Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Marina's Video Spanking

How this spanking video came to be made in late 1997 is a tale worth telling. It wasn't my first ever spanking epic, since I had been involved in video production in the UK, but it was my first Mexican effort and it wasn't even made to sell originally - the videoing was part of a punishment.

As you may have gathered if you have read my previous posts about this girl, Marina is not the easiest of females to keep in line. It is not that she is stupid, because she isn't. There cannot be many English girls who use words like "eclectic" in their everyday speech and when the Moose does it she is speaking her second language.

The problem is that she does things on a whim, without thinking through the consequences of her actions. Thus it came to pass that one fine day the good Moose decided to polish the knob of an American named Mike. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't have worried - good libertine that I am I think that a woman should be encouraged to spread herself like margarine, not least because that way she can hardly complain when I stretch out an extra-curricular pussy or two. However on this occasion her antics interfered with our previously arranged plans for the day and up with that I would not put. I mean I didn't mind friend Mike waiting patiently until I had finished but I was damned if I was going to wait for him to shoot his wad, wipe his cock on the curtain and then leave. Anyway there was a blazing row between myself and a certain moose and I decided that the punishment was going to be rather special.

Making a video just struck me as an obvious way to make a punishment that much more special. Marina knew that she was going to pay a trip across my knee, but she had no idea that she would end up as an internet starlet. Neither did I come to that, but more about that later. For the moment I met her on the day of judgement and took her to a hotel. As we walked to the room she looked quizzically at my bag which she had never seen before.

"What are you carrying in there?"

"A video camera."

"Oh - that's nice. Are you going to make a video" She can say the daftest things at times, can this  Moose.

"Yes, I am going to video you having your bare bottom smacked."


"Yes!" I did too, as you can see.

How did the clip end up all over the web? It didn't for a while because back in those dim and distant days there was no market for clips. A punter would buy a VHS tape that ran for about 50 minutes, the bulk of which was padding, and nobody had even thought of selling clips. It's obvious when you think about it because back in those days we were all using dial-up connections and downloading a 50 meg clip would have taken forever. So Marina's Spanking only circulated as a very small file amongst the members of my Yahoo spanking group in Mexico.

With the advent of broadband a better quality version could be finally offered for sale, but I have to admit it is not up to today's standards. Still, it's not a bad little clip and Marina looked very sweet across my knee with her bottom on display. Being a Mexican her bottom is naturally as red as the rest of her, but I am pleased to say that I reddened it a bit more that day!

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sixofthebest said...

Uncle Nick, I loved Marina's over the knee spanking. I enjoyed when you took down her knickers. Her suspender-belt and stockings showed us her voluptous naked rear end to the fullest. And caressing her hand spanked bare bottom must have been sexually stimulating. Bravo.

Uncle Nick said...

Stimulating is not the word. By God I gave her a damned fine seeing to that day! There really is nothing better in bed than a freshly spanked female...

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