Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Authentic Punishment Photos: Wendy's Response

 Yesterday I posted this rather delightful shot of a freshly caned rump which belongs to a certain 35 year old named Wendy. David, her husband and the man responsible for welting that naughty bottom sent the photo in, and I dropped him a line to ask if Wendy might be prevailed upon to give us her views on the matter.

Sure enough, here is her mail, reproduced in full:

Hello Sir,

 I have been instructed to write to you, hence this email. I refused initially but I was caned again. He showed me the post on your blog from Janice and the other ladies and he told me I got off lightly compared to the photo of the other lady's caned bottom. However, it seems that I can expect my future spankings to be more disciplinary punishment than the fun spankings which I have been used to.

When we got married he showed me the cane, he said he had caned his ex and told me that If I got out of hand he would use it on me. He did spank me a few times after arguments, he spanked quite hard, and I found it humiliating to be put over his knee and have my skirt raised or jeans pulled down, followed by knickers and then to be spanked like a naughty girl, this was completely different to what I call the fun spankings which were erotic. I was sure that the cane was just for show and that he probably had never used it before. Although I got a few playful strokes when dressed as a schoolgirl for a bit of marital fun, I thought he would never use it for punishment. Last week I learned he was not bluffing.

 I know I am waffling a bit here I am sorry if it doesn’t flow very well. I run my own successful business, separate from what my husband does, I founded and expanded the business and I am regarded as no pushover by those I employ and the companies I deal with. If you looked at us as a couple from the outside, I'm guessing most people would assume I am a bossy wife as well. So to be humiliated and punished is something that I dread anyone knowing about.

 It was horrifying to see a picture of my bare bottom on your blog, it’s bad enough that I was caned on my bare bottom, it was painful and humiliating to have to bend over and stay in position for each stroke, without the added humiliation of knowing anyone can see it. It was worse still that I had to look at it on my own PC in my office at work today, and I was told to leave the page and not close it down, I was at least permitted to have another page open so I could flick off it if someone came in my office. If anyone I do business with or any of my employees were to see my caned bum I cannot imagine it.

 Please don’t post this bit on-line - Please take the picture down. I know I deserved the cane and I accepted my discipline. I don’t know what I can do to convince you to take it down. I have been humiliated enough, I’m begging you to remove the picture.


You have to admire the pleading at the end, don't you? Alas for poor Wendy, this blog believes in maximum humiliation for recalcitrant females, so not only is the photo staying live, I have posted it again today.

 If you have a photo of a freshly disciplined female and you feel that it would be good for her soul to have it presented here then please send it along to: strictuncle@gmail.com

Monday, 9 June 2014

Authentic Punishment Photos: Wendy

Meet Wendy, who is a 35 year old businesswoman. More importantly, meet her bare bottom that had just received its first ever caning on the evening of Friday, the 30th May 2014.

Her husband, David, sent us the photo, and a couple of days later he followed up with this short message, just to set the scene: 

We are married and I introduced her to playful spankings prior to our wedding, after I warned her that I would spank her for punishment, if required. 

She is 35 years old and runs her own business, I can't say what it is for obvious reasons, but she employs 30 people and at work is a very demanding boss. She takes no messing at work but at home the tables are turned, and now I have explained that she cannot speak to me like she does to her employees or she will get caned again. I went a little easy as it was her first time with the cane although I gave it to her with no warm up as you can see. 

She is aware the photo will be put on line and is mortified at the thought. I have warned her that I may well post more photos in future and that now her behaviour has led to a caning I will be introducing her to more implements in future. 

Please let me know when it is due to go on-line, and I will pop into her office and show her on her work PC. Believe me, she will hate that. 

David, what can I say? That is what I call damned fine marksmanship, and I would be willing to bet that Wendy was a very good girl for several days afterwards, especially when she tried to sit down!

Please drop me a line and let me know how Wendy reacted to the news that a photo of her bare, freshly caned buttocks are all over the web. It's not just my blog, but you need to think about the Facebook crowd as well, because I will link to the post via that. Just think, one of the people who works for her could quite easily see the photo through a Facebook link. 

Well, look on the bright side - it should teach her to behave.

 If you have a photo of a freshly disciplined female and you feel that it would be good for her soul to have it presented here then please send it along to strictuncle@gmail.com.
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