Friday, 9 July 2010

Visiting some blogs 2

Getting started in the blogging game is easy: getting people to notice you is the difficult part. This blog ran for its first two weeks with about a dozen hits a day and I was getting seriously worried about reaching a wider readership. Three blogs came t0 my rescue, and i am going to dedicate today's blog round-up to them.

The first was Ludwig, the English-speaking owner of the Rohrstock Palast or Caning Place, if you prefer it in English. The blog runs in English and I wrote to Ludwig asking him to swap links with me. With commendable promptness, Ludwig had a look at my site, decided that he liked it and then put up a link from his place to mine. The hits started to increase.

Then Bonnie, the owner of My Bottom Smarts decided to lend a hand and without any prompting from me she linked to good old Uncle Nick. Verily the hits rolled in and we went from about 25 a day to roughly 800 on the day that Bonnie created her posting with the link to here in it.

Finally, Hermione, the Canadian authoress behind Hermione's Heart also ran a piece about this blog and from that moment on we went into orbit.

A German man, and two women, one American the other Canadian. . . What they have in common is simple: their blogs are well written mother-blogs that other people read to find out what is going on in this world of ours. For those of you who are thinking about creating a spanking blog, make sure that you read those three first to find out how it is done - and then ask them nicely to link to you!

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