Saturday, 19 February 2011

A fine example of a bloody woman

I was chatting on Skype to Raven Red yesterday and she told me about a married friend of hers in the UK who would like to meet a disciplinarian who would correct her behaviour when needed, but who would not take advantage of her apr├Ęs-spank state to give her a jolly good rogering. Needless to say, everyone's favourite uncle fell about laughing at the sheer notion of such a lunatic idea.

"What kind of man would travel half way across the country to put a young chit in her place and then not give her a seeing to afterwards? I mean the whole point of a spanking is to reduce an insolent madam to the level of the obedient little girl. There is nothing finer," I concluded, and although I say it myself I was in fine fettle that night, "than to have a freshly spanked female. She is usually so keen to obey, that I find the sight rather touching."

"Yes, and that's why," began Raven, but I was in no mood to be interrupted by her female desire to prattle.

"And another thing," my voice boomed out, "what kind of woman would really expect such a man to even exist?"

Of course in the past year I did come across one such female, but once I realised what her power kick was my anger was such that she did a runner. You can read the whole sorry tale at this link, but that is not the point. Most normal females are looking for a man who will bring them to heel and that involves the bedroom as well. Otherwise what's the point?

"More pertinently," I went on, warming to my theme, "what would I get out of the deal, other than a sore hand and a banging great hard-on?"

"Absolutely," replied Raven. "And that is why I never thought of asking you to be her disciplinarian," she concluded, in hemlock sweet tones.

Bloody woman.


joey said...

my word u think ahead so there uncle nick

Raven Red said...

Sometimes it is wise to let a woman prattle...(GRIN)

Uncle Nick said...

I do indeed, Joey, I do indeed. Many years of experience of women who want to take fellows for a ride has taught me to do that. Now I, ahem, ride them...

I shall ignore females who have nothing better to do than troll the web today.

Darling C said...
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