Thursday, 24 February 2011

Two Cuban Sisters, Part Six

Maria climbed to her feet, and then helped the still distraught Elena to rise. Both girls looked up at me piteously, Maria holding her sorely tried bottom as Elena tried to organise her skirt so that it did not get too wet from her little accident as it were. I decided that Elena really needed to be told what to do, and whilst she was doing it I would entertain myself with Maria.

"Elena," I told her. "Go and find the bathroom and have a nice long shower. Then wash your clothes and leave them to dry while you are with us in the bedroom." I paused at looked at her ripe, melon-like boobs. "Better make it a quick shower," I concluded.

Maria was next and I turned to give her the order that would take us to the bedroom, but before I could open my mouth she had given her sister a final glance and turning on her heel she began to walk stiff-legged to the bedroom, still holding her bottom gingerly.

We reached the door of what I assumed was the bedroom and Maria opened it. Yes, that was a bedroom, as there was a double bed, and as Maria entered the room I gave her a firm but friendly pat to the rear to encourage her along.

"Nooooo," she yelped, obviously feeling that further ministrations on my part were not needed. What can you do with women, eh? I was only trying to be friendly.

Standing by the side of the bed I was expecting Maria to try and dissuade me from mounting her, but she surprised me by quickly shuffling off her clothes, and then stood in front of me in all her magnificence, hands behind her back, her chest trust out so that I could admire her fine bouncers. She had the most delightful smile on her face, and she cocked her head to one side as women often do, before pouting prettily at me.

"You have a heavy hand," she said, increasing the pout level substantially.

She smiled a trifle ruefully I thought and then surprised me again by pulling my polo shirt over my head and tossing it to the floor. Then she slowly unzipped my jeans and reached inside, brushing her hand through the opening in my boxer shorts to take my throbbing hardness in her hand. Her smile widened as she felt it grow in her hand.

"It's big," she said quietly, a thickness coming to her voice.

Maria unbuttoned the jeans and then pushed them down over my hips so that they fell around my ankles. I sat down to remove my sandals and the denim, and as I did so Maria knelt in front of me and without any fuss took my cock in her mouth. For the next few minutes the only sounds in the room came from her mouth as she sucked my hardness and my groans of pleasure as she did so.

Eventually I stopped her and stepped out of my shorts. Then I signalled her to climb into bed. Maria got to her feet, but instead of getting straight into bed she wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered a plea in my ear to be gentle.

"Of course I will," I told her. You're a good girl now, aren't you?"

Maria nodded her head and then got into bed, wincing as the mattress touched her freshly spanked bottom. She gingerly turned to lie on her side, something which made me smile slightly to watch. That smile turned into a huge grin as I saw that Elena was coming into the bedroom. She was as naked as her sister, her wet clothes in one hand. Deftly she placed them over a chair and then without a murmur she got into the bed to lie next to her older sister.

There was nothing else for it but to climb in between them. Looking at our respective skin colours I felt like the cheese in a lightly toasted sandwich. I said something about it to the girls and it made them both giggle deliciously.

I was on my back and I took the girls' necks in each of my hands and first one then the other, I brought them over to kiss me, each kiss long and slow and lingering. When I was kissing Maria, for perhaps the second or third time, Elena leaned over and took my cock in her mouth. I thought at that moment that I had left the earth behind and entered the gates of paradise.

Maria began to squirm, at first I thought that it was the mattress touching her bottom again, but then I realised that it was pure arousal that made her move her hips like that and open her mouth in almost a snarl. I reached down to touch between her thighs and was delighted to feel her slick, warm wetness. This girl was ready; I resolved to take her first.

I turned Maria onto her stomach and placed a pillow under her tummy. Then I climbed between her thighs from the rear and mounted her. My cock slid smoothly into her wetness,and as I pushed it slowly home she exhaled deeply in time with the thrust.

Slowly, because there was no need to hurry at all, I thrust in and out of Maria's tight warm body,  slow and steady strokes, my cock moving with the same remorseless intent as the piston on a steam engine.  Then,  I pulled my cock out until just the uppermost tip was between her lips and waited, waited as she wriggled her hips to try and take more of it. 

"Please," she said, laughing at her own plight, and I drove my cock home, firmly up to the hilt. Then I repeated the procedure and Maria began to pant more and more, her hips rising to meet each thrust, her red, well-spanked buttocks pressing lewdly into my stomach as I drove into her, harder and harder, faster and faster.

Maria began to pant heavily, a scream built up inside her throat and then escaped  to bounce off the walls with a deafening intensity. She took one of my hand and put the knuckle into her mouth, her hips moving at a frantic rate, and then she sunk her teeth into the knuckle, biting so hard that I thought she must have drawn blood as she reached her moment of ecstasy.

I collapsed on top of her and planned to rest for a while, but I felt Elena's hand on my back and turned my head to look at her. She was lying on her side, watching us intently between hooded eyes, one hand on a breast, idly stroking her nipple, keeping it hard and firm. I climbed off Maria's back and as I did so Elena rolled over onto her back and opened her thighs to receive me. As I climbed between her legs she reached down and took my hardness in her hand, guiding it into her body with a practised ease.

She may only have been 18 but Elena knew how to milk a bull! As I drove into her body she thrust her hips up in time with my drives, squeezing her inner muscles as tightly as she could as each stroke went home, her nails raking my back so deeply that she drew blood.

"Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Harder!" Elena urged me on to pleasure her with greater vigour and I increased the speed and intensity of my thrust in response to her demands.

I felt my balls filling, becoming heavier, and I thrust into her body, the sweat dripping from my face, my cock hard and powerful, pushing into her body time and time and time again. Elena reached behind me and I felt her fingers probe my rear, then incredibly she pushed her middle finger into my rectum, holding it there with the tip inside me, circling it around and around, opening my body. I tried to clench the muscles but her finger was stronger, and I at that moment my balls could not longer hold their hot liquid and I spilled my seed into her, both of us crying out at the final moment.

The three of us lay in a heap, all sated by our experience. I was stunned by the difference between the two sisters; Maria had behaved pretty much as I expected a newly disciplined girl to act, but Elena had been a delightful surprise. I must be honest and say that I have never known a female like her, every other girl or woman that I have been forced to discipline has behaved like Maria: Elena was and is totally unique in her response.

Time marched on and we all went to shower together and then after getting dressed we left the house and returned it to its rightful owner. That man was sat patently outside chatting to a neighbour and looked quite relieved that we were leaving. Although it has to be said that he was quite happy to take delivery of a handful of Mexican notes, and told me that I was welcome any time - so long as I brought my wallet, presumably.

I saw the girls again over the following week, but there was no need to spank either of them again as both were obedient with none of the provocations that had led to such sore bottoms on the night that we had met. I made love to Elena on the Havana promenade one night during yet another blackout, and Maria took my cock in her mouth in the back of a taxi the following evening, but when I think of those two charmers I think of the night when I took two Cuban sisters and spanked the naughtiness out of them before fucking them both until we were all so exhausted that we could barely walk afterwards.

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