Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Spanking clip round-up - and an apology

I have been so busy with my new video clip store that I have neglected the blog. Your Uncle Nick apologises for that, but the chance to earn money out of something that I enjoy is too good to miss. Thanks to this new venture of mine that is exactly what I am doing, but it is still time-consuming.

It is now thirty years since the first spanking video was produced. Some bright spark is bound to come along and say that something or other came out in 1979, but if it did I never got to see it. 1980 was when video took over from 8mm film as far as I am concerned, so that is when I date things from.

I have been given access to an enormous archive of 1980s spanking videos and basically told to help myself. A lot of the videos that I have previewed are garbage - it really is amazing that we put up with such crap all those years ago, and at prices that leave me open mouthed in amazement. Janus were charging £50 for a half hour video in the early 80s and they couldn't turn out enough copies to meet the demand.

That said, there are some gems in there and slowly but surely I am sorting the wheat from the chaff. Each video is edited by me to remove all the superfluous chatter that was used in those days to pad out a video, and then I tidy up the image as best I can. With luck and a fair bit of work I can get the picture and sound quality back to what they were thirty years ago.

So come along with me and let's take a trip down Memory Lane, back to a time when schoolgirls were always naughty, as were secretaries, nurses, and everyone else who wore knickers - and that's why they had to have them taken down!

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