Friday, 25 March 2011

Nasty Nael Mahfouz Care Home Spanker

Is it just me or there is something not quite right about a native type whacking three English girls' bottoms? Not only that but the girls do seem to have been more sinned against than sinning, with Nael Mahfouz, coming over as the original wily oriental gentleman as he invented excuses to spank three girls employed at his care home in 1992.

One of the girls was the wonderfully named Tammeaka Cole (19) who was bent over the dusky  knee and given twelve smacks on the backside with a ruler. Nael asked her if her bottom was hot and the lovely Miss Cole had the presence of mind to reply tartly, "Yes, wouldn't yours be?"

Anyway, along with Andrea Baker (18) and Karen McCafferty (17) Tammeaka was awarded £4,000 by an industrial tribunal for the injury they had all suffered to their feelings as well as their bottoms.


Anonymous said...

Nick, you're definitely slipping. Her lovely reply would normally make you sure she deserved it ;-)

Uncle Nick said...

Actually I think a remark like that would probably have made me laugh!

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