Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Two Cuban Sisters, Part One

Cuba may be a long way from the United Kingdom, but Havana is a short hop of just over an hour from Mexico City and quite a few Mexicans nip over there for weekends. I was last there in 2005 which was when I not only had the pleasure of smacking two Cuban girls' bottoms, but I also discovered the sheer delight that mixing the lecture in with the spanking brings. Well, brings to me, I really can't say what the girls feel since I haven't actually asked any of them. Best not to, really, since they would probably moan vociferously and have to be spanked all over again  for their sauce.

Havana had suffered hurricane damage shortly before I arrived and although she looked as lovely as ever, power blackouts were still the order of the day and night as the power grid was slowly repaired. I was staying at the hotel Nacional de Cuba and even that was running on backup power so I decided one evening after dark that a walk along the promenade was called for, and I left the hotel, walked down a an incredibly steep, but thankfully short, street called la Rampa and crossed the main road to the promenade. 

Havana is blessed with lots of places to sit and I chose stone bench shaped like a horseshoe to sit down and have a cigarette. The back of the bench was about five feet high, obviously to shade the  area during  the day, but at night in a city without power it created a very private spot indeed.  The sky was moonless that night and literally the only light was provided by my pocket torch. Having lit my cigarette I switched the torch off to save the battery and that was when my night's adventure began.

"Switch the light back on," cried a female voice from somewhere in front of me. She spoke with the accent of Cuba so was obviously not a tourist, and curious to see who was sharing the seats with me I flicked on my light.

Sitting about ten feet away on the other side of the horseshoe were two girls, both in their late teens or early twenties and both wearing thin cotton skirts and the usual garish T-shirts that all Latin-Americans seem to love so much.

"Want to join me?" I asked, waving the pair of them over. Both girls promptly scampered across to sit on either side of me.

"My name's Maria," said the slightly taller of the two who was sitting on my right. I liked the way my torch shone its light through her long black hair and made it seem translucent. I was also impressed by the way her heavy breasts moved of their own accord under her Dallas Cowboys shirt. Cuban women are noted throughout the region for their love of the bra-less look.

"I am Elena," chirped the voice to my left. Her twin girls were just as large as the pair carried by Maria, and equally free to roam beneath a T-shirt that advertised Joe's Body Shop in Ontario.

"Sisters?" I asked after inspecting both of them with the light.

"Yes," Elena sang, in her quite delicious voice.

"How old are you both?"

"I'm twenty," Maria replied for the two of them, "and Elena is eighteen."

"How nice... And what are you plans for the evening?"

"We don't have any," replied Maria. "Where are you taking us?"

The nice thing about speaking the local language is that you don't have to spend an arm and a leg in the tourist traps, so at my urging the girls took me to a quite bar where we could sit and talk. Very well, quiet is relative because no Latin bar can be truly quiet and the place was actually quite raucous, but at least they didn't want to charge me in dollars for the local firewater that they served.

Both girls were students: Maria was about to enter the third year of her four year degree course at the University of Havana, and Elena was eagerly anticipating her entry to the university having just left school. The girls lived with their mother on the other side of town and the conversation ran far and wide as two bright eyed and seriously sexy girls giggled and flirted the evening away.

I danced with Elena who wrapped her arms around me and wanted to know if I liked her enough to go somewhere with her? Then Maria nibbled my ear and wondered the same thing. I put both girls minds at rest by telling them that I quite fancied the pair of 'em and where could we go so they could ride the cock horse?

The two girls looked at each other and proceeded to giggle some more. Then Maria told me that maybe it would be better another night because they had to get up early the next day to go shopping as they wanted to go and buy shoes, and would I like to take them, and...

I put a stop to this nonsense by offering them cold hard cash there and then. Frankly the thought of being dragged around the shops by one female is bad enough, but any man who agrees to go shopping with two is insane. I still think that I got the better of the deal.

As we left the bar little did any of us know that before the night was out both girls would be nursing very sore bottoms indeed, but that was in the future. Standing outside the bar with Elena on my arm as we waited for Maria to join us everything seemed wonderful.

To be continued.

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