Monday, 2 August 2010

Spanking Interviews: Kate

A spanking interview doesn't have to be recorded, as this one shows. Kate and I exchanged e-mails and all I have done is edit her text slightly so that her answers to my questions form a coherent narrative, however the words are pure Kate.

Kate had her 18th birthday in February this year and lives in Bournemouth. She has just completed a course in fashion design at her local further education college and is now considering her options. She lives at home with her mother and Colin, her step-father who spanked her when her behaviour called for it. Growing up she was spanked almost once a week, as she "was quite naughty," but by the time she was ready to leave secondary school the spanking were running at about one a month or fewer. The account which follows concerns a spanking which Kate remembers because it occurred very soon after her 16th birthday in 2008.

I can't believe he went rummaging in my room! There is no privacy in this house! He found a bottle of vodka and when I came in from school he was waiting for me behind the door. He just grabbed me by the arm and started waving the bottle in my face and basically asked me to explain myself. He sent me to my room and made me wait for ages. When he walked in he said that I was going to be going to bed with a sore bottom, no dinner and that I would be crying myself to sleep. I tried to say something but he just said he didn't want to hear a word out of me - he can be so mean sometimes... He spanked me over his knee, with his leg over mine to stop me kicking. . . It was so embarrasing as he lifted my skirt up and pulled my underwear down. I am not sure how many smacks he gave me, but there were lots and they were really quick. I guess about 50 or so?

I was wearing my school skirt, white blouse, school tie, socks, oh and panties and bra, lol. My panties? lol. I do remember but only because they were my pink cotton Hello Kitty ones. They were my favourites :)

Thanks for sharing your memories with us, Kate. Ladies, are you willing to join Kate in a spanking interview? Just drop me a line and let's discuss things.

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