Monday, 13 February 2012

Maria de la Luz, Part Four

That Luz wanted me to take her to Texcoco did not come as any surprise since for three weeks or so every year it is the highlight of spring in the Valley of Mexico. The event is enormous, and involves an agricultural show, bull and cock fights, as well as just about all the major artists who sing in Spanish. Mexico being what it is, Sundays are when chaps take their wives and families to the event, and Fridays and Saturdays they tend to use the excuse of working late in the office, so that they can take their mistresses. Say what you like about the Mexicans, they may not be able to organise much, but when it comes to their horizontal lives things are worked out with an efficiency that amazes the outsider.

It was probably because she understood the world very well that Luz then went on to ask brightly if I wanted to go on a Friday or Saturday, and I told her that Friday of the following week would be fine with me.

"I take it that you are busy on Sundays," she said with a poisonous sweetness.

"Of course," I replied with a wink and a slap to the rump to get her to hurry up and finish dressing. "Isn't everyone?"

"Hmm, bring plenty of money, we'll need it."

I just grunted by way of reply. To be honest I was not really listening to her, which was my mistake because she took my lack of a firm reply as an acquiescence to her demand. I should have brought her to heel immediately and saved myself a lot of work later on. That said, had I done so I would not have had the pleasure of figging her, spanking her and then fucking her rigid before we went to the fair so I suppose that it all came right in the end. I suppose that the unpleasant days that came first will just have to be written off to experience. 

The trouble started the very next day. We had arranged to meet for lunch, that was due to be followed by another bout in bed, but Luz decided that she wanted to meet her friends first and spent the next hour introducing me to women that I had little or no interest in, but who were clearly impressed with me. I could see what was going on as Luz was making half the brown bangers in that part of town jealous as hell of her, so I reasoned that if it kept her happy then she was more likely to perform with extra enthusiasm in bed, but unfortunately all it did was make her more demanding.

Her next trick was to start wheedling me to driver her here, there and everywhere, and then start to sulk when I refused. Again, I should have been stricter with her from the start, but I found her pleading amusing, and it pleased me to do as she wished. Alas, all that happened was that Luz took my good nature as a sign of weakness, as women often do at times like that, and she began to demand more and more. I decided that a spanking was in order...

I got my chance to do that exactly a week after our first bout. The plan was to have lunch and then to work off the calories between the sheets, but Luz decided that she needed to go somewhere, but it would not take long, even though it did, so by the time I swung the car into yet another hotel car park - I could write a book about the lovers' hotels of Mexico, I really could - I was thoroughly out of sorts and in a mood to hear a young women whimper as her backside was blistered by my palm.

"Now then," I told her as the door closed behind us. "We need to have a little chat."

"What about darling?" Luz tossed her handbag onto the table where it spilled open. Then she came towards me and put her arms around my neck. She kept her head slightly down but looked up at me though her long lashes, her eyes wide open.

"I am sick of being your fucking taxi driver, and general dogsbody," I told her.

"What do you mean?" Jesus, I hate it when women pull that trick of answering with a question of their own. The aim is to bog the man down and try to pick holes in the narrative so as to lessen their own responsibility. It does not work with me, as all it does is increase my already rising sense of irritation. If fact, it virtually guarantees a good smacked bottom, as Luz was within seconds of discovering.

"I don't mind spending money on you; I don't mind pretending to give a shit about your friends, but I am fucked if I will be treated like the town arsehole when my cock is hard and a shag is on the cards." My humble English translation can barely give the flavour of the full obscene Spanish original, but trust me when I say that the words had their effect on Luz because she stepped back and licked her lips nervously.

Without giving her a moment to say anything I stepped forward, tossed up the fluffy white blouse that she wore outside her jeans and unbuckled her belt. Quickly I then unbuttoned the jeans and dropped the zip down. Spinning Luz around I grabbed hold of the blue garment on either side of her hips and yanked the denim down to mid thigh. After that it was the work of a moment to pick her up and carry her tucked under my arm to the bed where I sat down, hauling Luz into the traditional position across my knee. Once my right leg had been cocked over her thighs, all that remained was to hold her wrists in my left hand and pull down her knickers with my right. My hand was then raised above my head to begin the spanking, which was when Luz launched her counter attack.

To be continued

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