Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Two Cuban Sisters, Part Two

Once Maria had joined us we climbed aboard a contraption similar to the one that I had photographed that afternoon. I sat Elena on my knee and idly stroked her bottom whilst I waited for one of the girls to tell the bicitaxi driver where we were going.

The problem was that it quickly became apparent that she didn't have a destination in mind. She looked at Elena, who quickly found something interesting to look at on the other side of the street and then she turned to me with a look of utter helplessness in her eyes.

"Where shall we go?" she asked.

"Do I sound like a Cuban to you? I think I sound like someone from Mexico City who is here on holiday and doesn't have a clue where to go," I replied, trying to choke back my laughter. It still seemed funny at that point as I assumed that eventually one of the girls would think of something.

One of them did and we went off on a wild goose chase to a flat that a friend lived in, but he had gone out for the evening. The bicitaxi fellow said that he had a cousin who might help so we set off in the direction of God knew where, but the cousin was entertaining a lady and needed the bed for himself and her.

Finally the girls came up with a third address and this time the occupant, who was yet another cousin, was not only at home, but he was alone and more than happy to take some money off me to vacate his property for an hour or two. If this sounds incredible then we are talking about Latin-America here and the whole region works on mores of its own, but Cuba adds an extra layer of incredibleness to the pot. Basically, people will quite happily hand over their whole flat to a working girl with whom they have an arrangement. She enters with her client and the family go and sit outside for the duration of the bout.

So we went into the flat, still with only my torch to give us any light. One of the girls spied a candle in a saucer and that was lit to illuminate out way to the bedroom. Once there we went through the giggly performance of stripping the two sisters down to their luscious flesh, then they pulled off my clothing and we all climbed into bed.

"Where are your condoms?" asked Maria.

Don't have any"," I replied, taking a bouncer in each hand and sticking my head between them. I just love doing that to big, melon like tits and then going "brrrrr."

"Wait," announced Maria. "I'll go and get some."

"No you bloody well won't," I told her. "This hard-on doesn't need a coat"

Instead of taking hold of the proffered member like a good little girl should, Maria scampered out of bed, threw her clothes on and was trotting off in the direction of the door before I fully realised what was happening. I turned to Elena with a shrug, but she was throwing clothes on and then she charged after her sister leaving me and my blue-veiner alone in a strange flat. Feeling somewhat put out I settled down to wait their return, and decided at the moment that two little girls' bottoms were going to tingle at the very least.

I doubt if I had been alone for more than a minute when I heard a commotion just outside the front door. I could hear what sounded like Maria's voice protesting about something or other so I pulled my clothes on and went to investigate. I saw a gaggle of policemen pushing Elena into a car, Maria being told to take her hook or they would nick her as well, and then a cop turned to look at me and I just knew that it was going to be one of those nights.

To be continued.

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