Monday, 31 May 2010

Real Life Spanking: Derren Nesbitt & Anne Aubrey

Probably one of the more famous real life spankings occurred in late 1972 when the actor Derren Nesbitt (37) used an 18-inch leather thong on the bare bottom of his wife Anne Aubrey (35). Please click on the press report at left to read a full account of the event.

The only aspects of this case that are still unclear is Anne's position when undergoing her correction, and whether her knickers were down, or had been removed completely. According to the prosecution Derren "threw her face down on a sofa. Then he lifted her dress and took off her pants." However, the defence claimed that he "put his wife across his knee and spanked her with the strap," having first, in Derren's words, "pulled her pants down."

Whether it was face down on the sofa having been stripped of her panties completely, or across her husband's knee with the scanties hanging shamefully around her knees, what is not disputed is that she was then given "a good spanking," which made it "impossible for her to sit down."

Given the argument that had raged between them, it strikes me as unlikely that Derren would have had the wit to go and hunt for a leather strap to use on his wife's bottom. More likely the implement was to hand in the house which suggests that he had had cause to correct his wife's behaviour on other occasions. Sadly on this one it didn't work as Anne had found a new man and that is why all Derren's exertions came to nothing and why the matter ended up in court.

Still, £250 was not an enormous fine even in January 1973, and one hopes that the magistrate's order to destroy the thong was ignored by a sympathetic policeman who returned Derren's strap to him quietly one night.

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Starman said...

I remember reading this particular case at the time and thinking how appropriate the punishment.

Just think how the brattish behaviour of these so called "celebrities" might change if they received the same treatment as Anne Aubrey.

I'm thinking of Liz Hurley, Cheryl Cole and Christine Bleakley in particular.

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