Friday, 6 August 2010

Spanking Memories: Helen

I haven't written a spanking memory since May, which means that it is past time to dig into the memory hole and pull another young madam out, dust her off, and present her for your amusement and delight. Today's naughty young thing, well, she was young in 1981, is Helen. Back in the day she was five feet nothing of pure sexual delight, a honey-blonde nurse who worked at Manchester's Royal Eye Hospital who was 22 when I knew her.

Helen accepted spankings as being par for the course for a girl who was a bit on the lippy side. Believe me, when Helen let her mouth run away with her she could be maddening in the extreme. The thing that I liked about her was that when she was being placed in the traditional position across a knee she would not plead for an reprieve from her well-earned spanking, rather she would whimper that is should not go on for too long, nor be too hard.

A relative of Helen's had got married and we went to the evening reception in Birmingham, Helen's home town. I was driving her back to her parents house where she was due to spend the night and we fell to arguing about something or other. I pulled the car over onto a patch of waste ground and lit a cigarette. The argument continued and I told Helen to shut up or I was going to spank her. She replied "you can't," in that sullen, resentful tone that women often adopt when they are out of sorts, so I just opened the driver's door, flipped my cigarette into the breeze and pulled Helen across my knee.

She hung outside the car with her long hair touching the ground. For some reason I didn't take the time to lift her skirt and pull down her panties, rather I simply smacked her across the skirt, first one buttock and then the other. The smacks were hard - probably the hardest I had administered up to that point - and they went on and on as I smacked one cheek and then the other.

During almost the whole spanking Helen lay across my knee, submissively accepting without a murmur the correction that I administered to her. At the end she dug her nails into my ankle and I gave her a final flurry of smacks before letting her rise.

She blubbered of course and much later she would tell me that she continued to feel the impression of my hand on her bottom for almost a week, so it was spanking that I was proud to have administered.

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