Monday, 25 November 2013

Taken In Hand: Genuine Twentieth Century Spankings has now been published

Here is my latest book, folks, and I hope it meets with your approval.

I take the view that there is only one thing better than a spanking story and that is a real life spanking story. I wrote Taken in Hand with the intention of giving you ten of the very best accounts of real life, top notch spankings from the last century.

From naughty suffragettes,  via insolent flappers to disobedient wives, I have looked through the newspaper files to find you the very best accounts of genuine spankings, with the aim of tickling your fancies.

The 12,000 word  e-book is available at just £1.00 or $1.50 for my American readers. As always you can get it at Amazon UK, Amazon USA, and Smashwords.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

How not to make a spanking video

Here is an object lesson in how not to make a CP video.

Back in the late 70s and early 80s a lot of softcore producers decided to add a spanking or caning scene to their epics to try to add to the punter roster. The idea was that if the spanking fans could be added to the softcore aficionados then more money could be trousered away by the porn merchant.

The problem was that the models refused to be caned, but that did not deter the merchants who figured that if Johnny Punter was mug enough to buy videos featuring girls who were not actually being fucked, then he would be quite happy to also shell out for videos that featured girls who were not actually being caned...
Hence this appalling video which features a girl who is obviously thickly padded and not feeling a thing being whacked by a big haired dude with a frown on his face. The caning is not bad, but the problem is that it is so clearly faked that it just makes the viewer laugh. Needless to say, few of these videos were ever made, but they stand as an example of how not the do things.

On the other hand here is a link to some very good videos indeed!
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