Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Story Behind Double Punishment, Part Two

Following the video shoot I grabbed a couple of dozen stills on the set - OK, in the hotel room where we videoed the action - and you can see them by clicking this link.

When it was all over Victoria and I went her to bed as we had the time before before, but this time she was quite happy to spend a lazy afternoon with me after the horizontal jog was over. I remember that I ordered food sent to the room and we sat on the bed, Victoria wrapped in a sheet, and munched tacos. All in all rather a nice way to spend and afternoon, with the video having been shot, my balls having been emptied, lounging around chatting to the model.

It gave me a chance to ask the girl about her views on discipline. Normally I don't bother as I just assume that they are in it for the money, as indeed am I, but as part of that lazy Mexican afternoon I got Victoria to chat about her previous punishments.

As I had already guessed basically what had happened in her family was that father had come home three sheets to the wind after having spent his wages in the cantina and then kicked the living daylights out of the mother if she had asked such obvious questions as what were the tribe going to eat that coming week? Victoria told me rather proudly I thought that her mother had got in the habit of waiting outside the father's workplace until he emerged and then grabbing as much cash of him as she could. A fairly typical tale of life in those United Mexican States in other words. Victoria had married and the saga had continued until her old man took his hook one day and had never returned. She went off to work in a bar to feed herself and her children.

This is why she was so amazed at my offer to her. Not just the large amount of money that I paid her, but the fact that she would emerge from it with a bottom only slightly redder than usual, she was Mexican after all and red is the natural skin colour.

I suppose you are wondering why I didn't shoot any more videos in Mexico, aren't you? The answer is simple - I did other things that were more lucrative and I put off making more videos for so long that eventually the idea was dropped. That said, I am rather pleased with the three videos that I did shoot, and having just reposted them here along with the stories of how they came to be made I hope that you are as well.

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