Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Story Behind Double Punishment, Part One

As Victoria and I were leaving the hotel following the making of Victoria's Spanking I mentioned casually that I planned to shoot another video clip that month and did she know of anyone who might be interested in starring in it? Quick as a flash and in spite of her sorely tried bottom, the good lady announced that actually she quite fancied making another video and when were we going to do it? I gave her my business mobile number and told her to keep in touch, little realising that she would call me every day until I finally agreed to do this second shoot with her.

As we drove to the hotel where the video was to be made I asked the girl if she had enjoyed the previous shoot and she said that she had. Digging a little deeper it emerged that what she really enjoyed was getting the easy money. She had been with me on the previous shoot for a little over two hours and had walked away with fifty quid and a decent lunch. The fact that she also had a sore backside and a well stretched pussy was neither here nor there: Victoria had calculated that the amount of time and effort she had expended was more than compensated for by the money that she had earned. As she proudly told me, she earned more for her time with me than she would expect to make in a week hustling in the bar.

I have to be honest and say that I really felt that I was doing my bit for Anglo-Mexican relations that day! Not that my warm feeling stopped me from leathering her backside to a fiery shade of red as you can see if you watch the video, but I approached my labours that day with a feeling of intense satisfaction as I laid the leather across Victoria's bare bottom.

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