Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Eva, Part Two

It actually turned out to be rather easier than I had imagined. As we got to the outlying overgrown village that we both called home I muttered something to Eva about taking the baby home and leaving him there and then I suggested that we met up that day as I was so enjoying the conversation. Actually, all I was enjoying was the sight of her melon-like breasts, but I thought it politic to keep that information to myself. She nodded her head in answer to my suggestion and an hour or so later I arrived in the market town that gives the district its name to find Eva waiting for me in the main square as planned.

She had changed her clothes, which is always a good sign that a woman wants to make an impression. Women use clothing as a kind of confidence booster when they are unsure of a situation, as such they are very different from men who know that a cock that works to order and a well stuffed wallet are basically all a man needs. The fact that Eva had gone to such trouble suggested that the idea of my knob receiving a good polishing was not all that fanciful.

"You look good enough to eat," I told her as I took both her hands in mine and kissed each one in turn. Try not to laugh, chaps, as if you can keep a straight face, tricks like that send a message  straight down to to a girl's knickers, and that is what you want of course.

"Do you like it?" The question was asked uncertainly, with that little female gesture of holding out the skirt of her dress so that a fuller inspection could be made.

"Of course I do. I wouldn't have said it, otherwise," I replied. Actually I did like her grey dress, with its three-quarter length sleeves and fitted bodice of a slightly darker hue to the rest. Interestingly enough the skirt section starting quite high up on the thigh had been slitted every two inches or so, to create a quite interesting effect as she walked. I noticed that men were eyeing her up, as I would have myself had I not been with her, even though it was impossible to see anything really interesting because the slits ended rather bit too low for that.

"I made it myself," she said, her face lighting up in shy sort of smile.

"Do you make all your own clothes? That dress looks like one that you buy in Liverpool or Palacio de Hierro," I said, naming the two major department stores in Mexico.

"Nooooo, I can't afford to buy from there, all I can do is go and look around. Do you really think it looks like I bought it in Liverpool or Palacio?"

"Sure," I replied, quite truthfully. Of course I would have said that to her, anyway, but she did look scrumptious in that dress so I could afford to be honest.

At my suggestion we went and sat down on one of the concrete benches that surrounded the plaza. I went and got soft drinks for the two of us and we sat there in the cool of the early evening and smiled at each other as we chatted about our likes and dislikes.

"Why haven't you got a boyfriend?" It was an obvious question, given how drop dead gorgeous she was. I thought that I knew the answer, but I wanted to hear it from Eva's lips.

"The men, here," she began uncertainly, obviously unsure how much I knew about the country and how much she would have to explain. "They drink a lot... And all they want to do is get a girl pregnant so that they feel like big men, but they don't care for a girl afterwards. Do you understand?" Eva leaned forward to emphasise her point, her hands splayed out in the eternal gesture of resignation.

I nodded my head and gave her a genuinely sympathetic smile. I may be a womaniser, but there are times when it is impossible not to have a degree of sympathy for the women of countries like that. On the other hand, it does increase the availability of pussy for men who are sober and reasonably upright because if a fellow is like that then the women will chase him. Needless to say, to a man like me, this is like being given the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.

"What do you want to do with your life?"

"I want to get out of here," she said, ferociously. "But I don't know how," she wailed.

"Were your parents legally married and was your father really born in Germany? Can you prove that? Say with his birth certificate?

"Yes, of course," Eva replied. "Why do you want to know?"

"Because if you can prove that you are his daughter then you can get your paws on a German passport and go and live there."

"How do I do that? Will you help me, please?" Her eyes were wide open, and as she finished her questions she bit her lower lip gently, as if fearing that the mere act of asking for that help would make me refuse it to her.

I smiled and told her that I would sort the paperwork out for her just so long as she actually had it all. If this sounds incredible to you, then remember just how backward the average third worlder is, especially if they come from a small town and are not particularly well educated. To Eva, getting hold of any official document involved knowing the right person who would either do the work as a favour or because they had been bribed. The idea that a very important foreign diplomat might deign to help her was outside the realm of her wildest fantasies. She began to giggle delightfully at the thought of leaving the third world behind, and we laughed together and talked and then I leaned forward and kissed her and everything was good and as it should be.

"What would you like to do tonight? Eva asked the question quietly, and there was only one answer as we both knew.

"I want to take you to bed."

She nodded her head so I loaded her into a taxi and off we went to a hotel.

To be continued.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Eva, Part One

Luz had been interested mainly in a meal ticket, but she also had status issues as well which is why she kept introducing me to her chums. However, one girl who was completely uninterested in the contents of my wallet, but fascinated by my nationality was Eva, a lovely nineteen year old when I met her October 1995. How can I be so sure of the date? Well, my eldest son was just a month shy of his second birthday, and he was indirectly responsible for my fling with that girl. 

For reasons that would bore you senseless I spent a week lugging my young son around Mexico City. My car was in for a service so we had to use public transport, namely the collective taxis called peseros, which consist of minibuses which run along a set route, and which pick people up and drop them off anywhere along it, and the metro.

I met Eva at the southern terminus of metro line two as I and small son queued for a pesero to take us home. He was tired and wanted carrying and my arms ached. Eva was next to me in the queue and she smiled sympathetically at my plight, so needless to say I began to act out the helpless male in the hope that I might be able to work the situation to my advantage. The first thing to do was to get her to carry the bag that I had with me, which meant that at least I could get her sat next to me on the journey home. That was accomplished with a smile and by holding the bag in the air and sighing heavily. Eva took the hint, bless her, and part one of my shag plan was accomplished successfully.

The reason for the pantomime was fairly simple. At about 5' 6" Eva was tall for a local and her slender build, ice blue eyes and corn blonde hair that hung in ringlets to her shoulders all yelled out to me that she was a foreigner. It was only when I heard her speak that I realised that she was from Mexico City, and it was when she heard my accented Spanish that she began to take an interest in me, rather than my son. Thus, and quite by accident, stage two of the road to bed was completed, which was not bad going in less than five minutes.

"Where are you from?" That was the first question that she asked, as soon as we had introduced ourselves and once we had finally taken our seats for the forty-five minute journey home. I told her and we chatted for a short while about Manchester and England.

"You don't look very Mexican, either," I told her.

"My daddy was German and my mum is from Chihuahua," she explained, assuming that I would understand. Actually I did, as Chihuahua is a slab is desert in the north with a tiny American-Indian population that was settled first by Spaniards and then Americans, with a dash of other westerners, especially the French, thrown in for good measure.

"Your father was much older than your mother, I suppose? 

"Yes, he was, how on earth did you know that? Eva's eyes widened nicely as she considered Nick Holmes, Sherlock's equally bright brother.

"You were born in about 1975," I told her, "and very few foreigners came to live in this country in the 60s and 70s, and hardly any of them were German. Most Germans came here straight after the war, so that's why I reckon that you dad is much older than your mother," I concluded.

"He arrived in 1947," Eva told me. "First he went to Spain, but then he came here. I don't know why he left Spain, but he did. I never asked him and now it's too late. He died two years ago," she concluded in a voice that had suddenly gone very small and quiet.

I gave her a sympathetic smile and squeezed her arm in my avuncular way. At that moment my son began to wriggle in his sleep and I was reminded of just how much my arms ached from carrying him.

"Do you fancy holding him for a while?" 

Beth nodded and I passed the baby over to her. She sat in her window seat with him on her lap whilst I rested my arms and stretched out my legs for a moment. Looking over at her I saw a look of utter tenderness on her face as she gazed at the baby in her arms, and then I saw that her eyes were still moist from the memory of her father. I wondered what kind of man had the iron heart needed to take advantage of such an innocent flower?

The kind of man like me - and I spent the rest of the journey chatting to Eva about inconsequential things as my mind pondered on the pressing matter of how to separate her from her knickers?

To be continued.

Monday, 27 February 2012

To His Coy Mistress

Is it just me, or is the just about the most erotic poem ever written? It was composed by Andrew Marvell during the time of the English Republic, and interestingly enough he was tutor to the daughter of General Thomas Fairfax when he set the work down. History has not been kind to the Roundheads, but running this piece should help to restore some of their reputation.

I wonder if Marvell wrote it for Fairfax's daughter?

Thursday, 23 February 2012

New Book News

The relative success of A Spanking Good Life has inspired me to write a second book which I hope will be finished later on this year. Regular readers of this blog will note that I am posting a lot of memoirs again, and they will form the basis of this new book which has been provisionally entitled Good Times With Girls.

I have always enjoyed the company of the good time girls, the little slappers who are not exactly prostitutes, but who go with a fellow either because he spends money on them or for the status that they feel he gives them. I prefer the first bunch, as they tend to be sharper in the brain department, but I do not quibble and will happily fuck both.

As chapters of the new book appear here I would like to invite you to leave comments to those postings with your views and critiques. This is very much a work in progress, but your views are welcome and will help me turn it into a finished manuscript.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Maria de la Luz, Part Nine

Some affairs end with a bang, and other go out with a whimper. My time with Luz ended in the latter category with a telephone call the following week from Lucinda, one of those friends of hers that I had been introduced to when madam had wanted to show me off. Lucinda told me that Luz no longer wished to see me, and being off a curious mind I asked her for an explanation. Lucinda made a pretence at defending her friend and then told me the whole story.

It turned out that Luz had two strings to her bow, as a politician was vying with me for her favours. On the day after I had taken her to the Texcoco Horse Fair this fellow had done the same thing. Over dinner he had pulled out his wallet, showed her the contents and invited her to help herself. He then told her that once it had all gone then he would refill the wallet just for her. What girl could resist such a charmer? Anyway, that was the end of my brief week and a half with Luz.

"You must be devastated," said Lucinda, with what sounded even to my jaundiced ear like real concern in her voice.

"I cannot believe it," I replied, keeping my voice level and trying not to laugh. "I really thought that she and I were going to make a fine couple."

"Please don't let it effect you so much."

"How can I not? I am all alone now."

"What will you do?"

"Probably sit in a bar with a beer and do nothing else," I replied. I could hear Lucinda's mind working overtime, so I quickly moved in for the kill: "Would you like to join me for that drink?"

"Yes, please," she yapped, a trifle too eagerly for one who was supposedly doing nothing more than carrying a message.

Lucinda and I were lovers for about six months or so, but she falls outside the remit of this book, as she hardly came into the category of a good time girl. If anything she was a rather sweet, rather typical, local good girl who did as she was told, but was perhaps a trifle too passive for my tastes. Still, I must not grumble as she provided another notch to my cock.

As for Luz, she and her politician were fine together and he bought her a small house to live in when she fell pregnant with his child. She was even able to bring in the two offspring that she had with her ex-husband, and the politician visited her whenever he could. Until one night he was driving home three sheets to the wind and he wrapped his car around a tree, killing himself instantly. Luckily for Luz the house was paid for and she had been in the habit of pulling the odd note or two out of his wallet when he was sleeping it off so she was not short of a peso or two.

Let us wish her well.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Maria de la Luz, Part Eight

You can say what you like, but for me there is only one thing finer than the sight of a freshly spanked female, and that is fucking a freshly spanked female. Especially taking her from the rear, doggie-style, so that her well-reddened rump is on display. The only problem that I have when mounting a woman in such a way is to hold back the juices, as they almost immediately want to start flowing, as I consider my handiwork.

Not just the rump display, either. There is the very important matter of the girl and her apre spank attitude that also sets me off. The utter and complete submission that a girl who has just been allowed to rise from a good hard spanking displays is one that would gladden the heart of the most jaded of men, and I for one never tire of enjoying the spectacle.

I decided to enjoy a spot of al fresco fucking that day. The roof of the house extended above the patio and was held upright by concrete pillars which ran down to the massive concrete slab that was the house's foundations. A low wooden wall had been put in place between the pillars and I decided that it made for an excellent place to bend Luz over to take my cock. So I climbed to my feet and walked her the two or three paces from the sofa to the wall and gave her a slight push so that her body fell over it.

"No, not here, please," she said quietly as she realised what my intention was. "We can go into my bedroom if you want."

I lifted her skirt for the second time that day and left it hanging over her waist. Luz had somehow managed to get her knickers most of the way up, but I could not remember her doing that. Not that it mattered because I simply placed my fingers inside the elastic and hauled the panties down to below her knees, From there they dropped of their own accord to Luz's ankles.

That was it - my brain switched off and my cock took over all my bodily functions. As I unhooked my belt and dropped my trousers with one hand I was busy licking the middle finger of the other and sliding it into Luz's readily available slit. Why says that men are unable to multi-task?

I fingered her until she became juicy and receptive, all the while rubbing the head of my cock against her well smacked bottom. Then as soon as she was ready I placed the cock head into the starting gate and pushed it home in one swift movement. 

Luz gasped as my meat entered her body and her buttocks shivered in anticipation of the fucking to come. Other than that one gasp she hardly made any sound at all when I was riding her, a situation in stark contrast to the racket that she had treated me to when undergoing her richly deserved spanking.

I grabbed the yop of the wooden fence in both hands and used it to lever myself into her body so that I was able to quickly build up a good fucking rhythm. Luz thrust her hips backwards in time with my inward strokes and within moments we had built up a good head of steam that would quickly take us to our final destination.

Looking down I saw not only my cock, pistoning away in and out of Luz's helpless body, but her swollen, red buttocks that were now quivering under the onslaught from my cock, but which had only recently quivered under my hard punishing palm. I threw back my head and let out a roar of triumph as I plunged my meat into her.

The fucking did not last long. It just had to end because I was so very ready to shoot that all the self control in the world could not hold my juices back. I felt deep inside my balls that heavy sensation that lets a man know that he is within seconds of filling a girl's belly with his cream. Then, starting near the balls and ending up almost at the cockhead, each muscle relaxes as the hot surging torrent makes its way upwards towards it goal.

As my juices flowed out I made a final killing thrust deep into Luz's waiting body so that the spurt would lap against her cervix as I shot my load deep inside her. Then I pulled back and quickly pushed my cock right in up to the hilt again so that the rich seed could flood inside her body which is as it should be.

We were both left panting, but as soon as I could draw breath I sent Luz on her way with a pat to the rump which I was pleased to see made her wince. To my surprise and delight she quickly returned with a damp cloth to wipe my cock with, something which not all Mexican girls have been trained to do. I always regard little things like that as a sign that a girl has been well brought up, and I gave Luz a peck on the cheek as she scampered off to the bathroom to perform her own ablutions.

We duly went off to the fair and I duly spent more money than I had intended on Luz that day. That said, she had earned it so the contents of a wallet at times like that are neither here nor there. Give her credit, not only for being a damned fine fuck, but also for being as good as gold when we got to Texcoco. She even managed to keep her finely honed sense of mockery under control when I took her into a cockfight and the bird which I was assured was the gamest in town, turned out to be good for nothing more than chicken soup. Which funnily enough is what its owner did with the carcass after the victor in that bout had finished kicking the luckless creature to death. Serves me right for gambling, I suppose.

To be concluded.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Maria de la Luz, Part Seven

Holding Luz firmly by the arm I marched her across what could loosely be called the garden, but which was actually a very small field with animals in it. The property was surrounded by a high wall with the house itself forming part of the back wall. The main entrance where we had been standing was in the front wall and between that entrance and the house was about twenty-five yards or so of greenery. I noted that on my left as I half dragged Luz back to the house there was a small pigsty with the family piglet in it. It was still spring, remember, so the creature had only just been installed and was being fattened up for the Christmas festivities. To the right and against that wall were the chicken coops, and in the middle of it all the family cow was mooing lowly. All in all it was a fairly typical Mexican set-up, complete as to a house that was little more than a slab of breeze-block with a cement roof.

I walked Luz up the two steps that led to the veranda that ran along the whole front of the building and was pleased to see that someone had installed a wicker sofa, obviously so that people could sit outside on sultry Mexican evenings. The evening was going to get very hot indeed under Luz's skirt, and the sofa looked like the ideal place to do it. Without further ado I sat down and pulled the wretched girl over my lap so that the show could begin.

Luz was giggling delightfully and had been ever since she realised what my intentions towards her were. Not that I blamed her because the previous attempts to punish her had not exactly been resounding successes, had they? This time things were going to be different, but I did not try to stop madam's hysterics, which is anything got worse as I flipped up her denim skirt to reveal a lusciously red rum, gift wrapped as it were, in frilly white cotton panties. I paused for a moment to take in the sight, and to make sure that Luz's hands were firmly held out of the way of her bottom, and then I calmly peeled down her frillies, still without saying a word.

Luz let out a giggly yelp as she felt the spring breeze hit her bare nether regions, but that quickly turned to one of outrage as my haard palm cracked down across her bottom to leave a delightful hand print that was only just visible on her permanently red bottom.

"That bloody hurts! Stop it right now because I don't like it so hard!" All of the things that the silly bitch could have said to me at that moment that was probably the worst of all. If she had tried a bit of pleading then I might have been tempted to let her off with a tickling, but as soon as she had finished making her demands I quite simply raised my hand above my head and brought it down as hard as I could on her bottom.

Then I gave her another dozen or so to grow on. I was not very angry so I did not deliver a blisteringly fast spanking, but it was methodical with each smack delivered just on the spot that I wanted it to be and each one aiming to hurt the naughty little girl as much as possible.

Believe me when I say that she howled like a banshee. Never have I had a woman across my knee make such a racket. Even the cow looked up as if she was wondering what was going on at the house. Luckily there was a high wall all around the property, but I have often wondered if anyone passing by heard the screams. If they did they carried on walking in the best traditions of Mexico, and I was left to continue the disciplining of Luz in peace. Well, peace is a relative concept because I had to ignore the ear-splitting screams that we coming from her, but I am sure that you understand what I mean.

As well as screaming her head off, Luz was also wriggling like a slippery eel, but she was not the first recalcitrant female to go across my knee so aside from holding her wrists in the small of her back I had also cocked my right thigh over both her legs to hold them down. Luz could wriggle all that she wanted but all she could actually do was twitch from side to side and clench and unclench her buttock cheeks to try and reduce the size of the target area.

"Please! Please! I will do what you want, just stop it, please," Luz began to blubber like a naughty girl should as all the anger was finally spanked out of her.

"I will do exactly what I want, and what I want is to teach you a lesson that you will not forget," I told her as I continued the spanking.

"Please," was all she could whimper by way of reply, before she finally burst into tears.

With a final flurry of spanks I brought the correction to a close, but I did not allow Luz to rise at once. I left her across my knee to blubber ans whimper for a moment or two and then when I judged that the time was right I sat her on my knee and left her to finish sniffling.

"I hope that you fully understand which one of us in control around here," I told her.

Luz nodded her head and then rather spoiled the effect by trying to reach down to pull her knickers up to cover herself. I knocker her hands away and placed my hand in a proprietorial  way over her bottom. Then I smacked it twice, watching her face to gauge the reaction as I did it. Luz tried to defend her bottom with eh hands, but I pushed them away.

"Do you want to go back across my knee?

"No, please, no, " she cried.

"Then keep your hands out of the way when I have decided to smack you," I told her.

Luz folded her hands in her lap and closed her eyes tightly, but not tightly enough to stop the tears from rolling down her face, as I administered another half dozen sound smacks to her admittedly well tried rear end.

I decided that enough was enough and I sat back with my hand idly stroking the bottom that I had just corrected and waited patently until Luz had finished her theatrical performance.

"Are we clear about who makes demands and who doesn't? That was my question eventually, and Luz had the common sense to just nod her head in acquiescence.

With that the spanking was finally at an end and as I stood Luz up so that she could hold her bottom and try to rub the fire out of it I realised that I was nursing a very serious blue-veiner inside my trousers.

Which meant that the fucking was about to begin.

To be continued.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Maria de la Luz, Part Six

Let me be honest and say that the problem that I had with Luz was that I found it hard to became angry at her antics. That was partly because she chugged like a steam engine in bed and partly because I have an amazing capacity to just ignore female prattle. At the end of the day so long as the woman opens her legs pretty much to order then I am willing to just switch off when she starts with the female superficialities. I may even be willing to empty my wallet so long as I have been suitably despunked and am feeling amiable enough to do that.

However, the big no-no with me is when a woman confuses my willingness to do something for her so as to shut her the fuck up, with her ability to bully me. She confuses indifference with weakness, on other words, and then is when arses often have to be left stinging.

That basically was what happened with Luz over the next few days in the run-up to the Texcoco Horse Fair. The wheedling turned imperceptibly into demanding, usually with a hand on the hip and a finger wagging. What had seemed amusing just a couple of days before suddenly became irritating, and I have to admit that part of my irritation was directed at myself for allowing things to get out of hand. I decided that the next time that madam climbed on her high horse she would be dragged off it and put over my knee. And unlike the previous two occasions, when the next time came around I would save the fucking for after the spanking was over.

I diod not have long to wait for the next day was when we had arranged to go to Texcoco. I drove over to Luz's neck of the woods and found her looking utterly beddable in a white, fluffy blouse with tiny puff sleeves and a neck that opened out to the shoulders almost. Below that was a denim miniskirt with leather sandals on her feet. All Luz had to do was behave properly and I would have forgotten my resolve, so keen was I to get my hands on the two puppies that I could see bouncing away under the blouse.

Needless to say she could not manage that, so I ended up putting Luz in her place, which only goes to show you just how foolish women can be.

We were standing in the entrance to her house, with Luz hastily putting her things into the handbag that she planned to take with her to the fair.

"Did you bring plenty of money?" That was the question that set me off, or rather the way that it was asked, without a preamble to be seen.

"Enough for my needs," was all I said.

"Well, how much is that? What about my mother and sister - I want to invite them as well!"

I burst out laughing, and when I managed to bring some sort of control back to my voice, I decided that the best thing to do was to offload Luz to her fate and go to the fair alone. I knew that within an hour or so of my arrival some pert young puss would give me the eye. That is the advantage of being English in native surroundings - we are not just foreigners, but exotically so, and that makes us a prize catch for the local talent.

"Stop laughing at me," screeched Luz, stamping her foot for emphasis.

"Why - when you're so fucking hilarious?"

Luz took a step forward and raised her hand, probably with the intention of slapping me, but I grabbed her wrist and forced the arm down. Then I pushed her backwards and considered my next move. I really did not need shit like this so I decided to explain the facts of life to madam and then take my hook.

"OK, do I look like a cunt to you?" 

"I don't understand," Luz said, looking admitted rather perplexed.

"What do you do with a cunt? You fuck a cunt, don't you? That is what cunts are made for, to be fucked. So, do I look like a cunt to you?"

Luz shook her head emphatically by way of reply.

"Then why are you trying to fuck me like I was a cunt?"

"I'm not," was all that Luz managed to wail.

"About that fat tub of lard that you call a mother... Do you think that I want to fuck that creature?"

"Of course not!"

"Then why do you think that I will drive the creature around?" Luz opened her mouth either to protest or reply but I was in no mood for interruptions.

"Your fucking sister - remind me how old she is again," I went on remorselessly.


"Thirty, so she is pretty much at her fuck-by date. You are twenty-six," I went on, twisting the knife deep inside her, and your old man dumped you for a younger bit of stuff, so why should I be interested in your older sister?

Luz still looked puzzled so ever the white man I hastened to explain the position to her clearly so that there would never again be any misunderstandings:

"If I do not want to fuck a woman then why should I care if she lives or dies? If your fucking mother was to catch fire I wouldn't cross the street to piss on her; get the picture?"

Luz nodded sadly and then burst into tears. I paused long enough to light a cigarette and then I pulled my wallet out and let her see the contents.

"I reckon that this is enough to take to the fair to find your replacement," I told her calmly, before putting the wallet away and turning on my heel to leave.

However, Luz had other ideas, and she scampered after me, throwing herself in front of the door and then flinging her arms around my neck. Thank you, Luz, as that was pretty much all I had been hoping for.

I untangled her and then held her at arms length: "Have you any idea how hard I am going to smack your bottom?"

Taking the girl by the arm, I began to march her across the patch of green that separated the door to the property where we had been standing and the house. 

To be continued

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Maria de la Luz, Part Five

There were a lot of things that Luz could have done across my knee to ensure that she received a long and memorable paddling. She could have kicked her legs and howled like a banshee, or she could have threatened me with dire consequences if I did not let her go at once. However, she had the common sense not to do any of that, instead she moved her hips from side to side, and turned her head sideways so that she could look into my eyes with an unblinking stare.

"I am sorry," she said, very quietly.

"Sorry that you were bad or sorry that you are going to be spanked?"

"Both," she said, with a little pout as she began clenching and unclenching her bottom cheeks. That action, coupled with the gyrations of her hips began to have its effect on my cock, which is what she intended to happen, of course.

I brought my hand down with a firm crack across her bare and helpless buttocks, but not as hard as I would have done had I been truly angry and determined to exact retribution. As I raised my hand I saw that it had left a rather nice imprint on her bottom and I can remember deciding that this bottom was going to be tingling nicely by the time that I had finished with it.

What can I do to show you how sorry I am?" The question was asked in a little voice that was totally devoid of insolence.

I brought my hand down again, two or three times, and with each smack Luz gyrated her hips even more.

"I know I deserve this, but please, please forgive me for being a bad girl," she whimpered, still in that quiet little voice.

She somehow managed to free her hands, and to this day I have no idea how that happened. Instead of trying to cover her bottom she reached down underneath and began to stroke my cock with by that time had reached a state of almost perfect hardness. I administered several more slaps, but none of them had any real force behind them, and I honestly felt that I was losing control of the situation.

With my cock rapidly taking control of my body and my brain shutting down for the duration, I glanced around the room in utter confusion. Luz, being to expert player that I then realised she was, pressed home her advantage by moaning heavily and pressing her hips harder into my groin. As I looked down on that luscious body and thought how heavenly it would be to fuck her rigid I also realised that i was doomed if I did but my cock led me on and I let go of her with the aim of putting her on her back for a good riveting - with the acceptance of my defeat which I hoped she would accept with a good grace, but doubted that she would.

It was at that moment that His Satanic Majesty entered the room and came to the aid of his most obedient servant as He often does when I am sorely tried."

"Look what has fallen out of her bag," He whispered in my ear. "You can use that to fuck her and teach her to keep her place."

With a wink He was gone, leaving me puzzled at the remarks. Then I looked on the table where some of the contents of Luz's bag had fallen out and I saw the small tub of Vaseline. As soon as I saw it I knew at once what I had to do.

I left Luz on the bed and went to get the Vaseline. As I walked back to her I opened the jar and scooped up a good dollop onto my middle finger. Luz saw what I was doing and opened her mouth to say something. Then, with a quiet smile she turned onto her stomach to await my arrival.

"Please be gentle," was all she whispered as I began to smear the grease around the puckered entrance to her rear end before ever so slowly sliding my middle finger into her body. I finger fucked her for a moment and when she began to make low moaning noises in the back of her throat I began to turn circles with my finger inside her to widen the space and relax her muscles in preparation for my entry.

As Luz began to buck I speeded up the finger fucking, and then grabbed a couple of pillows and then lifted her on top of them. As I did that she instinctively, I think, tucked her knees under her so that she was resting on them, her bottom nicely positioned for my attention.I suspected that this was not the first time that madam had been entered from the back door, but it was too late to worry about that, so I grabbed the remaining Vaseline and smeared it over my cock. Then I placed my cock-head into her entrance and slowly, inexorably I pushed myself into her.

I have to be honest and say that the only reason why I do not like anal sex is that I cannot control myself and I usually come very quickly. Fucking Luz like that was no different from any of the other women that I had entered in that way, and I quickly felt the hot juices in my balls start to bubble as they demanded their release.

Luz must have sensed my desire because she began to push against me in time with my thrusts which made it almost impossible for me to hold the boiling cream in its place. I can remember screaming in frustration and Luz reached between her legs and took my balls in her hand and gently manipulated them so expertly that all my muscles relaxed as if to order and the flood began its inexorable rise to the surface.

We lay in the usual post-coital tangle, before Luz stretched herself out like a cat and turned to face me.

"You won't forget to bring plenty of money to the horse fair, will you?" The question was asked in silky smooth tones and try as I might I could not stop laughing.

I looked across the room and saw the devil standing by the window, but all the bastard did was shrug and then vanish. It looked like I was on my own, with the score now very definitely two-nil to Luz.

To be continued.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Maria de la Luz, Part Four

That Luz wanted me to take her to Texcoco did not come as any surprise since for three weeks or so every year it is the highlight of spring in the Valley of Mexico. The event is enormous, and involves an agricultural show, bull and cock fights, as well as just about all the major artists who sing in Spanish. Mexico being what it is, Sundays are when chaps take their wives and families to the event, and Fridays and Saturdays they tend to use the excuse of working late in the office, so that they can take their mistresses. Say what you like about the Mexicans, they may not be able to organise much, but when it comes to their horizontal lives things are worked out with an efficiency that amazes the outsider.

It was probably because she understood the world very well that Luz then went on to ask brightly if I wanted to go on a Friday or Saturday, and I told her that Friday of the following week would be fine with me.

"I take it that you are busy on Sundays," she said with a poisonous sweetness.

"Of course," I replied with a wink and a slap to the rump to get her to hurry up and finish dressing. "Isn't everyone?"

"Hmm, bring plenty of money, we'll need it."

I just grunted by way of reply. To be honest I was not really listening to her, which was my mistake because she took my lack of a firm reply as an acquiescence to her demand. I should have brought her to heel immediately and saved myself a lot of work later on. That said, had I done so I would not have had the pleasure of figging her, spanking her and then fucking her rigid before we went to the fair so I suppose that it all came right in the end. I suppose that the unpleasant days that came first will just have to be written off to experience. 

The trouble started the very next day. We had arranged to meet for lunch, that was due to be followed by another bout in bed, but Luz decided that she wanted to meet her friends first and spent the next hour introducing me to women that I had little or no interest in, but who were clearly impressed with me. I could see what was going on as Luz was making half the brown bangers in that part of town jealous as hell of her, so I reasoned that if it kept her happy then she was more likely to perform with extra enthusiasm in bed, but unfortunately all it did was make her more demanding.

Her next trick was to start wheedling me to driver her here, there and everywhere, and then start to sulk when I refused. Again, I should have been stricter with her from the start, but I found her pleading amusing, and it pleased me to do as she wished. Alas, all that happened was that Luz took my good nature as a sign of weakness, as women often do at times like that, and she began to demand more and more. I decided that a spanking was in order...

I got my chance to do that exactly a week after our first bout. The plan was to have lunch and then to work off the calories between the sheets, but Luz decided that she needed to go somewhere, but it would not take long, even though it did, so by the time I swung the car into yet another hotel car park - I could write a book about the lovers' hotels of Mexico, I really could - I was thoroughly out of sorts and in a mood to hear a young women whimper as her backside was blistered by my palm.

"Now then," I told her as the door closed behind us. "We need to have a little chat."

"What about darling?" Luz tossed her handbag onto the table where it spilled open. Then she came towards me and put her arms around my neck. She kept her head slightly down but looked up at me though her long lashes, her eyes wide open.

"I am sick of being your fucking taxi driver, and general dogsbody," I told her.

"What do you mean?" Jesus, I hate it when women pull that trick of answering with a question of their own. The aim is to bog the man down and try to pick holes in the narrative so as to lessen their own responsibility. It does not work with me, as all it does is increase my already rising sense of irritation. If fact, it virtually guarantees a good smacked bottom, as Luz was within seconds of discovering.

"I don't mind spending money on you; I don't mind pretending to give a shit about your friends, but I am fucked if I will be treated like the town arsehole when my cock is hard and a shag is on the cards." My humble English translation can barely give the flavour of the full obscene Spanish original, but trust me when I say that the words had their effect on Luz because she stepped back and licked her lips nervously.

Without giving her a moment to say anything I stepped forward, tossed up the fluffy white blouse that she wore outside her jeans and unbuckled her belt. Quickly I then unbuttoned the jeans and dropped the zip down. Spinning Luz around I grabbed hold of the blue garment on either side of her hips and yanked the denim down to mid thigh. After that it was the work of a moment to pick her up and carry her tucked under my arm to the bed where I sat down, hauling Luz into the traditional position across my knee. Once my right leg had been cocked over her thighs, all that remained was to hold her wrists in my left hand and pull down her knickers with my right. My hand was then raised above my head to begin the spanking, which was when Luz launched her counter attack.

To be continued

Friday, 10 February 2012

Maria de la Luz, Part Three

She held my cock near its base in that vice-like grip of hers that somehow made me feel even bigger and harder than I normally did. As I felt my cock head enter the gate to her womb she thrust her pelvis forward and at that moment I felt the warm of her lush opening begin to envelop  me. I pushed my cock inside her and as I reached the hilt Luz opened her mouth and exhaled deeply. The fucking had begun...

Normally I am a slow and steady as she goes type fellow. I believe in a comfortable bout, at least until the bugle blows for the final charge to glory. However, that relies on my partner being of the same mind. To be fair, in my experience most mares are only to happy to be ridden at a gentle canter for most of the time, with both rider and ridden increasing the tempo in unison until the fin all charge is sounded. That was not the case with Luz who proved herself to be a difficult mount to curb from the start. Funnily enough that made the ride one of the more enjoyable outings that I have had, and I can remember it as if it were yesterday.

Luz enjoyed a fight. I am not saying that she wanted to hit and punch, but she used all her strength to try and push me off her. Obviously she did not want to win the bout, as she wanted me to hold her down, but the sheer effort that was needed to hold her arms down because otherwise she would use them to push against my shoulders was enormous. When she failed at that attempt she began to hold her pelvis down to force me to use extra force to push my cock into her pussy. Holding her wrists tightly on either side of her head I managed to keep the fuck rhythm going and then she sank her teeth into my shoulder, grunting as she did so.

I levered myself up on my arms, still holding her wrists, and with my arms straight I towered over her, thrusting my cock into her wet slit, totally in control - until Luz began to shake her hips from side to side which ruined my thrusts. Without pausing for thought I dropped myself down and leaned my elbows into her arms, holding her forearms down, and that meant that my hips were closer to hers and I could use my stomach to hold her body down and prevent her from wriggling. She still tried to struggle, but now all she could do was push up, and I timed my downward  thrusts in time with those to increase the speed of the fuck.

Christ we were going at it like a dog and his bitch! The fuck velocity increased to a speed that should not have been reached for a long time, but with Luz time became truncated, with long minutes compressed into fleeting seconds of total pleasure. I looked into her face and saw the teeth were bared. She looked directly into my eyes and used all her remaining strength to lunge forward to try and sink those fangs into me flesh once again.

I pushed her back and thrust into her harder and faster. I had ceased to care about anything other than the desire that I had to fuck her into a whimpering kind of submission. I gave her a punishment fucking, clenching my cock muscles as hard as I could to increase the hardness of the meat that was pounding its way inside her helpless body.

All that did was increase my own lack of control and I sensed the lock gates begin to open as the canal that runs from my balls to the open air prepared to accept the flow of the hot, bubbling juice that was contained, but only barely contained, in balls that suddenly felt terribly heavy and which ached for release.

The release came a second later. A great juicy surge flooded up and as I felt it charge upwards I rammed my cock as deeply as I could in to that tight wet pussy, so the the tide would lap against her cervix and she would know that my rich seed was deep inside her.

We lay together in a tangle, neither of us moving, for several minutes as we recovered from the contest. Eventually I managed to glance at Luz and saw a lazy smile developing on her face.

"You are incredible, " I told her. "What was your husband thinking about?"

"He found a younger me," Luz answered.

She was right of course. A woman of 26 cannot compete in the tight pussy stakes with a 16 year old. Luz accepted that reality with as good a grace as she could muster. It is the way of things and Mexicans for all their faults are great ones for accepting that reality.

I climbed out of bed and Luz reached into her bag for her cigarettes. She lit two and passed me one, and we sat there quietly smoking for a while.

"I want to go to the Texcoco Horse Fair on Saturday," she said at length.

To be continued.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Maria de la Luz, Part Two

We did not make it to the bar that I had in mind. We drove out of Tecomitl in my car and headed towards Milpa Alta, the town from which the whole district takes its name. The bar that I had in mind is just above that town, but before reaching it the traveller must pass one of those innumerable lovers' hotels that Mexico has in abundance. In a country where families consist of enormous clans that include everyone right down to third cousins and beyond, privacy is at a premium so hotels that rent rooms for un rato, usually three hours, are common throughout the country.

As we drew closer to the hotel, which was the only building along that stretch of country road leading up to the mountains, I slowed down and cast a quizzical glance in Luz's direction. Catching my eye she realised what my unspoken question was and she smiled and then quickly cast her face down, her hands resting in her lap. She looked for all the world like a nun on her way to church, rather than a saucy young hussy who had just agreed to be riveted in a hotel room by a man that she had only just met. Luz was my kind of girl I decided as I swung the car into the hotel car park.

"I am hungry," she said quietly, as the car came to a stop.

"Not to worry," I told her. "I will order some food sent up to the room."

"Thank you," she said.

"Afterwards," was my reply.

Luz giggled deliciously as we made our way to reception so that I could pay for the room, and she was still shaking with laughter as the lift sped us up to the top floor. Yes, determinately my kind of girl.

As soon as I closed the door to out room Luz came into my arms unbidden, and out lips met hungrily. As we broke apart I began to unbutton the silky cream blouse that she was wearing and then opened it to reveal her delicious red orbs that were barely contained by her white lacy bra.

As my eyes feasting themselves on those magnificent, melon-like breast, Luz's fingers began to play in my belt and with one practised movement she had it unbuckled and then with one hand she opened the button at the top of my fly and unzipped my jeans. She reached inside my underwear and took my cock in a firm grip and began to rub it slowly.

Christ, but I was hard as a rock! Normally is takes me a while to stand to attention, but the sight of Luz, with her bright red skin, and firm, ripe young breasts just drove to the edge and we had not even begun the bout yet.

Luz used her free hand to start unbuttoning my shirt, so I repaid the favour by reaching behind her to unzip her black skirt and then push it down over her voluptuous hips.

Her panties matched the bra, something with I always approve of, and my earlier question was now answered as my hungry eyes went down to her thighs. She was wearing hold-up stockings, and at the sight of them even my cock began to drool.

"Do you like me?" Luz's question was asked in mock seriousness, with only the mischievous glint in her eyes giving the game away. Instead of answering her I quickly stripped her of the remains of her outer clothing and then shook all mine off. As I pulled my jeans off my legs I quickly removed my shoes as well and then stood in front of her, stark naked, and obviously eager to go.

I held my cock and pointed it towards her: "Does this answer your question?"

She nodded, an expression of seriousness on her face as she considered what was shortly to begin pushing its way into her body. I walked towards her, turned her around and sent her to the bed with a firm smack to the rump.

Before putting her into bed I unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. I took one of those ponderous breast in my mouth and with my right hand I reached inside the rear of her knickers to gently touch the button that lay between her fine buttocks. I did not let my finger go too deep inside her, but I did move it around in a gently, circular motion to force it to open just enough to admit my finger tip.

Luz gasped at my audacity and tried to clench her muscles to expel my probing finger. As she did that I let my left hand enter her panties from the front so that I could explore her pussy. She was as wet and warm and ready as I knew she would be, but I amused myself by fingering her front and back for a moment until she took my cock in that iron grip that she had and began to expertly work it until it was harder than it had ever been in my life, I swear.

Looking into her face I saw a look of triumph spreading across her features. Her head came back and her mouth widened in a vulpine grin of triumph. I could feel my cock muscles begin to slacken as the gates inside my weapon opened to release the bubbling juices that lay fermenting in my balls.

There was only one thing to do. I grabbed Luz's hand and pulled it away from my weapon, and then I reached behind her to encircle her waist with my left arm. I lifted her up so that her feet were barely touching the floor and yanked her panties down to the top of her thighs in one movement. 

Then I spanked her. Not hard and not for long, but I gave her a spanking with half a dozen or so firm smacks so that she would know that there are two kinds of people in the world, namely those who fuck and those who get fucked. The spanking ensured that Luz was left in no doubt as to which one of us did the fucking and which one was fucked.

I let her stand and her hands flew to her bottom, to rub away the tingling that the spanking had given her in the nether region. She looked at me accusingly, but I only smiled at her and lifted my index finger to wag it in her direction. There was really nothing she could say as she understood exactly why I had felt it necessary to upend her.

There was only one thing to do, and that was reach down and yank Luz's panties all the way down and let them fall to her ankles. She kicked them off along with her shoes and I walked her over to the bed and gave her a gentle push to get her in it. She lay on her back waiting for me, and as I climbed in and aboard her she took my hardness in her hand and guided it into her waiting body.

To be continued

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Maria de la Luz, Part One

The small market town of Tecomitl can be found on the far outskirts of Mexico City. It is not the most interesting of places, but it has a nice square in the town centre with plenty of shaded benches where a person can sit and while away and afternoon, which is what I was doing the day that I met Maria de la Luz. 

I saw her first, and in my mind's eye I can see her now, strolling across the square. She stood a good 5' 5" which is tall for a Mexican girl, especially one who was more American-Indian than European, and Luz was certainly that as her lustrously shining red skin proved. Most Mexicans have a colour that can best be described as faded brown, but Luz had avoided that thanks to the better than average admixture of native genes that she obviously carried in her body.

What a body it was, a firm, wriggling size 12 delight, with breasts that moved sensuously against the confines of her cream short sleeved blouse. Looking down her hips were contained by a black skirt that fitted her to perfection and which ran down to her knees. I noted that she wore hosiery, which is unusual in that part of the world because of the heat, and I can remember wondering if the black nylon had been made into stockings or the abomination known as tights?

I could see that she was walking in my general direction and I begin to frantically think of something to say that would delay her long enough so that I could go into my chat-up routine. My brain was still trying to engage itself, a difficult process given the circumstances, as my cock had basically taken over all my bodily functions. Luckily for me as the gods were clearly smiling on me that day because the lovely young thing paused near my bench, looked around her as if she was truly trying to spot a vacant place to sit, and then with a slightly perceptible shrug she sat herself down on the other end of the same bench that I was occupying.

"Hello," I said, in Spanish. "My name's Nick." Not the best or most original opener, but it was honestly all I could think of at that moment.

"I am Maria de la Luz," she replied.

"Well, you certainly light up this square."

Luz smiled at my play on her name, which means light in Spanish. her tongue came out to lick her ripe full lips, and then she sat back, fingering the curls of her thick auburn hair that fell in heavy waves down to the middle of her back. Of course it was dyed that colour, since just about all native Mexicans have hair that is thick, black and straight, but it suited her to perfection.

"What is an Englishman doing in this small torn of ours?" 

"How the devil did you know that I am English? Most Mexicans assume that I am an American."

Luz laughed out loud at my outburst, and to cover my confusion and give myself something to do I lit a cigarette whilst I waited for the explanation that I guessed was coming.

"You ate at the small stall over there a few days ago," Luz explained, pointing to a food stall that I had indeed eaten at only recently. "My cousin was also there and she heard you talking to the woman who runs it. You are 35, you work at a university, and you are from England," she concluded clapping her hands together in delight.

"How old are you?


"Do you work?"

Luz shook her head: "I was a housewife, mother to our two children, but then my husband left me for a younger model," she concluded with a lob-sided attempt at a grin.

"How long were you married?"

"Eleven years... I was just 15, the carnival queen that year," Luz explained as if that answered everything.

Actually it did because a carnival queen is the target of every young buck in her district who all want the status of having bedded her. Luz went on to explain that with her mother's help she chose the likeliest looking young fellow around, the one who did not drink too much and who came from a family where the women did not get slapped around too much either. The problem was, of course, that these attributes made him a tempting target for Luz's younger rivals a decade later and one of them has grabbed the prize leaving Luz without a meal ticket.

I nodded my head in genuine sympathy. British women try to forget something which Mexican women are only to willing to acknowledge which is that a woman of thirty has pretty much reached her fuck by date. In Mexico any man who has the wit not to drink, to work steadily so that he always has an income, and not to beat his woman too severely can be pretty much guaranteed a steady succession of prime young pussies all anxious to lighten his burden. Luz had used her whiles to grab her man and now someone younger had displaced her. 

It also explained why Luz knew so much about me. She was obviously on the lookout for a new man, and I must have seemed like manna from heaven to her. Face it, she had two children, so hardly any Mexican would take her on as anything other than a casual poke and I suspected that Luz was after something more permanent than that. I decided to test out my theory with a few simple notions:

"I am married, but I rather fancy having a lovely mistress to light up my life."

Luz smiled by way of reply.

"Are you discrete?

"That is almost a part of my name," she said, quietly and evenly, her eyes unblinking as she held my gaze in hers.

"Would you like to go for a quiet drink?"

"Yes please."

So off we went in my car up into the hills to a nice bar that I knew.

To be continued

Monday, 6 February 2012

A Spanking Good Book Review

Katerina over at the Bottoms Up Book Review page has given A Spanking Good Life the once-over, so let's start by thanking her for that. I suppose all authors are supposed to hate reviewers, but I take the view that there is no such thing as bad publicity and since Katerina's site is the must-go place for reviews of the latest spanking books, the publicity that she has given me is pure gold.

Needless to say I am going to take issue with two of her points. The first is that my book deals with "a handful of encounters" that I have had over the years. I think that twenty-three is rather more than a handful, but never mind, as that comes down to opinion.

More importantly, Katerina argues that I have "a contempt and obvious disdain for the fairer sex," and that is something which I am dubious about to put it mildly. Looking at the accounts in the book, Paloma and Caroline both emerged as clear winners in our encounters, and that is acknowledged in the text. The fact that I ended some other encounters as master of the battlefield only proves that you win some and you lose some.

Let me not quibble about minor matters. Katerina makes the point that men either like my book or they don't, but that women will probably hate it, but will want to carry on reading it to the end. Actually, women seem to either love the book to bits or hate it with a passion, but so long as everyone buys the thing I am not going to complain about their motives.

The fact that sales have increased is due in no small measure to Katerina, so my thanks go, once again, to her.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Poking the Pole, Part Four

I walked over to the bed and sat down, still naked. I thought about putting some item of clothing on, but immediately decided against the idea. The bedroom was very small and the heating had either come on or had been put on by Sylvia, so the room was beginning to heat up nicely. Just as Sylvia's bottom was going to do, come to think about it.

"Now then, young lady," I began my remarks with a sigh. Do you think that nonsense like that is acceptable?

It was not the most original line, but it had the desired effect as a look of concern flashed over Sylvia's face.

"What do you mean?"

"You did not need to open the door," I told her, wagging my finger to emphasise my points. "You had no right to ask me, your man, to go and stand in the kitchen whilst you were doing God knows what with your former lover. That is if he is your former lover - how can I ever trust you again after this?"

Sylvia fell for this nonsense hook, line and sinker. I could not believe my luck when she threw herself onto the floor next to me and clutched at my legs.

"Darling, I wasn't thinking, but I got rid of him, honestly, he's gone, she pleaded, rather sweetly I thought.

I could have played the white man at that moment and let her off, but the old devil was  beside me and he encouraged me to chance my arm - with great success as it turned out.

"Sylvia," I said very quietly, "I was thinking seriously about buying one of these new flats that overlook the River Thames and installing you in it. So that you would have a nice place to stay and you could keep it nice for me when I travel over to London."

The fact that I could not afford to hire a car in the UK should have alerted Sylvia to the nonsense inherent in that little speech, but the avaricious bitch was not able to think straight as in her mind's eye she was transported to a luxury penthouse overlooking the river. 

"Now, I must say that I am having second thought about everything," I told her, in a voice that spoke more in sorrow than anger.

"No, my darling, please don't say that. I belong to you, only to you, and I will never do anything without your permission ever again," she whimpered. 

"I know that you will never do anything like that again," I replied. "Because the memory of the spanking that I am now going to give you will stay in your mind for a long time to come."

"Noooo, please, noooo, I hate being spanked!"

"You should have thought about that before you tried to humiliate me in that awful fashion," I told her, as I picked her up and dumped her across my knee.

It was the work of a moment to toss her bathrobe to one side to reveal her rounded bare buttocks that glistened whitely in the early morning light. Those buttocks would soon be another colour, but for a second or two I paused to enjoy the sight. I suppose that you may be thinking that Sylvia was more sinned against than sinning, and I would have to agree. That said, she was a good time girl to the manor born and she thought that she was playing an ace, but it turned out to be a lowly deuce. And she did have a bottom that was just ripe for correction...

Sylvia must have sensed that I was raising my arm high above my head, because she threw her right hand behind herself in a  desperate attempt to protect her otherwise defenceless bottom. Calmly and without any fuss I grabbed her wrist and folded the arm into the small of her back. Sylvia opened her mouth to protest, and at that very moment my hand came down across her bare bottom with a crack that reverberated like a gunshot in the confines of the small bedroom.

As my hand covered the target area, and was then raised to leave a firm red hand print across it, Sylvia began to buck and kick, forcing me to cock my right leg over her scissoring thighs to hold both them and her fully in position. With her legs held down and her arm in the small of her back there was nothing to protect her helpless bottom from the attentions of my hard male hand.

Trust me when I say that the bottom came in for a lot of attention. I was not angry, so I did not administer a flurry of rapid smacks. Instead I brought my hand down with all the force of my arm behind it first on one cheek and then the other, to deliver a sound and methodical spanking that would leave a clear impression on Sylvia's mind as well as her bottom.

Needless to say she wriggled like an eel, and wailed like a banshee. At one point I warned her that the neighbours might hear, but she chose to ignore my well meant advice to tone down her screeching and she continued to wail loudly enough to awaken the dead.

After about twenty five smacks I stopped and considered Sylvia's attitude. Was she displaying insolence or defiance that would mean that the spanking had to continue, or was she accepting her fate with as good a grace as possible? Looking at her I decided that submission was the order of the day and to check that out I released her hand. All she did was continue to remain across my knee and she made no attempt to either rise or cover her bottom. I decided that the spanking had served it purpose and Sylvia was allowed to fall to the floor.

I left her to blubber for five minutes or so and then I picked her up and wrapped my arms around her, as any man would with a woman that he has just put in her place.

"I hope that you will behave properly in future," I told her with as much po-faced pomposity as I could manage.

Sylvia did not reply, but she did not her head vigorously, her arms wrapped around my neck.

What more can I say? She was my lover for the remaining couple of weeks that I had in England, and damned tricky it was to keep her away from the more mouth-wateringly expensive places that the nation's capital city has to offer. Sometimes I failed, but to be fair to Sylvia she was a gem in bed and what's the content of a wallet or two when you have that?

On one of my last evenings in London Tony and I went for a beer and I filled him in on the events of the previous two weeks.

"What are your plans with her? I doubt if you could afford to keep her," he said after I had finished.

"Why not tell her the truth about my finances and how much I am actually paid when it is converted from pesos to pounds?"

"She'll hate your guts for that," Tony replied.

"Yeah, but it gets her out of my hair and she might give you a shag out of gratitude," I told him.

Tony fixed me with an old-fashioned look instead of a reply. Well, it was only an idea.

A year later I returned home to find that Tony had told Sylvia everything and that she wanted to meet me at the Ritz to discuss something important over dinner. Tony then tipped me the wink that her plan was to fill her stomach at my expense and then gently tell me that it was not going to work out between us but could we remain friends? Needless to say I scuppered that idea and I never saw Sylvia again.

That said, she was a fine introduction to the world of the good time girl, the demi-mondaine who is not quite a whore, but certainly not a respectable member of bourgeois society.

My kind of girl in other words.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Poking the Pole, Part Three

I do not know what time I awoke but it was still pitch dark outside. I remember reaching for Sylvia's warm body and being rewarded with a low squeal from her as she turned over into my arms. As we kissed my cock began to throb in anticipation of the polishing that it was shortly about to get, and I nuzzled her neck and let my tongue flicker on  it as my hands eagerly began to explore her awakening body.

And then the fucking door bell rang.

Sylvia froze like a statue, with only her eyes moving frantically as she decided what course of action to take.

"It's Ram," she whispered, as if afraid that the fool outside could hear her voice if she spoke any louder.

"What does he want?"

"He comes around at about eight o'clock after the shop has opened. He leaves his wife to run it and he, well, he..."

"Comes around here to get his leg over," I said, finishing the sentence for her.

Sylvia did not reply, instead she scampered out of bed, switched on a light and threw a dressing gown over her body before hastily putting slippers on her feet. Then she stared down at me, with panic written all over her face.

"You must go and hide, quickly, in the kitchen," she said, hastily.

I must have been out of my mind, probably because I was still half asleep, but I hauled myself out of the nice warm bed and staggered, bollock naked towards the kitchen.

"Don't worry, darling, I will get rid of him, I promise," I heard Sylvia say as I went into the kitchen and closed the door behind me.

I could hear them talking quietly, but not the actual words. To be fair it only took Sylvia about five minutes to get rid of Ram and his hard-on, but that was still a long five minutes as I shivered in the bitter cold of a London January morning. As the time dragged on I became aware that my bladder was seriously full so I let rip with a yellow stream into Sylvia's sink.

As the ache in my bladder eased, I took stock of the situation. It was obvious that friend Ram had more rights to Sylvia's little honey pot than I did, given the amount of money he was paying for access to it. It was also obvious that lovely Sylvia planned to either dump him for me, or, more likely, try to run the two of us in tandem, with both Ram and myself paying to ensure that she lived the style to which she aspired to become accustomed. Given my always parlous finances that was just so not going to happen, but I could not say that to her as I had not finished enjoying the fruits that lay between her thighs.

Although I was not too happy about freezing my nuts on in that kitchen, at the end of the day I really did not care what Sylvia got up to when I was not around. Come to think of it that is the way that I am with all women, so that was nothing new, either. The problem was that I could not just stroll back into the bedroom and tell her to do as she pleased once I had shot my wad into her a second time, and by the way, did she know that I did not have any money?

Women are strange creatures as we know, so I had to at least pretend to be emotional about all this. As I heard Ram l;eave the flat I pondered in my mind if hurt or angry was the best strategy to follow. A draft of cold air caught my balls and I decided that the stern angry lover was the one who would march back into the bedroom.

As I retraced my steps back to Sylvia I fought hard to keep the smile from my lips, as I wondered if she had ever had her bottom smacked before that day?

To be concluded.
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