Monday, 7 February 2011

Like mother like daughter, part three

With Lupita's face still pressed against the wall I glanced quickly around to take the room in view. Moll was still standing to one side, her mouth open and eyes as wary as a cat's, but my judgement was that provided I didn't decide to actually kill her mother then she would remain on the sidelines. I grinned at her and gave her a wink.

"Don't worry," I said in English. "Your mother will find it difficult to sit down for a day or so, but that's all."

Molly's body relaxed and she stepped back a couple of paces to lean on a sideboard that ran along one wall of the room. Looking to my left and away from her I saw a rather nice, high-backed chair with two arms that curved down to join the front legs but which had about 18 inches of space between them and the chair's cushion. I decided that the chair would do nicely, and holding Lupita with one hand I began to release my belt from its trouser loops with the other. Then I held it up in front of Lupita's face so that she would know exactly what was about to happen to her, and her eyes widened as the realisation of her predicament dawned on her.

"Now you listen to me very, very carefully," I told her, annunciating every word and speaking in a soft but determined tone. "I am going to put this belt across your arse and you are going to learn your place.  It's either that, or I phone Pedro and tell him that you are not performing like a good little whore should. If I do that," I went on remorselessly, "then a sore backside is going to be the least of your worries, isn't it?"

Lupita sagged against me. She didn't say anything and  kept her head down, obviously so I couldn't read her face, but I was willing to bet that it had a look of utter resignation on it. I knew that I didn't need to hold her arms anymore and as I let them go she folded them across her ample breasts.

Throwing the belt over my shoulder I simply took Lupita by the arm and marched her to the chair that I planned to bend her over. To say that she skipped merrily to her punishment would be a lie, but she didn't put up the struggle that I expected a wild cat like that to do. She resisted by forcing me to half drag her along, but she walked and did not need to be carried. Her teeth were clenched and she kept glancing at the ceiling as if appealing to whatever god she worshipped to rescue her from what was to follow.

As we got to within a pace of the chair I pushed Lupita forwards, using my right foot to trip her up, so that she fell towards the arm of the chair. I grabbed her under the waist with one hand and held onto her neck with the other. Then I pushed her down so that her face brushed the cushion and I could manipulate her body so that her head and shoulders were under the far arm, her stomach resting on the near one, her rounded buttocks straining against the material of her dress.

"Please," she said, quietly. "Please, I will do whatever you want. You're right about me, I do know how to please a man. Let me up and I'll show you."

She tried to reach behind her, obviously aiming to take my balls in her hand, but my mood was far from charitable that day.

"Listen, darling," I told her. "I know that you will please me after I have given you a taste of my belt. I absolutely guarantee that you will perform to my entire satisfaction. And if you don't, then you can feel its kiss again - understand?"

Without waiting for a reply I lifted Lupita's dress and left it resting against the small of her back. She was wearing tights - a hideous garment cursed by God I am sure - and I didn't waste a second in pulling the nylon down to the owner's knees. Lupita's bottom was now only protected by thin pink cotton panties. I paused for a moment to admire the view as I had to admit that for a forty year old Mexican, Lupita didn't look all that bad, but duty called as it always does and I peeled the final layer of protection down and left them hanging pathetically just above the tights.

She began to move, not violently, but she did wiggle her hips to try and keep her buttocks in motion, obviously thinking that a moving target would be harder to hit. Stupid woman - all it did was make her look more desirable and leave me wondering how she would move when the belt had really livened her up?

"Right, madam," I told her. You're going to get twelve, it's going to hurt, and you're going to wish that you had not raised your hand to me long before it's over." Crack! I brought the folded black leather down across her helpless, upturned buttocks.

I looked at Molly and saw that she had an unlit cigarette in her mouth and was fishing in her bag for her lighter. No problems were going to come from that quarter I realised. Crack! I whacked the belt down a second time on Lupita's bottom.

Her gyrations had become quite intense, but she had not uttered a sound up to that moment. I wondered how long her stoicism would last when the leather really began to bite? Crack! Bite it did for the third time, and with all the strength of my arm behind it.

That was enough for Lupita. She turned to look at me as best she could given her position with her head trapped under the arm of a chair, and I saw the liquid glow of tears forming in her eyes. Crack! Went the belt across her buttocks once again. Crack! I let fly with another stinger, and Luipta tried to raise her head, failed and let out a long low moan.

"Please, have pity," she said. Crack! The pity was all used up that day, as I stepped back to admire my handiwork with the chastisement half way to its completion. Lupita's buttocks were now a bright red, with an admittedly brighter glow on the right cheek. I moved around to the other side so that I could even up the colouration with the remaining strokes. That brought Molly straight into my line of sight and I was pleased to see that she was watching the proceedings intently, mouth open slightly, her cigarette burning away unnoticed between her fingers. I cocked an eyebrow in her direction and was rewarded with a smile..

Crack! The belt came down a seventh time and Lupita broke down in tears with the sheer emotion of it all. You really would have needed a heart of stone not to laugh., but luckily I have one and I brought the belt down through a great swishing arc to crash against the bright red buttocks that lay at the end of the journey. Crack!

Crack! Crack! Crack! I laid on three in quick succession, as Lupita began to howl and kick her legs in a futile attempt to avoid the retribution that was not over yet.

Crack! The penultimate stroke hit home, but Lupita was too far gone to care that she only had one more cut to endure. She was now close to hysteria and sobbed with great gulping gasps as she fought to take air into her lungs.

I paused for a moment, long enough for Lupita to think that her punishment was over. Nobody said a word and the only sound in the room was the wretched woman's sobs.

"One more to go," I told her.


Crack! The belt hit its target for the twelth and final time. Molly let go of her mother's hands and I took a step back to admire my handiwork. Lupita's buttocks were a fiery red and I was pleased to see that both buttocks were now of a similar colour. I doubted that Lupita would thank me for my efforts, in fact I doubted that she was going to be in a postion to do anything for quite some time as her sobs had a touch of hysteria about them.

Which was a pity as the fucking was about to commence...

To be continued.

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