Monday, 12 July 2010

Double Punishment, Part Two

Here is the second and final part of Victoria's Double Punishment and I hope that you enjoy it.

Various people have asked me if I have sex with the women that I spank and the answer is yes, invariably I do. Obviously not when I am hired by a studio to make a spanking video, but at other times of course I enjoy the girl and exercise a droit de seigneur over her.

We are interested in spanking as pleasure, of course, but how I first came to it was by seeing it all around me as an aspect of domestic punishment that went on in many homes when I was growing up. The man of the house would spank his wife when her behaviour warranted it, and he would often then bend her over the arm of a chair for a good seeing to of quite another sort.

So this is about control, about maintaining that control, and about who wears the trousers in a relationship. The spanking is the first part - the sex is the second - and they are inherently connected.


Anonymous said...

Another really good one. You should hire her again. Lying face down and strapping the ass is my favorite. Also like the sexy writhing around she does on the bed.

Anonymous said...

Great video.

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