Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Two Cuban Sisters, Part Four

"What have I done?" Maria wailed with the eternal cry of the female who knows that retribution is heading her way at a rate of knots, but hopes to avoid the inevitable with a succession of silly questions.

I put a stop to this old nonsense by grabbing the girl firmly by the shoulders and giving her a good shake. Then I pushed her against a wall and spoke quietly into her ear, annunciating every word with extra care:

"Now you listen to me, madam. If you are going to pick fellows up on the street then you had better have a stack of condoms handy, otherwise be prepared to be ridden bareback. Do I look as if I get pregnant? Don't you think that a whore going out without a condom is like a carpenter without a saw? It's a tool of your fucking trade!"

"I'm not a whore," Maria wailed.

"Yeah? What do you call a girl who takes money for sex? Mother fucking Teresa?"

"I only do it when I want something," Maria whimpered. Clearly her desperation to avoid the spanking that was now just seconds away had interfered with her ability to reason logically - although she was a woman so maybe that was her normal mode?

In any event I was in no mood to listen to any more prattle so I put a stop to further debate by spinning the wretched girl around and encircling her waist with my right arm. Then I picked her up to leave her body dangling against my right hip. Leaning slightly to the left so as to hold her in that helpless position I walked purposefully over to a sofa that sat in the middle of the room.

I dropped her to her feet and before she had time to figure out her next move I promptly sat down and yanked her across my left thigh. Before Maria had time to even open her mouth my right leg was cocked over her thighs and both her wrists were held in left hand. With the other hand I flipped up her skirt to reveal a firm, pair of  golden olive buttocks, clad only in a black thong. I paused for a moment to consider the admittedly rather pleasing view, and then I hooked my fingers into the elastic of her scanties and started to peel them down.

"Noooooo"! Maria started to howl and kicked her legs like a wild horse. She turned her head to the left to look at me imploringly: "Noooooo! Nooooo! Not on the bare, please, please not on the bare," she pleaded.

"Don't be silly," I told her, letting go of her panties and giving her rump a firm smack. "You are wearing a thong - it leaves your bottom bare as it is!

Yes, yes, it does," said the increasingly anxious girl.

"It gives you no protection at all, does it?

"No it doesn't," Maria agreed, shaking her her head frantically.

"Fine, so it doesn't matter if I pull it down then," and pull the thong down I promptly did, to the accompaniment of a howl that was ear shattering in its decibel level.

The spanking began with a succession of solid smacks on alternate cheeks of Maria's upturned rump that left her bottom a bright red. She clenched the cheeks of her bottom to try and reduce the size of the target and ludicrously pressed her stomach into my leg as if the extra inch or so of space that she gained would somehow serve to shield her defenceless buttocks from my hard male palm.

As the spanking progressed Maria twisted her upper body so she could turn her face towards me, obviously feeling that if I could see the look of anguish on her face then I would take pity on her plight. As each smack cracked across her bare bottom she winced, and bit her lower lip, her eyes rapidly filling with tears.

"Please, please tell me what I have done," she blubbered eventually, with a question so ludicrous that it made me pause my labours for a moment whilst I considered my reply.

"Do you want the whole list or just the main three or four reasons? I asked. How about your failure to even have a room prepared for us to go to? Do you think that I enjoyed the guided tour of Havana by night?

Without waiting for a reply I began to spank her again, and for some reason I gave Maria twenty-five smacks, each one bouncing over her bottom to leave the imprint of my hand firmly engraved on the cheeks of her helpless bottom. Maria wailed like a banshee as the correction continued on its remorseless course, wriggling her bottom with an unconscious lasciviousness, in a desperate attempt to avoid her well merited spanking.

Again I stopped and rested a moment before speaking to the helpless girl again:

Are you planning to forget your condoms again?

I started the spanking again, and again I landed twenty-five smacks to that upturned bottom. I laid on those smacks with all the force of my arm behind them, and Maria threw back her head and howled in impotent helplessness, her feet drumming a constant tattoo on the floor as she tried to break free from my iron grip.

"Planning to go running off again?  That's why the damned cops got involved in all this, isn't it? You and Elena in the street!"

Once again I began to smack Maria's poor, swollen and very red bottom. As with the previous sessions I administered twenty-five smacks, first to one cheek and then the other, as the  by then well chastised girl sobbed the tears of bitter repentance, but still managed to find the spirit to continue her futile attempts to break free and end the discipline.

"Do you want me to go on?" I asked, rhetorically.

"Nooooo! Nooooo! Nooooo! Please, please stop, wailed Maria, and all of a sudden her struggle ceased and she lay, totally conquered and completely unable to mount any further resistance across my knee. To prove the point I released her wrists from my grip, and unhooked my leg from its position atop her no longer scissoring thighs. Then I smacked her bottom again. Hard, solid smacks which Maria could have avoided just by climbing of my knee, but she didn't as I knew she wouldn't. She just lay there, her body twitching with each smack, waiting obediently like a good girl should for her ordeal to end.

The spanking was over, I decided, as I sat back and let Maria sob her heart out across my knee. She lay  there in a state of total submission and made no attempt to rise. Eventually, I lifted her up and placed her head on my shoulder. Instinctively she wrapped her arms around my neck and sobbed her heart out, her tears splashing on my cheek.

Suddenly I heard a noise to my right. Turning to see what it was I saw that the door was open - I must have left it on the latch, but I was sure that I had closed it - and two of the cops were stood in the doorway with big grins on her faces. Stood between them was Elena who wasn't grinning at all. In fact she looked decidedly unhappy as I let Maria fall gently to the floor and went to take charge of her younger, but equally guilty, sister.

To be continued.

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