Monday, 24 May 2010

Real Life Spankings: John & Norita Clements

Norita Clements was "thrice spanked by her husband" according to this rather engagingly worded 1958 report from the Daily Express. You can read it yourself just by clicking on the image, but the interesting thing from our point of view is the matter of fact way in which that affair was reported at the time.

Husband John Clements (42) was a pub landlord who spanked Norita (36) because he wished "to make her cry," for her behaviour towards him. Norita took the matter to court and claimed a divorce on the grounds of cruelty, citing the spankings as evidence of that. However the judge ruled that "three not serious assaults all brought about by her provocative attitude" did not amount to cruelty and dismissed Norita's petition.

Did John take Norita's panties down for her spankings? The report is silent on that crucial bit of information but given that John admitted that his intention was punitive, and that he wanted to make his wife cry, the suspicion must be that the knickers came down before the corrections were administered.

We are also left to wonder about the reaction in the Wheatsheaf, John and Norita's pub. Did the regulars gaze at her finely honed ex-dancer's rump and smile secretly at the knowledge that it had been thoroughly chastised by her husband's hand?

The Wheatsheaf still stands at Swalecliffe, near Whitstable in Kent. If you are passing through the area please call in and order a pint or two. It is reported that regulars in the hostelry do not salute each other by raising their glasses and saying "cheers." Rather the cry is given:

Bottoms Up!

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