Monday, 30 August 2010

The end of Janus magazine?

Janus has suspended publication and is unlikely to ever publish a print edition again. The last copy which came out earlier this year lost money and that was the end as far as the publisher was concerned. The outfit may turn out the odd special edition from time to time, but to all intents and purposes, Janus is dead.

This is all a far cry from the 1970s when Janus rode supreme with a monthly print run of at least 10,000 copies. Today the magazine prints about 1,000 and cannot make money on even that small amount. What killed the brand was an inability to move with the times. Photo-stories that seemed so cutting edge thirty years ago now seem staged and artificial. People buy a DVD and watch genuine CP action from any number of producers who are located all over the world. If Janus had moved on-line a decade ago, perhaps by creating a members' site, then today the brand might still reign supreme.

As it is Janus is now merely a memory of what once was and which can never come again.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Polish policewomen on parade

Is it just me or is there something rather nice about these photos of newly minted Polish policewomen on parade?

The high heels, tight skirts and long hair suggest that Poland is a country where the old mores still hold sway. . . And something else as well. . .

The sheer submissiveness of the girls as they kneel before a man holding, yes, a cane, is a joy to behold!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Reform School 2

I have got a very busy week looming up in front of me, but never let it be said that I ignore my pals, especially the OTK fans amongst them. I have just uploaded a quite wonderful spanking clip to my on-line shop that I think will please even the most jaded amongst you. The spanking is not the hardest on record, but it does go on for rather a long time and it leaves the girl with tears streaming down her face and a very hot bottom indeed.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Cheerleader Paddling Photos

Does anybody know anything about this series of photos? I am very dubious about claims of authenticity for anything related to spanking, but these look real to me.

Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to mask the faces and the name of the school has been blurred from the side of the bus.

The guy sitting inside the bus is clearly enjoying himself and the fact that the photos were taken in the first place suggests that the action was not all that serious. Nevertheless the girls are wincing in the final shot below, obviously one of the the last in the series as they are all clutching their paddled rears.

The photos include one without a number, then a number two and a four. There is no three. If anyone can enlighten us on the mystery of who these people are and when the paddling took place I would be very grateful.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Off is where Facebook should fuck - but not yet

I was introduced to the joys of Facebook about a month ago and I wish that I had been kept in the dark about its joys. I am now on my fourth incarnation having been banned three times from the site already. Given that there are over half a billion members this must be one for the Guinness Book of Records. . .

The problem is that Facebook doesn't like in your face people of kink and my version of in your face is very up close and personal. Other people ran photos that they had nicked off the web; but I ran photos and video that I had taken myself. It got me blown away on three occasions in just over a month.

So should I call it a day and join, the kinky alternative to Facebook? No, thinks Uncle Nick, because Fetlife only appeals to those of us who have come to terms with the way we are: Facebook attracts a much wider membership, many of whom are people who had no idea that the sound of a bottom being smacked could be so very interesting - until they see my photos or watch one of my videos that is!

Alas those photos and videos are no longer on Facebook, as having to rejoin so often has become tedious. Links are there and hopefully that will not annoy Mrs Grundy too much. Striking the balance between Facebook's vanilla aims and my rather seedier ones is not easy, but let's hope that I have managed it on this the fourth attempt.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Does anybody remember Sex Tips for Girls?

Does anybody remember Sex Tips For Girls, a Channel 4 programme that went out in August 2001? Looking at the advert it looks as if I missed a god night's viewing. Does anybody have a copy that they are willing to give me so that the rest of us can see the show?

Saturday, 14 August 2010

College Classics 5

College Classics 5 is going live at my store over the weekend. . .

It stars a genuine husband and wife team of disciplinarians and is one of the 1980s videos that will be long remembered, mainly because of the anxious look on the face of the actress playing the head girl as she nervously waits her turn for the cane.

That caning, when it comes, is a joy to behold even today. The sight of this full-breasted female, bent submissively for the cane, is one that lingers in the memory for a long time after the clip has finished running.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Cinema Spankings: The Halfway House

The Halfway House is a now almost forgotten ghost story from 1944 which involves a group of travellers who fetch up in a mysterious inn. The spanking is rather amusing as an estranged married couple bicker about which of them gets first go at the hot water in the bathroom, a matter settled when the husband turns his wife over the bath and spanks her with the bath brush. Rather a nice scene I have always felt as her face dips into the water as she is undergoing her correction.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Caning Machine Story

Hands up anyone who can remember the Caning Machine. Very good - now do you know the story behind it? Thought not, so sit back while I tell it to you.

The guy in the video created this weird and wonderful contraption which had its first and only outing in the video. The girl on the receiving end was actually an Alitalia air-hostess a who doubled up in CP videos in her spare time.

The machine unleashed its cane across her buttocks causing her to leap around and scream blue murder. She grabbed her clothes and fled the set in a high temper, but was persuaded to return to complete the final scene. If you watch the above clip closely you will see the jump cut at the 45 second mark as that was the point where she did her runner.

Anyway, having calmed her down the girl then left and for reasons that are still unclear decided to go to the police who promptly raided the set where another video was being shot. Everyone was taken off to the nick and as soon as it became totally clear that nothing untoward had actually happened to the Italian girl, every copper in London insisted on seeing her bottom for himself, just to ensure that the evidence was fully documented. Then coppers and crew went off together and had a drink...

Could anyone make shit like this up?

Monday, 9 August 2010

London Spank Daddy scandal may break soon

A rumour is going around that Peter Jones, the author of Confessions of a London Spank Daddy is about to be outed - by his wife of all people. Obviously that his not his real name, and by all accounts his wife knew nothing of his extra-curricular spanking activities until she decided to break into his e-mails one day and found the Peter Jones account. Had he been content with the odd spanking encounter he might have go away with it all, but since writing his book it seems as if every woman and her sister has been writing to him - and to say that Mrs Jones was unhappy when she discovered all this is putting it mildly.

Peter is living away from the family home and there is talk of a divorce in the offing. If that happens that get ready for the tabloids to go into a feeding frenzy, but remember that you read it all here first.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Caned After School

Caned After School is one the the great gems of CP video and a must see for the caning aficionado. The girl on the receiving end of the correction became hysterical roughly half-way through the shoot, but remained in position to receive the full tally of strokes. As you will see when you download the clip, she didn't exactly enjoy the experience. . .

Friday, 6 August 2010

Spanking Memories: Helen

I haven't written a spanking memory since May, which means that it is past time to dig into the memory hole and pull another young madam out, dust her off, and present her for your amusement and delight. Today's naughty young thing, well, she was young in 1981, is Helen. Back in the day she was five feet nothing of pure sexual delight, a honey-blonde nurse who worked at Manchester's Royal Eye Hospital who was 22 when I knew her.

Helen accepted spankings as being par for the course for a girl who was a bit on the lippy side. Believe me, when Helen let her mouth run away with her she could be maddening in the extreme. The thing that I liked about her was that when she was being placed in the traditional position across a knee she would not plead for an reprieve from her well-earned spanking, rather she would whimper that is should not go on for too long, nor be too hard.

A relative of Helen's had got married and we went to the evening reception in Birmingham, Helen's home town. I was driving her back to her parents house where she was due to spend the night and we fell to arguing about something or other. I pulled the car over onto a patch of waste ground and lit a cigarette. The argument continued and I told Helen to shut up or I was going to spank her. She replied "you can't," in that sullen, resentful tone that women often adopt when they are out of sorts, so I just opened the driver's door, flipped my cigarette into the breeze and pulled Helen across my knee.

She hung outside the car with her long hair touching the ground. For some reason I didn't take the time to lift her skirt and pull down her panties, rather I simply smacked her across the skirt, first one buttock and then the other. The smacks were hard - probably the hardest I had administered up to that point - and they went on and on as I smacked one cheek and then the other.

During almost the whole spanking Helen lay across my knee, submissively accepting without a murmur the correction that I administered to her. At the end she dug her nails into my ankle and I gave her a final flurry of smacks before letting her rise.

She blubbered of course and much later she would tell me that she continued to feel the impression of my hand on her bottom for almost a week, so it was spanking that I was proud to have administered.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Free Spanking Video: Naval Discipline Download

You obviously enjoyed watching the Vida Garman section of Naval Discipline that I uploaded the other day, so here it is a as a download. As is always the case with these downloads, you have to wait a while for it to start if you are a free user.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Spanking Interviews: Kate

A spanking interview doesn't have to be recorded, as this one shows. Kate and I exchanged e-mails and all I have done is edit her text slightly so that her answers to my questions form a coherent narrative, however the words are pure Kate.

Kate had her 18th birthday in February this year and lives in Bournemouth. She has just completed a course in fashion design at her local further education college and is now considering her options. She lives at home with her mother and Colin, her step-father who spanked her when her behaviour called for it. Growing up she was spanked almost once a week, as she "was quite naughty," but by the time she was ready to leave secondary school the spanking were running at about one a month or fewer. The account which follows concerns a spanking which Kate remembers because it occurred very soon after her 16th birthday in 2008.

I can't believe he went rummaging in my room! There is no privacy in this house! He found a bottle of vodka and when I came in from school he was waiting for me behind the door. He just grabbed me by the arm and started waving the bottle in my face and basically asked me to explain myself. He sent me to my room and made me wait for ages. When he walked in he said that I was going to be going to bed with a sore bottom, no dinner and that I would be crying myself to sleep. I tried to say something but he just said he didn't want to hear a word out of me - he can be so mean sometimes... He spanked me over his knee, with his leg over mine to stop me kicking. . . It was so embarrasing as he lifted my skirt up and pulled my underwear down. I am not sure how many smacks he gave me, but there were lots and they were really quick. I guess about 50 or so?

I was wearing my school skirt, white blouse, school tie, socks, oh and panties and bra, lol. My panties? lol. I do remember but only because they were my pink cotton Hello Kitty ones. They were my favourites :)

Thanks for sharing your memories with us, Kate. Ladies, are you willing to join Kate in a spanking interview? Just drop me a line and let's discuss things.
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