Tuesday, 25 May 2010

1970s 8mm spanking film

Hard though it is to believe, but before about 1980 there were no video recorders and people watched films at home on tiny 8mm projectors. Some of those films had sound but most were silent, and that is especially true of the porno of the day.

Spanking films were few and far between so it is a pleasure to present this short American epic. Like many films of the day this looks like it was made in two parts, each one complete in itself, and intended to be sold separately. In the London of the mid-1970s this film would have fetched about £25.00 at least. Porn was illegal in the UK back in those days, so that kept the prices high.

You young people - you really don't know that you were born, do you?

1 comment:

BAB said...

Love the panties stretched across her ankles when she kicks.

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