Saturday, 12 March 2011

Le Monde de la Fessée: a new blog on my roll!

I would like to welcome Le Monde de la Fessée to my links' list. The site is a mine of information and often contains some pretty decent video clips which I have plundered shamelessly. The owner ran one of my videos back in 2008 and wondered in his posting if it was authentic or just another fake? I wrote to him the other day and reassured him that Marina - for it was her on the receiving end - had been a very naughty girl indeed and that the spanking was real.

The blog is often overlooked by English speakers because it runs in French, but even you do not have that language it is well worth a visit and then a struggle with the translation software. Believe me Le Monde de la Fessée is a real gem!


Anonymous said...

What happened to this site? Did it get a new address? I am quite upset that I can't find it anymore. Thank you.

Uncle Nick said...

It announced its closure back in late March and then returned a few days later with the owner claiming that it was all an April Fool joke. However, a couple of weeks later it just vanished, so my guess is that he decided to delete it so that it could not be resurrected.

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