Friday, 11 February 2011

Like mother like daughter, part four

I suppose at this point you are expecting to be told that I dragged both women to the bed and rogered the pair of 'em so rigid that they couldn't walk properly afterwards. Sorry, folks, but it is not my style to drag anyone anywhere. Lupita was going to do as she was told because all her options had been closed off. As for Moll, well, I was prepared to wait and see what happened with her. Anyway, I left Lupita blubbering, took off my clothes, climbed into bed and lit a cigarette.

"Are you planning to cry all day, because this cock needs attention?" I remarked as I ground the remains of my cigarette out on an ashtray. To show that I was serious I threw back the bed covers so that Lupita could see my blue veiner, which though I say it myself was in a fine cervix tickling form that afternoon. The two women exchanged a few words and then Moll came over and sat on the bed next to me, leaving my good self thinking that Christmas had arrived early that year. Alas I was soon to be disappointed.

"I am leaving," said Moll, with a smile that my feverish imagination decided was wistful. "Enjoy yourselves."

As the door closed behind her I saw that Lupita had ceased her theatrics and was undressing herself. She had a look of determination on her face as she climbed into bed and without so much as a by your leave took my throbbing hardness in her hand.

"Now then," she said, very quietly and without once batting an eyelid. "I am going to show you what a Durango whore can do."

So she was from Durango, was she? I could tell from the accent that she was a northerner, and Durango is an arid lump of desert that is good only for cacti, thieves and tarts. Durango made sense as her home state.

Give Lupita credit she did show me what a Durango whore could do, and what she did she did incredibly well. I had tried to sit up as she climbed into bed but she pushed me onto my back and then straddled me as if I was a stallion that she was about to ride. Which I suppose in a way I was...

"I hate those things," I told her as I spied the condom that she had seemingly conjured up from nowhere. "It's like having a bath with my socks on."

Lupita didn't say anything, she just bit her lower lip and started to fondle a breast with one hand. Then she started to thrust her pelvis backwards and forwards, groaning softly all the while as she did it. Once she had my undivided attention, which didn't take long let's be honest, she bent forward to take my hardness in her mouth - and before I knew what was happening the condom had been fitted nice and snugly over my cock! That's right, she had somehow placed it in her own mouth and then fitted it over me as she deep throated my cock. Only Lupita and another Mexican trollop named Marina, about whom more will be said another day, have ever done that trick on me and it is still the only way that I will allow young Nick to go out with an overcoat on.

Having got me kitted out, Lupita then climbed aboard and immediately took my sword all the way up to its hilt. In spite of her 40 years she was still tight inside, and I slid into her warm wetness with ease. She used her muscles to hold me once I was inside her and placed her hands on my shoulders to hold me down. I tried to push backwards against the mattress so that I could get some room to allow my cock to drive into her again, but as I pulled back she pushed down so remained embedded in her, unable to move. To be honest the tables had been well and truly turned.

"What's the matter, güero?" she asked, using the Mexican word for a white man.

I laughed and tried to use my strength to push her back, but she had ridden many a man before me and knew how to use her position to overcome my superior strength. Whether I liked it or not, Lupita was in control.

She lifted herself up slightly so that only the tip of my cock was inside her lips. Every time I tried to push further in she pulled away, slowly grinding herself in circles to keep my cock hard but not allowing me to shaft her properly. I felt the frustration build up inside me and so did Lupita as she began to let me push inside her a little more, but maddeningly not enough to really give her the fucking that I wanted to give. She had a grin on her face because she knew exactly the effect that she was having on me as she built up the pressure in my balls until they began to feel dull and heavy, aching for their release.

I somehow managed to push her hands away from my body and then I could put my hands underneath her and lisft her body away from mine. I literally lifted her off me and for a few seconds held her up and over me before I dumped her to one side. Then I put Lupita on her back and climbed aboard her for the final ride home.

"So you are a man, after all, are you" she mocked. "Finally figured out how to fuck a woman... Yes, yes, give it to me, harder, harder than that. Make me scream, güero, make me scream."

So I did. I drove into as hard and fast as I could, and every time I pushed my cock into her slick wetness she clenched her muscles so that I had to drive past them and that excited me still further. I felt my balls filling, getting ready to empty, and that, of course, was exactly what this expert whore wanted.

"I am coming! I am coming!" I cried out as I felt my release happening.

Within seconds of our bout ending Lupita had climbed out of bed, and within five minutes she was showered and dressed, all ready to leave.

"You will keep your promise," she said. It was a statement, not a question.

I nodded and gave my word that I would. I did too, and Pedro got his loan I'm pleased to say.

"Why were you such a prime bitch earlier?" I asked her.

"I thought all that was behind me," she said with a shrug.

"El que no transa no avanza," I reminded her. In Spanish the words rhyme perfectly and mean that if you don't hustle you don't get anywhere. Only a fool is honest, and Mexicans may be many things but stupid they are not.

Lupita nodded at the truism and picked up her bag.

"Call me if you fancy a repeat performance," I said to her back as she walked to the door. She didn't answer, she just raised her arm in a farewell salute and without looking back at me once, opened the door, walked through it and closed it behind her.

I never saw her again.
I suppose that you are wondering about Molly aren't you? Well, a couple of months later she got in touch, seeking out a favour. She was at a university where I had connections and had managed to fail  some of her exams that semester. Luckily I knew one of her tutors and it was a simple matter to call him  and sort matters out in the traditional back-scratching way. He was only too pleased to help since it put me in his debt and you never know when a friend might come in handy, do you?

Molly and I met on afternoon in the same hotel that I had used with her mother and I am pleased to report that Moll performed with all the enthusiasm  for the cock that he mother had so singularly lacked. That said, she didn't have one ounce of her mother's expertise at milking a bull pretty much to order: still she was a good rattle for all that.

We saw each other from time to time, usually when Molly needed something, and give her credit she never  once tried to cheat me out of my payment. 

You are wondering why I am not giving you a full report, I can tell. That's because I never spanked her - not once. I remmeber one day asking her why she was such a good girl? Her reply had me in fits of laughter:

"My mother couldn't sit down for days after you had spanked her!"

So I never got to spank Molly, but it is nice that my strictures to a mother had been so well taken on board by her daughter.


Spank-A-Lot said...

Lovely story!! Though I am sure you could have "sneaked" in a spanking then for Molly's failing grades ;)
nevertheless, very nice and a great spanko-life you must have had!!

Uncle Nick said...

Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I haven't done too badly have I?

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