Monday, 3 May 2010

Joan, Part One

Staying on the theme of spankings that have had their effect on the women who received them, we come to Joan in 1980. This lady was 32 at the time so she was somewhat older than me by about eight years. Of Jamaican origin, Joan had lived in the UK for many years and worked as a factory administrator. At around 5' 8" she was tall for a woman and of slender build, but without being too skinny. Her bottom was as firm and rounded as the rest of her; truly this lady was a delight to bed.

The first time that I placed her across my knee was in January 1980 not long after we had met. My intention was not purely punitive, since the whole point of a spanking is to remind the woman on the receiving end of who is in charge around here. So my aim that night was just to put Joan in her place without causing too much injury to her admittedly rather luscious buttocks.

She was wearing a polo shirt and a brown fitted skirt that she had made herself, as she had proudly told me. I put her across my knee and as I lifted up the skirt, to reveal a rump clad in tights with a pair of brown knickers beneath. I was pulling both garments down when Joan became hysterical and began to plead, as Barbara had five years earlier, to be allowed to keep her knickers on. As with Barbara, I sensed a story and decided to let her sit up so that I could question her further.

Joan had gone out with a white man named Peter from roughly early 1976 to about the mid-point in 1979. Like many women Joan would not tell her man when she was unhappy because she felt that she was being ignored. What she would do was cause trouble to get his attention via an argument. Joan did this to Peter in about 1978 when she swanned off to Chester Races with another man, and then told him about her antics during an argument that she had with him some days later.

According to the story that she related to me, Peter had not argued with her, instead he had undone the button on her jeans and then unzipped the garment. Joan said that she had no idea what he was doing and was even more baffled when he spun her around, placed his fingers inside the jeans on either side of her hips and then yanked them down to her knees with full force. Her knickers quickly went the same way, and then Peter turned her around again to face him, sat down on a chair and pulled her across his knee. By then she understood exactly what was going to happen, but it was too late as his right leg was placed over her thighs to prevent too much kicking and Joan began to receive her first adult spanking.

By her own account she was spanked soundly until she began to cry, at which point Peter let her go, and then waited for her to finish blubbering before he gave her the obligatory lecture as to her future behaviour. The spanking must have done some good because it was over a year until she had to be disciplined again.

The second and final spanking at Peter's hands came in roughly March or April 1979. I am not sure but I think that Joan had again used a trip to Chester Races to get her own back at Peter for some perceived transgression on his part, but even if my memory is at fault with that detail, what is not in doubt is Peter's reaction to the news. That reaction came about as a result of, you've guessed it, an argument instigated by Joan. She had tossed the news into his face and then ran like the devil up the stairs with Peter in hot pursuit. Joan admitted to me that she knew exactly what he was going to do to her and she realised that she had gone too far this time, hence the flight.

Peter caught her in the bedroom and literally tore the button out of her trousers - Joan's vacuum cleaner found it the next day as she was running it over the carpet. He tore those trousers down to her knees and then her knickers went the same way before she was thrown across his knee. The preliminaries only took a moment before Peter was ready to begin a spanking that Joan remembered only too well a year later when she related the account to me.

He had smacked her first on one cheek and then on the other, alternating the spanks and using all the force of his arm to administer the correction. Joan had tried to struggle but his grip was too firm. She had protested but Peter just ignored her and continued the remorseless spanking. Finally she had broken down in tears which had led to an end to her first spanking but not to this one. Peter spanked on and on and Joan admitted to me that she thought that she had died and gone to hell and that the spanking was her never ending punishment.

Eventually Peter tired of his labours and dumped Joan unceremoniously onto the floor. He then went for a drive to calm himself down and only returned to the house about an hour later. By her own admission Joan was still in considerable distress, but Peter simply ignored that and stripped off her clothes before taking her to bed. By all accounts it was a knobbing that Joan endured rather than enjoyed, but all in all the events of that night did her the world of good. Certainly she was still wary of men and the power of their hands when I met her, which made my life a lot easier.

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