Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Raven's first spanking

Actually if you want to be pedantic, yesterday's spanking was not her first since I did have the lady across my knee a couple of weeks ago, but that affair was little more than a tickle, with yesterday's event being very much the real thing.

I suppose that I had a reason to spank her, but let's be honest it was just an excuse. Raven has been with me for three weeks and during most of that time I was ill with a nasty chest infection and then she came down with a cold so neither of us were in any mood for anything other than curing our respective illnesses. My strength is now returning and Raven's nasty cough is under control, so yesterday seemed like a good day to underline the respective male and female roles in this relationship.

We were in the bedroom and Raven probably had an idea of what was about to happen, certainly her shoulders sagged slightly as I began telling her why she was shortly to pay a trip across my knee. She made a rather feeble attempt at justification, but I told her in my best peremptory  manner that I wasn't interested in female prattle and then I pulled her across my knee, thus short circuiting any further tedious delaying tactics.

It was the work of a moment to haul up her skirt and then Raven's black satin panties came down in no time at all. I am not a great believer in delaying matters so once those preliminaries had been accomplished I proceeded to administer the spanking, alternating one cheek with the other, and bringing my hand down in a great arc from high above  my head to smack it with full velocity across Raven's upturned rump.

The nice thing about a good hand spanking is that it is pretty hard to overdue things since the aching in the arm and the tingling of the palm usually provides sufficient notice that the correction has been suitably administered. That said, I have been left with a rather badly bruised little finger, so perhaps I did allow my enthusiasm to get the better of me on this occasion. Raven received a good one hundred smacks, all laid on with the full weight of my arm behind each one, and was left visibly shaking when I allowed her to rise.

Since then madam has been rather subdued, and we shall see how she behaves over the course of the next few days before a final decision as to the full efficacy of yesterday's event can be made. However my gut feeling is that Raven is going to be very careful around me for the rest of this week at least.


Raven Red said...

Dear Uncle Nick

I do hope your that your bruised little finger recovers soon....



Raven said...

I, too, am quite concerned about the state of Uncle Nick's pinkie finger.

I'd suggest the future use of an aid, like a brush or something, but I fear I would lose Raven's valued friendship. So please pretend I have said nothing at all.



Uncle Nick said...

It's strange that you should suggest that, Pinkie, as today I found a rather decent hairbrush belonging to the Raven and I gave her a friendly pat with it. The look on her face as she rubbed her bottom was a delight.

Raven Red said...

Miss Pink, I will pretend that I did not see your pretend comment. Now I am sincerely hoping that Uncle Nick will follow suit.

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