Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Moonglow magazine is here!

Here she is folks - the first issue of Moonglow, the next generation spanking magazine. As editor what I have tried to do is combine the best of the old printed magazines with today's technology to bring you the future of our kink today.

Moonglow fits on a DVD disk, but it is burned using CD-Rom technology. You open it on any computer and as with all magazines you will see an index page.Just click on any link to go to the section that you want - an electronic way of flicking through a magazine.

The content will please even the most jaded spanking palate. I have included a reprint of the first ever edition of Blushes from the 1980s in PDF format so you can print it up if you want. Enough video to keep even the most demanding customer happy - would you believe over two hours of high quality spanking video? I have even included a blast from the real life spanking past with a report of the Darren Nesbitt and Ann Aubrey case from 1972, complete with reprints of all the newspaper coverage of the day.

All that and more for just £10.00 or $15.00 if you live in the USA. Just click this link to order your copy post free right now!

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