Monday, 10 May 2010

Joan, Part Two

Joan had not only been on the receiving end of a couple of well deserved spankings before I met her, she had also administered at least one as well. That had been dished out to her then husband's lover, and like everything to do with Joan, it was a pretty complicated chain of events that led up to the event.

Joan and her husband had been in the process of getting a divorce and Joan had moved out of the family home. The husband had met a married woman and was having an affair with her and on the day in question this woman was alone in the husband's house. I cannot remember quite why Joan had to call, but she did and found out that the rumours that her soon to be ex-husband had a lover were true.

The two women began to snap at one another and Joan decided that the matter would be resolved in a corporal manner when she spun her rival around and then bent her over the arm of the sofa. Joan then pulled off her shoe and used it as a slipper to spank the waywardness out of the other woman. I did ask Joan why she had not stripped her rival of her knickers as well as her dignity, and she replied that she had been too angry. The spanking continued until Joan's arm became tired and then she released her victim who promptly scurried out to take refuge in the house of a neighbour.

This is where things became horribly complicated for this writer, because Joan then decided to tell the woman's husband what was going on. However, and here is where I lose the plot, she made it clear that she did not want her husband back. I really cannot get to grips with the thought processes of a person who doesn't want someone, but who decides to cause trouble for them, anyway. I remember when Joan and I were splitting up she asked me what I would do if I ever caught her with another man, and I replied, truthfully, that I had little interest in what she did when I was not around.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't like to get on the bad side of Joan that's for sure!

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