Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A shoplifter spanked

Have you ever watched an authentic spanking being administered? One of our readers did, and the photograph on the left which I used to illustrate this posting inspired him to share his memory with us. So fascinating was his account that I have decided to repost it for a wider readership.

Have you ever seen a real spanking being administered, or given one yourself? If so, will you share the account with the rest of us? All you have to do is e-mail the story to me at and if I like it then I will publish it here.

This is Starman's account:

That picture takes me back. Reminds me how I got my first interest in spanking. So looks like my dad spanking my cousin. I must of been about 14 and she was 18 and staying with us while her family went on holiday.

There was an incident with her and her boyfriend being caught shoplifting. Apparently the owner of the shop knew my dad and escorted my cousin back to the house. I was up in my room and I overheard him talking to my dad. My dad pleaded with him not to call the police. He agreed but said that he expected my dad to deal with her severely.

I remember this particular day. My cousin was wearing a long, floaty summer dress. The type with buttons all the way up the front. I recall that the top three were undone as were quite a few at the bottom. It was virtually see-through in the summer sunshine. And at the time I couldn't understand why I was getting aroused.

Anyway my dad started shouting at her for her stupidity when she was about to go to college. She begged him not to tell her parents. So he told her that he was going to punish her in that case. He told her he was going to put her across his knee and spank her. At this point, I crept downstairs and heard her laugh and say she was too old for that. Well after my dad said, "Fine, we'll call my brother. She pleaded with him not to. And my dad, unaware I could see, pulled out a dining chair and sat down. He pulled my protesting cousin across his lap and started spanking her over her dress. I could see her tiny white knickers through her dress. And I started to go hard when my dad pulled up her dress and spanked her over her brief white knickers. When he pulled those down to her knees and spanked her for a good minute, I actually had an accident there and then.

Her running upstairs sobbing was just a blur then.

And so started my lifelong love of spanking.

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