back to the house, feeling all happy inside.

As my companion said, say what you like about Uncle Joe Stalin, but there was not a whiff of trouble from people like that in his day.
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