Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Moonglow Magazine is now on-line!

The first issue of Moonglow magazine is now available on-line at the very reasonable price of just a fiver. Obviously you can still buy it on disk for a tenner, but the on-line option means that you don't have to worry where the disk is when you are getting comfortable for the night...
A fiver buys you three months access to the magazine and that is plenty of time for you to download your favourite bits to the hard drive. And believe you me it isn't going to be just your drive that is hard when you see what we have in store for you in this latest and greatest spanking magazine.

First off you can enjoy the first ever issue of Blushes magazine and a fully remastered copy of Sally's First Lesson, that incredible spanking classic from way back in 1982. We have plenty of modern video as well featuring fresh girls new to the scene - well over an hour of it in fact! Couple that with reviews of spanking blogs, newspaper accounts of genuine spankings and a cinema spanking section with yet  more video in it, I ask you - where else can you find this amount of material for just a fiver?

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