Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Maria de la Luz, Part Five

There were a lot of things that Luz could have done across my knee to ensure that she received a long and memorable paddling. She could have kicked her legs and howled like a banshee, or she could have threatened me with dire consequences if I did not let her go at once. However, she had the common sense not to do any of that, instead she moved her hips from side to side, and turned her head sideways so that she could look into my eyes with an unblinking stare.

"I am sorry," she said, very quietly.

"Sorry that you were bad or sorry that you are going to be spanked?"

"Both," she said, with a little pout as she began clenching and unclenching her bottom cheeks. That action, coupled with the gyrations of her hips began to have its effect on my cock, which is what she intended to happen, of course.

I brought my hand down with a firm crack across her bare and helpless buttocks, but not as hard as I would have done had I been truly angry and determined to exact retribution. As I raised my hand I saw that it had left a rather nice imprint on her bottom and I can remember deciding that this bottom was going to be tingling nicely by the time that I had finished with it.

What can I do to show you how sorry I am?" The question was asked in a little voice that was totally devoid of insolence.

I brought my hand down again, two or three times, and with each smack Luz gyrated her hips even more.

"I know I deserve this, but please, please forgive me for being a bad girl," she whimpered, still in that quiet little voice.

She somehow managed to free her hands, and to this day I have no idea how that happened. Instead of trying to cover her bottom she reached down underneath and began to stroke my cock with by that time had reached a state of almost perfect hardness. I administered several more slaps, but none of them had any real force behind them, and I honestly felt that I was losing control of the situation.

With my cock rapidly taking control of my body and my brain shutting down for the duration, I glanced around the room in utter confusion. Luz, being to expert player that I then realised she was, pressed home her advantage by moaning heavily and pressing her hips harder into my groin. As I looked down on that luscious body and thought how heavenly it would be to fuck her rigid I also realised that i was doomed if I did but my cock led me on and I let go of her with the aim of putting her on her back for a good riveting - with the acceptance of my defeat which I hoped she would accept with a good grace, but doubted that she would.

It was at that moment that His Satanic Majesty entered the room and came to the aid of his most obedient servant as He often does when I am sorely tried."

"Look what has fallen out of her bag," He whispered in my ear. "You can use that to fuck her and teach her to keep her place."

With a wink He was gone, leaving me puzzled at the remarks. Then I looked on the table where some of the contents of Luz's bag had fallen out and I saw the small tub of Vaseline. As soon as I saw it I knew at once what I had to do.

I left Luz on the bed and went to get the Vaseline. As I walked back to her I opened the jar and scooped up a good dollop onto my middle finger. Luz saw what I was doing and opened her mouth to say something. Then, with a quiet smile she turned onto her stomach to await my arrival.

"Please be gentle," was all she whispered as I began to smear the grease around the puckered entrance to her rear end before ever so slowly sliding my middle finger into her body. I finger fucked her for a moment and when she began to make low moaning noises in the back of her throat I began to turn circles with my finger inside her to widen the space and relax her muscles in preparation for my entry.

As Luz began to buck I speeded up the finger fucking, and then grabbed a couple of pillows and then lifted her on top of them. As I did that she instinctively, I think, tucked her knees under her so that she was resting on them, her bottom nicely positioned for my attention.I suspected that this was not the first time that madam had been entered from the back door, but it was too late to worry about that, so I grabbed the remaining Vaseline and smeared it over my cock. Then I placed my cock-head into her entrance and slowly, inexorably I pushed myself into her.

I have to be honest and say that the only reason why I do not like anal sex is that I cannot control myself and I usually come very quickly. Fucking Luz like that was no different from any of the other women that I had entered in that way, and I quickly felt the hot juices in my balls start to bubble as they demanded their release.

Luz must have sensed my desire because she began to push against me in time with my thrusts which made it almost impossible for me to hold the boiling cream in its place. I can remember screaming in frustration and Luz reached between her legs and took my balls in her hand and gently manipulated them so expertly that all my muscles relaxed as if to order and the flood began its inexorable rise to the surface.

We lay in the usual post-coital tangle, before Luz stretched herself out like a cat and turned to face me.

"You won't forget to bring plenty of money to the horse fair, will you?" The question was asked in silky smooth tones and try as I might I could not stop laughing.

I looked across the room and saw the devil standing by the window, but all the bastard did was shrug and then vanish. It looked like I was on my own, with the score now very definitely two-nil to Luz.

To be continued.

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