Friday, 18 March 2011

Dealing with an Oxford Cowgirl, Part Two

As my cock slid easily into Charlotte's body she raised her legs instinctively to take me inside her and wrapped her arms around my neck. She exhaled slowly, her hot breath flowing over my neck and then she sank her teeth into my shoulder. I groaned at the pain but I hoped that she wouldn't stop as it hurt so good. She thrust her hips down in time with each of my strokes, clenching her pussy muscles as she did so. Slowly but surely she increased the speed of her thrusts forcing me to increase my tempo to keep up with her. She stopped biting me and I could look into her face to see an expression of pure joy there, she pursed her lips, and her face took on an intensity that I found delightful.

"Fuck me, fuck me harder," she whispered in my ear, urging me on.

My balls began to get heavy and I could feel that the lock gates that control the canal that runs from them up to the outside were about to open. I had to take control of this girl and the lovemaking otherwise that wonderful evening was going to end before it had properly begun. I grabbed Charlotte's wrists and put them above her head on the pillow, to hold them firmly in my hands. Once she was controlled then I lifted myself up on my arms to give myself a deeper penetration but also so that I could slow down the speed of my thrusts. 

"No, no, I want it faster. Can't you go any faster?"

"I do the fucking," I told her with a grin on my face. "You get fucked in my time."

"I hate you!"

She rather spoiled the effect of her words by grinning from ear to ear as my cock opened her body up every time it drove deep inside her. She tried to free herself from my grip, first one wrist and then the other, and when that failed she lay back and looked at me with a lascivious intensity. Then she closed her eyes and opened her mouth to let out little cries of the pleasure-pain that woman make when they are being fucked to their intense and total satisfaction.

I increased my speed and at some point I let go of Charlotte's wrists whereupon she immediately threw her arms around my neck and hauled me back on top of her, both our torsos becoming glued together and her arms held me in position. I used my hips the thrust into her and Charlotte used hers to increase the pace of the lovemaking until I lost all sense of anything other than her cries in my ear and the incredible sensation that comes from being between the legs of a lovely teenage girl and having her completely.

It was no use, the pace just had to pick up as urged on by Charlotte I increased the velocity to a killing level. Her head rocked insanely from side to side and she let out a scream that came from deep within her as I felt my balls grow heavy and  right at the base of my cock the first lock gate opened to allow the heavy juice that my balls had contained to begin its journey to freedom.

"I can't hold it," I said between gritted teeth.

"Don't hold it, give it to me! Give it to me now! Fill me up with it!"

All my muscles relaxed as if to order. The hot foaming juice shot up and I felt that incredible sensation that is part pain and part release as my juice shot out of me and into Charlotte's gaping, eager body. 

We collapsed into each other's arms. The was nothing else to do and nothing that needed to be said. Charlotte wrapped an arm lazily around my neck and we fell asleep like two babes, totally sated by the pleasure that we had given to each other.

Charlotte was the first to wake up as dawn light was filtering into my room. I remember that she kissed me lightly and started to get up.

"I have to go," she said, "we start at nine."

I knew that the Oxford Cowgirls started classes as that unearthly hour so I just nodded. Charlotte got dressed, kissed me goodbye and promised to return later that day. I turned over and went back to sleep as she left the room.

Once the streets had got thoroughly aired I left college and wandered into the Oxford Union for morning coffee and a leisurely read of the newspapers. I stayed there until the bar opened at 11.00am and when it closed again at 3.00pm as all bars did in those days, it seemed a shame to go back to college, so I hung around waiting for afternoon tea to begin. At some point in the late afternoon I finally decided to go back to college to check my pigeon-hole for mail, and I remember wandering through Oxford wondering if I could put off the essay that I had to write until the following morning. I decided that I could as my tutorial wasn't until the afternoon, and with that in mind I decided to go up to my room and read a couple of chapters of one of the books, just to show willing as it were.

I climbed the stairs and opend the door at the top that led to my very short corridor. There, waiting outside my door, was Charlotte, with a face like thunder.

"You shit! You utter and complete shit! You duped me!

"No I didn't," I replied. "What I did was fuck you!" At times like this a laugh and a joke can often diffuse a bad situation, but my little bon mot fell on deaf ears as Charlotte descended upon me, eyes flashing and boobs heaving. 

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