Saturday, 17 July 2010

Competition Time

Let's have a competition and the winner gets a free clip from my store.

There have been quite a few real family people involved in the trade over the years. A mother and daughter combination are active in Liverpool at the moment and a father - daughter team used to work together about 15 years ago. However, there has only ever been one whole family who were involved in the trade at the same time, can you name them?

The husband and wife worked together and used a variety of names so just give me the name of one of their videos. The daughter only ever used one professional name so please give it.

Off you go!

Update @ 10.45am: Brian Buttred over at my Facebook page has got half the answer. The husband and wife were the team who worked together in College Classics 5. Good work Brian, and a clip is yours for your speedy response. For the rest of you, just name the daughter and win another clip!

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