Monday, 22 November 2010

The Take Three Girls Spanking

Although I say it myself, I was a handsome devil back in 1996, wasn't I? The spanking that I administered back then wasn't my greatest, but I was on video and the aim was to keep it going as long as possible. Joanne, the young actress on the receiving end, was clearly going orgasmic as my hand cracked down across her rump and that was another reason not to rush things. I have to be honest and say that when I am spanking a genuinely naughty girl then the intention is always to smack hard and fast so as to teach madam her lesson, but when it is a spot of video work I always aim to please the viewer, and I think that I did that back in 1996. Joanne wasn't complaining, either!

The clip comes from Moonglow, the new spanking magazine that is currently on sale at just £10.00, post paid. Click this link and take a look at what is on offer inside the full issue.

1 comment:

Raven Red said...

Uncle Nick

A handsome devil you might be...but the wickedness contained in those hands had left me praying for mercy..

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