Thursday, 10 March 2011

The day Frank spanked her ladyship

Good fun though videos are, they have nothing when compared to a real account of an authentic spanking, well laid on. Back in 1964 the magnificently named Frank Klingenspor, 61, then head gardener on the Portman estate, decided that he had had quite enough of Lady Portman's interference with the greenhouse, so as Frank later admitted:

"I soundly smacked her bottom. She may have had cuts and bruises," this sturdy son of England explained, "but it wasn't malicious on my part."

Lord Portman didn't agree and sacked Frank for disciplining the 47 year old Lady Portman, and Frank was later fined £30 for his troubles, but at least United Press international and the Press Association both had stringers to cover the case which is how come it ended up in these Canadian newspapers, reproduced here.

Rest in peace, Frank Klingenspor, and well done, sir. Well done indeed!

Cheers: MarQe's Study

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