Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Real Life Spankings: smoke 'em and smack 'em

Welcome to Real Life Spankings, a new feature that will look at genuine cases where long-suffering males have been forced to put recalcitrant females across their knees to wallop the waywardness out of them.

The above photograph appears to be genuine and shows a couple from the late 1940s or very early 1950s, judging from their clothing. Staged photos of the time look, well, staged to the modern eye, but this one has clearly been taken with a flash and a very slow shutter speed - probably 1/30th second, which was the normal speed in those days. Thus the girl's face and the man's elbow are both blurred, which suggests some pretty fierce movements were going on.

The girl has her eyes closed and her mouth looks as if it is open to protest. Given the man's hand has obviously just smacked down across her upturned rump and has creased her skirt doing it, that is understandable. The girl's discomfort is made all the worse by the fact that at least two other people were witnessing her spanking. There is a man almost out of shot to the left of the photo and the cameraman himself.

All in all a nice period shot from a time long ago when naughty little girls knew what was likely to happen to them when they failed to toe the line.

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